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  1. I can't wait until you log on. To sell all your items to then buy a bond with and use all on me.

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    2. J W Kingsley

      J W Kingsley

      Kuto you should max on x1 like peri ;) oh wait you can change your exp rate now!!!! SO PLAY WITH US YOU NERD

    3. Bryan


      Fucking kuto. This kid has the biggest god damn ears I ever seen in my life

    4. Faeces


      dude got small ears 

  2. When is the member of the century draw man

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    2. Faeces


      I'll fight him first and bust his nose nd face up a lil then you two can rush him

    3. isabella


      Touch kuto even once and i’ll kick u in the tooth.

    4. Faeces


      I'm in chester rn prowling 

  3. window washer

    1. Kadachi


      He licks windows.

    2. Kuto


      ur both rats

    3. tired


      he licks windows and rats

  4. In-game Name: Kuto MKII Age: Off the clock Location/Timezone: UK How many hours do you play per day?: 10 minutes every 2 weeks Have you ever received a punishment?: Yes, I prefer to use the term 'Battle scars' Do you have any previous experience as a staff member?: Yes I was quality, I've also hosted a full 12 man Quickscope Noscope match on MW2. Why do you want to become a Server Support?: If I make it to moderator, I can ban people mid-gamble and win every time
  5. Yay I love progress topics, good luck on your goals x
  6. Kuto


    Genesis will be an all-round, mainly social clan. Nothing too serious (To start out with at least, I will base this on how the clan progresses.) and will be open to everyone. It will be ran by myself primarily, but @H a w k and @Muaz are also founding members. In this clan, there will be very few restrictions as I have previously stated, at the moment, it's not going to be a clan serious about anything as it will take a while to form. 1. No excessive spam. It's not something I'd personally kick for, unless it's completely over the top, in which case I would, but just something to bear in mind, although I've not yet seen it in a clan before, nor expect to see it, it's just something worthy of note. 2. Bullying. Now as those who know me will know I'm all for banter, I usually go over the top with mine, however bullying is something I DO NOT wish to see. There's a massive difference between even excessive banter and bullying, and you know when you're crossing the line. If I see it you'll be kicked. However I trust most people are able to stand up for themselves if such a situation arose, which I highly doubt. 3. Indova rules. I want to be clear on this one, I am not a staff member. I honestly don't care if you break the Indova rules unless it involves other clan members, such as going back to rule 2 if it's really bad, it will be reported. Same for scamming, if it's reportable, it will be. 4. PK'ing. I will not be implementing any PK'ing rules to start out with as I feel there's no need, If a clan member kills another clan member, you're not going to be a very popular figure amongst members which is of course a given. This may change over the course of the clan, I don't know. Ranks will be given to active and/or helpful members of the clan by myself, Muaz and Hawk. That is the only criteria I believe is warranted for a rank. There will be no set system for this, they will be given as and when we feel they are deserved. As previously stated, the clan will be open to anyone and everyone, so just have fun, help eachother out, the normal clan stuff. If there is something you'd like to discuss privately, then the three of us will do our best to listen to you. LIST OF MEMBERS. Leaders: @Kuto @H a w k @Muaz
  7. I'm just going to list all of the clue stuffs I still need as people are unsure whether or not I have the things they want to sell. I'll start from the easy caskets to the masters and I will list a price for specific items. If I haven't listed a specific price then I am paying 2M. I haven't included items such as third-age or blessed dhide boots as I simply cannot afford them, I will list those at the very bottom of the post. NOTE: Use CTRL+F as some items have been added to the bottom of the list as I accidently deleted them. Also note I do not collect ornament kits or pages, I have purposely not priced most of the higher end items. EASY CASKETS MEDIUM CASKETS HARD CASKETS ELITE CASKETS MASTER CASKETS EXPENSIVE SHIT Bronze full helm (t) Wizard boots Gilded med helm Sagacious spectacles Jungle demon mask All third-age bar the weapons, ranger boots, tunic and gloves + sam sword. Bronze kiteshield (t) Brown headband Rune helm (h5) Gilded boots 10M Lesser demon mask Teamcape I Bronze full helm (g) Blue headband Rune shield (h5) Gilded scimitar 10M Black demon mask Wooden shield (g) 4M Bronze kiteshield (g) Orange boater Blue dhide top (g) Top hat Shayzien hood Golden chef's hat Iron full helm (t) Adamant shield (h1) Blue dhide top (t) Big pirate hat Lovakengj hood Monk robe top (g) 4M Iron platebody (g) Adamant shield (h3) Blue dhide chaps (t) Deerstalker Hosidius hood Monk robe bottoms (g) 4M Iron kiteshield (g) Adamant shield (h4) Red dhide top (t) Lava dragon mask 5M Samurai shirt Golden apron Steel full helm (t) Adamant shield (h5) Red dhide chaps (t) Steel dragon mask Samurai greaves Black shield (h5) Black platebody (g) 5M Adamant helm (h1) Robin hood hat 10M Mithril dragon mask Samurai gloves Black platebody (t) 5M Adamant helm (h2) White cavalier Black dhide top (t) Mummy head Black shield (h2) Adamant helm (h5) Red cavalier Royal top Mummy body Black shield (h3) Gold ele shirt Blue dragon mask Royal sceptre Mummy gloves Black helm (h2) Gold ele blouse Pith helmet Arceeus scarf Mummy boots Black helm (h5) Pink ele blouse Explorer backpack Lovakengj scarf Hood of darkness Highwayman mask Ancient mitre Nunchaku Hosidius scarf Robe top of darkness Blue wizard hat (t) 3M Guthix mitre Rune cane Piscarillius scarf Robe bottom of darkness Blue skirt (t) 3M Zamorak mitre Shayzien scarf Gloves of darkness Blue wizard robe top (g) 3M Armadyl mitre Blacksmith's helm Boots of darkness Black wizard hat (t) 3M Ancient cloak Bucket helm Left eye patch Black wizard robe top (t) 3M Ancient crozier Holy wraps Obsidian cape (r) Black wizard skirt (t) 3M Bandos crozier Dark bow tie + light bow tie Fancy tiara Black wizard hat (g) 3M Armadyl crozier Dark tuxedo jacket + light tuxedo jacket Half-moon spectacles Black wizard robe top (g) 3M Guthix crozier Dark trousers + light trousers Ale of the gods Black wizard skirt (g) 3M Bandos stole Dark tuxedo cuffs + light tuxedo cuffs Bucket helm (g) Studded body (g) Ancient stole Dark tuxedo shoes + light tuxedo shoes Bowl wig
  8. Kuto

    Subbed or Dubbed

    Bro you call me Onii-Chan in Pm. Deluxe watches sub first and then dub.
  9. Kuto

    Subbed or Dubbed

    I'm Kuto MKII, that's the original Kuto B R O

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