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  1. Welcome to IMC, your application has been accepted.
  2. Looking for a clan to join ironmen? Come join us and chat!
  3. Well the clan is still up and running for those who are wanting to join! Feel free to pop by whenever
  4. Welcome to the very first post for High-Tier Ironman Community Clan Chat: IMC Clan Discord: will be given when you're ranked IMC focuses heavily on high-tier goals & completions. Join us on our conquest to build a strong alliance of Ironmen and conquer every dark corner of Indova! As Ironmen we struggle more than regular players but with the help of each other we shall override whatever is thrown at us! Our goal is not to be better than one another but to help each other along the way and communicating the best way can can. We are also running raids regularly within the clan, with very experienced members. We are happy to teach any new members that wish to join us. Activity doesn't go unnoticed here and we like to show the members that help drive us forward that we surely appreciate the efforts! Requirements & Application Our ranking system serves as a visual representation of your progress and dedication. (ranks requirements will rise over-time) Total level requirements for ranks are based off 1x for all modes Smiley - 850 total level Recruit - 1200 total level + shown loyalty for rank-up from smiley Corporal - 1550 total level + member of 7 days Sergeant - 1815 total level + shown loyalty for rank up from corporal Lieutenant - Max Cape + member of 14 days Captain - this rank will be reserved for chat moderators General - leaders only Clan Rules 1. We will not tolerate any form of racism. 2. Keep the clan chat friendly. 3. If there is something political you would like to discuss with someone, keep it in private messages, some people believe in different things. 4. Please do not spam the clan chat with messages, try to keep it all in one line, if it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit, start a new line. 5. There will be no multi-clanning, if you are caught you will be banned from the clan. 6. All rules here must be followed on the Discord as well. Application Template Ironman Mode: Total Level (1x): Reason For Interest: Current Goals For Your Account Did You Read The Rules?

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