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  1. Change the background-color behind the links to transparent so it matches the chatbox below. There's too many colors in too tight of a space. If there's a dark-theme you can apply to the icons when making a new post, that would also work better than the current one, as the contrast is too much right now. Would also be good to outline the response box in the same color as the posts, for consistency's sake.
  2. You can even just like take every color on the webpage in terms of like font and all and just Flip the values of the first for each RGB, so like F3F5F9 would become 030509, and it creates a solid darkmode theme.
  3. Accidentally selected custom content because I thought it said custom client. Construction should be finished first imo, would love to proudly play the only server to actually have it fully coded
  4. http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Quest_item_rewards for a start, many of these. Then there are other things that are locked behind quests like chompy bird hats too though. Yeah dev time is something that takes a bit, but I think it'd be a way to make Indova unique without losing both the ease of RSPS's or the feeling of OSRS. I hate those servers that have bullshit custom crap like lightsabers or king kong or smth.
  5. Either or. Don’t lock good items needed for like pking and all. Instead give cosmetics from quests and have a shop for quest unlocks too, like the current achievement one. Idk maybe people don’t want this. Just think it could be nice and introduce quests which personally I loved doing, regardless of rewards.
  6. Also doesn't need to be limited to capes. Could add chompy hats, bow-sword, etc.
  7. Legends Cape, Mythical Cape, Quest Point Cape come to mind
  8. I want it less to lock content, and more to just have them to do. I don't think its necessary to have things locked behind it (like how cape of legends is from white knights), but I still enjoyed doing the quests anyway
  9. I always loved questing on osrs. It would be amazing to see the quests added here too. Could start with the simpler ones like the f2p quests and move onto more complex ones. If there're specific quests you guys think should take priority please comment them below! Also would be great to have penguins
  10. Looking great man, keep it up!
  11. This looks great man, best of luck with your goals! Also good to chat with ya at master farmers earlier, I look forward to seeing your progress!
  12. http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Fortunato's_Fine_Wine http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Draynor_Seed_Market Would be nice to have these working as well! Not mission critical, but a nice addition for sure.
  13. Jeremy


    Hi all, My name's Jeremy, I'm just getting in to playing on this server and figured I'd introduce myself on the forums as well. While my account is a bit older, I just started to actually train as before I'd had issue with registering. I'm a 22 year old software engineer from the US, and I just graduated from college in May. I'm about to move to NYC to start my first full-time job, but hope that won't to heavily influence my playtime! I also love ultimate frisbee and have played since I was 15. I'm a soccer fanatic as well, but had to stop playing after I torn my groin muscle and missed 6 weeks of school due to a concussion in the same season. I love almost all types of music, excluding country, and recently have been enjoying the music of Masego/FKJ, Jacob Banks, Hozier, and an array of Afropop artists. I also love deep discussions on topics from all manners of study, be it CS, psychology, philosophy, religion, or something more lighthearted. In-game I'll be playing mostly on Jeremy and occasionally on Architect, both as skillers. I find Bossing/PvP to be too fast-paced to enjoy, I prefer the monotonous and patient nature of skilling. I also have a love of creating graphics, though I'm quite lacking when it comes to skill in that area. Hope to see you in-game, I always keep my private chat on so shoot me a message. Can't wait to meet ya! Jeremy

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