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Tom Delonge

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  1. 500 clues... how much do you hate your life?? Nice post.
  2. Welcome Wanna cut my grass?
  3. Amazing progress so far, keep it up and good luck on pets!
  4. Tom Delonge

    TOB Droprate

    I like the xp rate idea, but make it scale the lower you get, not just 1-5x get the same. 1x is 5x the grind 5x is after all. Change this with raids 1 too.
  5. Tom Delonge

    TOB Droprate

    I think for now it can stay the same As soon as more CoX items are added, people will get them and go back to doing ToB also.
  6. I could see a lot of pissed off people from this but I support anyways haha
  7. Might be interested in some pages, i'll lyk.
  8. Good video, should help many people.. Thanks
  9. Hard to say no to either one of these, as I'm sure many other players would agree with you on both points.

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