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  1. Picture says it all. Okay time to go smoke.
  2. Bout time you started this! Cant wait for it to be finished! POG
  3. The anti bot measures in place now are good enough in my opinion. Sand crabs / Rock crabs shouldnt have things like that.
  4. Nah nah nah. Get outta here with that pet luck. LOL Gz bud!! Also me ingame: Fuck you. ❤
  5. Cant wait for a further explanation of all this. Sounds like a good update is coming!
  6. C R I M


    Welcome to Indova! Feel free to pm me if you have any questions, although I'm not a UIM personally but I'll help when I can. I would love to see a progress thread showing your short term and long term goals and achievements as well as bank and skill updates . Looking forward to seeing what big drops you get in the future!
  7. Working on more scythes everyday.
  8. Nothing like setting new records!! Shout-out to the other 4 players making this record possible!
  9. Thank you! And to be fair, I'd say you only really need Rigour. Only time you mage is Nylocas room. Let anyone of us know and im sure one of us will be more then willing to help you learn if you dont know how.
  10. Not all these drops are mine but runs I was included in. Gz to @gimp and @ MonkeyB on your drops!
  11. If you haven't already. Join the Server Discord, much quicker help response in discord.

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