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  1. Nah more like, "Right click Home button" options "Donor Zone", "Edge" whichever you select makes it your default area whenever you just click home. Hopefully, I'm explaining this correctly.
  2. I just wanted to suggest that donors+, can have the option to configure the home button to change too Donor zone or Edge.
  3. Great Updates! But, noooooo! My Bandits probably was the best place to train if you had guthans.
  4. woah! congratulations!
  5. This was really dope! enjoyed watching. Best of luck to people who smoke though they will be tripping lol.
  6. Thank you all for supporting me! Thread has been updated! Enjoy!
  7. Apologies to everyone for the delay of Updates. Currently tied up from work. New Updates will be released on 07/14/2018. Thank you all for supporting me! Stay Tune for new updates!
  8. Congratulations! to all staff members.
  9. 100% support, don't see anything wrong with this being added.
  10. Ken

    tzuyu intro

    Welcome to Indova, Tzuyu. Hope you enjoy your time here can't wait to see you more Ingame!
  11. Thanks for all the hard work staff!

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