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  1. This literally tells us you don't care about the server but your account lol
  2. Well, when I played the server had quite a good playerbase, but then they refused to listen to new players whilst they listened to the old ones who suggested stupid stuff. Come back a few weeks later, saw 50 people online. They were high for a short period, but then people realised the grind is too much for a private server and when they suggested changes, they were shot down by old players who like the 'grind' and they just quit.
  3. If you ever want to get as many players as you did before you're going to have to reset/re-release. The only people who don't want a reset are the current players (15 players). If you're trying attract new or old players back to the game, they're not going to play it if they see people in max gear. You have no potential to even aim to hit 50 players if you do not re-release and that's the harsh truth, you have to accept it. Personally, i'd say to release a beta period 1-4 weeks and then start and advertisement campaign. Do discord invite competitions etc. What killed this game was the developers lack of interest in new players. When I played, I told them that the drops were way too hard to get and similar to 07, they didn't seem to listen, but only to the few people who thought it was fine. Now look what it did. It killed the game so quickly and they fixed that mistake after the damage was already caused. Tldr; look at the game as if you're a new player looking for a server, not an existing player. You're attracting new players, not the ones that are already playing the game.
  4. Jack Sparrow

    TOB Droprate

    im not saying anything about increasing drop rate, for all i care it could be 1/1. It's about 1/10 or 1/11 or osrs btw
  5. Jack Sparrow

    TOB Droprate

    no cuz its a waste of time but after defeating maiden, which is probably the hardest boss in TOB, i suppose the others would be really easy too.
  6. Jack Sparrow

    TOB Droprate

    tbh tob is so easy on here u can solo it. I solod maiden in void, tent rune kite and didnt even sip a brew lol
  7. only one i agree with "Remove agility from the game"
  8. why cant ppl just face the truth for once? (noones gonna leave if u say it lol)
  9. A diff rsps had runelite out on July 2018, after that most rsps started working on runelite too. (All of you released it 1-2 months later). Was really obv u copied them lol (not hating btw)
  10. lol this rsps copied runelite from a diff one. Also, dmm can - we've seen this from one other server. They had 50-100 players before dmm, after they released dmm they reached 600-650 ppl - but the eco world was bad so they all quit after dmm ended
  11. To be honest, none of these updates will make the server big. The only thing that'll attracts players nowadays is dmm with a irl cash prize.
  12. Not many items are gonna even come ingame lol
  13. when are you gonna fix raids 1 bugs

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