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  1. 1) Indefinitely cleaned. 2) OSRS tho.
  2. thats cause 7/8th of the raiders have left. server used to be full of raiders.
  3. #1 Zulrah KC. 1/2 Mutagens. SUPPORT.
  4. Justin laying it out there. That's some real shit right there. I may not of donated tons of cash to this conquest, but I have put in as much time and effort as most of the elite Indovians. I made Indova my home like I have with the very few other Servers I have played religiously in the past. Hard to find anything coded as nicely as Indova is. Playing anything subpar to Indova, just doesn't feel right. End of the day, I just want to see Indova flourish again. No matter the cost.
  5. Ive come to terms that Indova isnt gonna grow as Indova anymore. My only questions turned into debates yesterday in the discord.
  6. Glad some light is being shed on this. Do we have an ETA or TBA?
  7. I blocked Giant Mole and it came up creature so I think it just may be boss tasks.
  8. +1 ESPECIALLY to Nylo room.
  9. You use robes on Lesser Fanatic and he will take robes in return giving you points back. But still have to wait for next update to get void from PC.
  10. 219 Damnit go play the game I made too. I need more post count without actually spamming.
  11. To be honest. I can see a lot of people abusing the fact they would be able to sell Chaos Runes for Tokkul. So hard no from me.
  12. Well deserved Gutta. That's obvious though.
  13. I suggest you get Discord if you don't already have it. The Discords market section gets used when serious offers are put in ge. otherwise its merch or be merched guessing peices of items.

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