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  1. Rather work on a second $50 then do a $200 jump. I agree.
  2. Great way to find raids. This coordination discord is straight to the point and easy to use. Anyone who raids is more then welcome to join. This discord has been the reason many 9+ people raids have been happening and we'd love to have more experienced raiders, raiding with us.
  3. C R I M

    200 iq

    Just wait till Hydra released on Indova
  4. C R I M

    Slayer guide

    Real mvp. Tons of information to soak up here. Great for new players. AMAZING GUIDE. LOVE IT.
  5. Really jealous of that pet Ive got two dusts huge rip for me gzzzzz tho!!
  6. You do (spoiler) to start one, and (/spoiler) to end a spoiler. but replace the ( ) with [ ]
  7. Nice dump. but you could try uploading them into a (spoiler) to be more easy to see instead of opening links! nice drops none the less.
  8. For Duo-Irons this could be gold, as the items you and your partner both are gonna be shared for the most part, having a shared storage just beats having to trade them stuff or being online at the same time. I support!
  9. Thank god you clarified, thought I lost IQ from reading the first time. Sorry I wouldn't be interested, but I'd like to see what other people can come up with.

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