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  1. @ab94Your account on the new server will be reset when the beta ends, there will be a reward for participating in the beta though.
  2. Yea some highly sought after clue items were added as a drop a few updates ago. https://imgur.com/Xw2dIHr
  3. This seems like something that is useful to add
  4. Hey, I have kicked you from the server, you should be able to login and be able to play normally now. We are aware of the bug, thanks for letting us know regardless. Staffmembers are also available via discord, u can use ::Discord ingame to join the discord server. If you need help , be sure to let us know.
  5. With a few balance adjustments im sure it would be a nice addition to the game. I would definitely see players grind for this in the endgame.
  6. Nice drops, seems like a solid drag for uims to get this high of a kc at corp.
  7. gz @MonkeyB well done👌 Also thanks for the gz's. Thanks @Pacmale, for all of your good work.
  8. Ralts


    Idc about the experiece, for all that I care u bring it down to osrs lol My only point is that it's gonna be a drag if there are more than 2 players there.
  9. Ralts


    Would support to have the respawn time reduced. Something like a mining event during peak time will cause issues here. Also consider that there are a lot of worlds in osrs and only 1 on indova : )
  10. Ralts

    Slayer guide

    Hi, The ankou method was already described in the guide. The Jellies have been added and the kalphites have been removed since their amount has been buffed. As for the other noted monsters, I think they are decent for pvm points but not that good of a way for slayer tasks as the the other methods. Thanks for responding to make it more up-to-date!
  11. Ralts

    Slayer guide

    Hey, added the full list and corrected the challenge points : )

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