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  1. "Custom content" won the poll, I can't think of any custom content that would seem like osrs, whether it be a new boss or a new item and the item would have to be useful or it'd be dead-on-arrival (which brings power creep issues) I agree that those items aren't exactly plentiful in the server and were just said as an example, although a drop rate boost could help with that problem lol. I'd even be in favour for upgrading something like a crystal key into equmenical key etc. The idea being that there's some interface which could have items added to it provided there was enough balance and incentive rather than "let's make bandos upgradable!"
  2. I'm not sure how well this will go down but, my idea is having an object like a chest (which would fit at home) that could upgrade certain items with a possibility of destroying that item. The upgraded version of this item (a high tier/imbued item such as bandos/imbued slayer helm/rings) would give a slight drop rate bonus. Pro's: Will remove items from the game while simultaneously making them more sought after by players. Will give the iron community something to do with duplicates of items/ a reason to continue killing another boss. Adds a "custom" element to the game without the "power creep" of introducing more and more "OP" BIS items. Eventually, higher drop rates through upgraded items could settle more expensive item's prices. Con's There seems to be a lot more money in the game than certain items, removing them would increase their value even more furthering the "money" grind for newer players to get decent items. Without knowing every single droprate and how multipliers will effect them, there might be certain drops that become way too common due to boosted droprates. "The rich get richer" - As in, players with higher valued banks will be able to afford the items to upgrade and then be able to get better drops to make even more money. Finding a good balanced "rate" for upgrades failing/succeeding may be difficult Possible additions Upgraded versions of items could be untradable Upgrading could require additional currency/points such as; pvm points/blood money etc
  3. I chose PvP based on the PvP bot statement, I've seen a lot of new people run to the wild ditch...see it empty and then complain/leave. It's also daunting fighting a real person when you're terrible which puts people off, could get more wild keys/blood money introduced without the rev meta
  4. Very kind of you guys to even nominate me, I don't feel like I've been particularly or overly helpful though. Thank you to the people who voted for me :) I use the help chat to keep my mind busy while grinding, so while it might seem like I'm being helpful out of kindness... I'm actually doing it for my own entertainment to break up the monotony of grinding :D
  5. People are getting hacked! Stop it from happening to you, it's easy to do.
  6. 4p

    Gargoyles Drop Rate

    I agree, with coal not being flooded into the game by bots and things like on osrs, smithing is pretttty damn difficult as a low rate....npcs that drop bars are greatly appreciated but things like aviansies and gargoyles don't really drop many. I've even resorted to farming mith dragons with the noted mith bars perk in the past for some smithing xp
  7. Updated to c# version Does the same stuff as before and the full c# code is in the original post as before
  8. 4p

    Gargoyle Bosses

    updated the video now that the bugs are gone
  9. 10/1600 is such a weird way to write it lol
  10. 4p

    Gargoyle Bosses

    REQS: Brittle Key obtained from gargoyles while on a slayer task Rock hammer, same as you need for regular gargoyles obtained from a slayer master The old video is on here if you want to see the buggy version for some reason - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhxoQDZ9SWI
  11. I basically just leech off these guys for wilderness immunity and hope that some of the bigger boys get a drop during boss masses so that I can get a cut of the loot. 10/10 would clan again Joking aside, we're all good people and we abide by the rules, if you're looking for a ROT alternative then look somewhere else. If you need friends to boss, chat with and back you up then join the clan...because that's what we are, a team.
  12. oh you I'm happy whoever wins, I don't feel like I've really "done" much to deserve even the nomination....I guess amassing emote clue items and letting people use them wins you a lot of friends though
  13. Germany for me, since it's a pretty central location for everybody
  14. Cheers I'd say @Ken has made a pretty big impact in the community in the short time he's been here, so I'd vote for him...but yeah he did also vote for me and I've known him for ages so kind of bias lol

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