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  1. Falls under the same category, eh. And that has been suggested too.
  2. Has been suggested and declined multiple times already.
  3. slicey

    Duo DMZ

    Or maybe just kill regular bosses if you want to duo or help people out?
  4. Overloads sound way too OP to be killing normal bosses with. Especially since the droprate is already boosted there with gambles.
  5. Most of the drop benefits come from xp rate, not donations.
  6. As long as arclight doesnt degrade, support.
  7. No support, buyable xp buffs for a gamemode which shouldn't gain any benefit from other accounts. No support, forcing players to go through edgeville and making moving around the game more difficult just to make it look like edgeville is more active seems like it would annoy people, a lot. It wouldn't give players any extra incentive to stay in edgeville. No support, slayer is not meant to be a skill where you pick and choose what monsters you want to fight with little to no repercussions. It is meant so that you are assigned random tasks and if needed, you have the ability to skip the "bad tasks". Also, I think 100k is quite okay as a skip option, possibly even too little, but that's my opinion. You would only spend 1m to skip 10 tasks, you'd make that 1m back in just 1 or 2 tasks at higher level slayer. Spending 20-30m hunting for a specific task, was your choice to make. Seems utterly useless, I think the brighter donator ranks look better. Don't see why such a little detail needs to be changed. With quite slow banking speed, I easily managed to use 2 inventories, if I had been more efficient it would have stretched to like 2.5 inventories. I don't know where you are getting your info from, but using a stopwatch, gilded altar's burners lasted for around 2 minutes and 35 seconds for me. Right clicking on the private tab has an option of clearing private message history. The other In-Game suggestions seem fair enough. Don't know if 2x wildy key event should be removed but yeah.
  8. @Justin Drop trading does not bring ironmen anywhere close to normal players. And it will just stimulate the economy, lots of players have trouble buying stuff themselves, like others have stated, so ironmen putting their extra stuff into the economy helps them out.

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