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  1. I said construction would take less but no one listened to me.... i was right.... good updates tho
  2. support. also add many more eclectics. their supposed to be really easy to find and catch, better chance of ranger boots being added to game.
  3. inferno is not that nice gilded full helm btw
  4. construction won't take twice as long, I reckon it'll take half if raids 1 is fully coded.
  5. I think you're wrong. so many servers have raids 1 and few have construction. we need to be separate from the pack or we're just going to be another downed statistic.
  6. I support construction the most. Also, if construction is released, remove the healer at home, the ornate pool in a house will do that for ya
  7. stoop is absolutely right, I made a previous post about the bracelet. idk how much ether is req. to charge weapons... is it 1k? I got near 2k in one trip with a whip and pleb gear. ether is not hard to get, you just have to get it yourself if no ones selling
  8. im on the fence about this one. I don't want the server to stray from osrs. people come here because its almost like osrs, making custom things can be a disaster waiting to happen.
  9. im gonna list 1. I hate the idea of getting a better drop rate. changing your rates is bad enough imo. I hate servers that have row and donator increase their drop rate chance, it's a p2w scenario and your not even really winning, its a game of pixels and self accomplishment. 2. I would say super+ because if you spend $50 you should get an incentive, support 3. no support, tasks are easy to get, points are ez 4. Huge support on this one, during my grind for my whip I was constantly crashed or had to share with someone. If theres an area thats multi combat for monsters in catacombs, I'd be in huge favor of that. I do like you posting suggestions, but I want more content out first though, such as imbued god capes, infinity boots and mages book easier to get, constr, runelite, stuff like that before changing the game. Add onto the game first since osrs has these
  10. Question: Were you guys previous staff on other servers, if you said you were on the app, were u lying? (doesn't matter now bc ur already staff.) Question: Do you get bored? if your peri and are maxed, and only looking for the ely (never gonna get) do you get bored since you've done all the content, are super rich, and just bank sit?
  11. I can top those inferno capes ezpz Peris one of the few who do corp, yet he lacks a light blue shield in his inventory:)
  12. I can understand the zulrah "nerf" due to many drops, it's different from osrs though I think? osrs its 1/512 still. it is a private server tho, do as you wish.
  13. Can I get support for a temporary void mage buff? Brad said it's "awful". I agree, it's only more accurate than not having anything on. I'd like it to hit higher aswell. I only want this to be temporary though because items such as infinity boots, mages book, and imbued capes are still yet to be abundant or coded respectively.With occult, I feel void mage should be able to hit in the 30's, maybe a 33? a 35? I have full void, fury, ghostly boots and my max hit is a 28, even potted and with prayer. Also, can super sets when traded for the actual ,pots be noted? I want to buy them with voting points but it'll take forever to buy all of them if their not noted.
  14. extra donor benefits... vork and zulrah cost to recover items is less, like 500k? and to get back untradeables, price is less, say half? or 3/4? for both?
  15. im addicted personally, but barrows items for instance are like 10m a piece, ahrims and dharoks that is, fury is 15-20m, whip is 10m, trident is 7m.. idk bandos price, but I've seen way worse economies.

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