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  1. I'd be okay with pumping up soul altar teles a bit, don't feel like it's necessary for bloods.
  2. You mine pay-dirt a lot quicker here than osrs, which speeds up the collection of nuggets. No-support.
  3. Construction because bank space is so scarce.
  4. I don't support adding noted herb supplies to a store, but would be up for some alternative way to collect them for skillers.
  5. Doesn't dzone have some noted herb supplies? No support.
  6. Don't see a reason not to have this in the game. Support
  7. Oh nooo, 3 items now degrade like they do on osrs, it's the end of the world, even eoc is better, im going back to rs3, I have to pay a small price to use some of the best items ingame waaaah, they're not free to use unlimited times waaah. Lovely update btw Thomas.

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