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  1. Not maxed, 92/99 prayer gg no re. Huge gratz tho, think my message in your chatbox sums up my reaction.
  2. Kind of unfair to regular irons tbh, since you've had help at some point, whether or not it affected you much, but still.
  3. And let people afk for ages with 100k arrows, no support
  4. slicey


    This has to be a bait l0l. Clues are fair game for irons, everyone can obtain them. If lets say a scythe was put in ::store and irons could buy that, that wouldn't be p2w either since "it can be obtained in game", eh? Referral codes are a bit of a scetchy territory, but only new players can get them and if it brings more people in to the game, I'm fine with it. Also, that actually balances out the p2w a bit, since new players can get donor status which means they aren't at as much of a disadvantage than others, even though all our donor tiers try avoid p2w also by not being too powerful.
  5. slicey


    What? Definite no on ironman mboxes, gives players an advantage over others which makes it p2w on a gamemode that shouldn't have any of that.
  6. Solid update. Thanks Deluxe
  7. I'd be okay with pumping up soul altar teles a bit, don't feel like it's necessary for bloods.
  8. You mine pay-dirt a lot quicker here than osrs, which speeds up the collection of nuggets. No-support.

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