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  1. gz @MonkeyB well done👌 Also thanks for the gz's. Thanks @Pacmale, for all of your good work.
  2. Ralts

    Pvp Armour

    Seems like a good idea if it wouldn't get removed from the cache. I'd see it being dropped by revs or a rare drop from glod / wildy chest. Definitely support.
  3. Ralts


    Idc about the experiece, for all that I care u bring it down to osrs lol My only point is that it's gonna be a drag if there are more than 2 players there.
  4. Ralts


    Would support to have the respawn time reduced. Something like a mining event during peak time will cause issues here. Also consider that there are a lot of worlds in osrs and only 1 on indova : )
  5. Ralts

    Slayer guide

    Hi, The ankou method was already described in the guide. The Jellies have been added and the kalphites have been removed since their amount has been buffed. As for the other noted monsters, I think they are decent for pvm points but not that good of a way for slayer tasks as the the other methods. Thanks for responding to make it more up-to-date!
  6. Ralts

    Slayer guide

    Hey, added the full list and corrected the challenge points : )
  7. Think it should stay random, it's more fun this way imo.
  8. Gz pacmale! And ty all : )
  9. Ralts

    Slayer guide

    Hey Fixed it for now, hope to get dark mode soon : )
  10. Ralts

    Slayer guide

    Slayer masters All of the following slayer masters can be teleported towards without the need of a certain donator level: Turael (1 Slay) Krystilia (1 Slay) Mazchna (20 Slay) Vannaka (40 Slay) The other (high level) slayer masters cannot be teleported to without having at least a 50$ donator status. Click on them to see how to get to them without having the 50$ donator status. Chaeldar (70 CB) Konar Quo Maten (75 CB) Nieve (85 Slay) Steve (85 Slay) Duradel (100 CB) (50 Slay) Mysterious adventurer (50$) The descriptions next to the slayer masters are the following: CB = Combat level required to get tasks from this slayer master. Slay = Slayer level required to get tasks from this slayer master. 50$ = A donator amount of at least 50$ is required to get tasks from this slayer master. Tasks When you have a task, only Turael can cancel it for free. (he locks you into another task however.) To cancel a task you can right click any slayer master and click on rewards> Tasks>click on cancel task. This will either cost 30 slayer points or 100k gp. If you don’t have the required amount of coins whilst clicking on this option, 30 slayer points will be removed instead. You can block tasks for 100 slayer points each, unblocking tasks will not refund any points. The coins per task given are calculated like this: NPC combat level *100. Trade When you right click -Trade any slayer master, the following shop will open up. Enchanted gem The first item in the store is the enchanted gem. You can right click -activate this gem to select any of the following three options: Teleport to assignment location, can be used to teleport to a location where the monster of your task can be found. (has a fee of 25k) (super donators can do this using just the ::task command) Enable timed-task challenge, this will set a certain time in which you must complete the slayer task for extra slayer points. Enable no-prayer challenge, if you activate this, you can no longer make us of the head prayers (protect from: melee/magic/ranged) during your current task. You can use the right click option -Check to see the amount of monsters that are still left on your slayer task. You can use the right click option -Partner to invite another player to be your slayer partner. If you have a partner, you will both receive each other’s xp + a bonus of 5%. You can use the right click option -Log to open a log interface of slayer monster kills/streaks. Broad arrow/bolts You can buy broad arrowheads / unfinished broad bolts to use for fletching, you do however need to get the perk “broader fletching” to buy/fletch them. Slayer staff The slayer staff can be used as a weaker alternative to iban’s staff/trident. You can use it to autocast: Crumble undead, magic dart, the four wave/surge spells. Rock hammer You’ll need a rock hammer to finish off gargoyles. Unlit bug lantern This is just a fashionscape item, and thus only used for the looks. Rewards The right click -rewards option will open up an interface of slayer rewards. Most of them are explained in detail already, so I will only bring up the following: bigger and badder This is a very crucial reward, if you want to get a lot of experience. When you unlock this task, you will have a base chance of 1/200 to encounter a superior version of a slayer monster on task. All these monsters have the two following drops in common: Eternal gem(used to make an eternal slayer ring with unlimited charges) /Imbued heart. (can be used an infinite amount to increase the players magic by 10%) Apart from the drops, they give a lot more experience than their normal versions. Open the spoiler tab below to see the what monsters have superior versions and how much slayer experience they give per experience rate. Like a boss This can be used to get boss tasks from Duradel/Nieve. Rolling in money This can be used to get 5% extra gold coins for tasks. This doesn’t seem a lot for one task but is definitely worth it in the long run. Extend The extend tab is used for (as the name suggest) extending a lot of slayer tasks. Extending a tasks makes the multiplies the original size of the task by 3. So for example: if the original size of your task would've been 50 the extended version would be 150. Here are some examples of task extensions that are useful to unlock: Augment my abbies (abyssal demons) cost: 100 slayer points. Nechs please (nechryael) cost: 100 slayer points. To dust you shall return (dust devils) cost: 100 slayer points. Birds of a feather (Aviansies) cost: 100 slayer points. Buy The “buy” tab is filled with items that are described in detail if you click on them. Slayer ring The slayer ring can be used to teleport to the higher tier slayer masters: Chaeldar/Nieve/Steve/Duradel. It has 8 charges and can also be checked to see how many monsters there are left on your slayer task. Players can use the eternal gem (superior drop) on the ring to make it into a slayer ring (eternal) giving it unlimited charges. To make a slayer ring yourself, you'll need to unlock the perk "Ring bling" that costs 300 slayer points. Making such a ring also requires 75 crafting, it is done by using a golden bar, a ring mould together with an eternal gem on a furnace. A normal slayer ring is made using the enchanted gem instead. Broad arrows/bolts These can be bought to use against anything, they are not required for or have any special effects against turoths or kurasks. Herb sack The herb sack can be used to store grimy herbs in. It can hold up to 30 herbs of all major kinds. This is often used to further the length of your farm runs, so you don't have to go to bank grimy herbs after one or two patches. Enchanted scroll Can be used to enchant and thus making changes to the following items: Slayer helmet 16.67% boost in attack/strength attack bonuses: -6 magic -2 ranged, defence bonus: magic -1 > slayer helmet (i) 16.67% boost in attack/strength and 15% in ranged/magic damage on task, attack bonus +3 magic/ranged and defence bonus: +10 magic. Seers ring +6 magic attack and defence bonus > Seers ring (I) +12 magic attack and defence bonus, making it the best in slot for magic. Archers ring +4 ranged attack and defence bonus > Archers ring (I) +8 ranged attack and defence bonus, making it the best in slot for ranged. Berserker ring +4 strength and +4 crush defence > Berserker ring (I) +8 strength and +8 crush defence, making it the best in slot for strength. Warrior ring +4 slash and +4 slash defence > Warrior ring (I) +8 slash and +8 slash defence, making it the best in slot ring for slash. Treasonous ring +4 stab and +4 stab defence > Treasonous ring (I) +8 stab and +8 stab defence, making it the best in slot ring for stab. Tyrannical Ring +4 crush and +4 crush defence > Tyrannical ring (I) +8 crush and +8 crush defence, making it the best in slot crush ring. Ring of the gods +4 pray and has the effect of the holy wrench > Ring of the gods (I) +8 pray and has the effect of the holy wrench. Both the imbued version and the regular have a +1 in stab/slash/crush/ranged/magic -defence. This ring is the best in slot for prayer. Salve amulet +15% attack/strength while attacking undead monsters > Salve amulet (EI) +20% attack/strength/ranged/magic while attacking undead monsters. Crystal bow The crystal bow can be used as a ranged weapon. It does not require ammunition and it does not degrade. Crystal halberd This item doesn't degrade either, and is often used for its special attack against serveral bosses or in minigames like TOB. Crystal shield This shield has the highest ranged defence stat of any single handed shield in the game. It does not degrade either. Whip mixes The whip mixes can ONLY be used for abyssal whips to give them another color. This does not have any effect on the stats of the item. Dark bow paints The dark bow paints can ONLY be used for dark bows and will not have any effect on the stats of the item. Brimstone chest Task The task tab can be used for cancelling/blocking tasks. (as earlier described) Cancelling tasks through this tab will not reset your slayer streak. I would recommend to block tasks from a single slayer master to narrow the amount of tasks a single master can give. This will increase the chance of getting a task you want. Slayer gear Black mask To obtain a slayer helmet, you will first need to have a black mask. Black masks are dropped by cave horrors. (Vannaka/Chaeldar/Nieve/Duradel) The black mask already has a 16.67% boost in attack/strength on task but it doesn’t have a bonus for ranged/magic. Slayer helmet The first five items together with a black mask can be used to create a slayer helm. The slayer helm is already imbued. (bonus damage for ranged/magic) To make a slayer helmet, you will also have to unlock the Malevolent masquerade from the slayer rewards section. The slayer helmet gives a 16.67% boost in attack/strength and can be upgraded into a slayer helmet (I) which has the 16.67% boost in attack strength and 15% ranged/magic damage on task. You can recolor this into any of the other 6 variants, note that this is only a visual change. Bracelet of slaughter The bracelet of slaughter gives a 25% chance for a slayer assignment kill not to count for your assignment. It still gives you the same amount of slayer experience. The bracelet holds a total of 30 stacks, when it reaches 0 it will dissapear. Slayer equipment Needed The following items will be required during slayer tasks: Anti-dragon shield/Dragonfire shield: reduces dragonfire attacks by 80% and prevents the stat-draining effect of elvarg during the dragonslayer quest. (super-)antifire potions can be used to reduce the damage of dragonfire attacks as well. (this effect stacks) A rock hammer, to finish off gargoyles. (as earlier described) Insulated boots, against rune dragons as wearing these will reduce the possible damage taken by 80%. Not required The following items will not be required during a slayer task: A mirror shield, against basilisks/cockatrice's. A bag of salt, this is not required to finish off rock slugs. A facemask, this is not needed against Dust devils. The witchwood icon, you will not need this against cave horrors. A spiny helmet against wall beasts. Earmuffs against banshees. Broad arrows/bolts are not needed but do work against Kurasks/Turoths. (as earlier described) Leaf-bladed spear/sword/battleaxe, these are not necessary but do give a boost of damage against Turoths/Kurasks. Suggested slayer tasks I would suggest doing slayer for experience as a duo and slayer for slayer points solo. You can start training slayer by getting a task from turael at Edgeville. After doing some tasks, I would recommend to just keep picking a higher level slayer master until you arrive at duradel. For duradel there are a few tasks that are considered the best experience: Magic methods You can barrage in the kourend catacombs by using the blood/ice barrage. The following areas are multi-combat, so you can hit multiple monsters at the same time. Abyssal demons (75 cb required) Greater nechryaels Dust devils If you barrage the monsters above effectively, your tasks will be done before you know it. Having these tasks extended is well worth it in the long run. Especially, if you want to camp them for a while. You can use burst spells as an alternative to barrage spells if you don’t have the required magic level. Knives/darts can be used as alternatives if you don’t have a blowpipe to tag with. Melee methods Skeletal wyverns Blue/green dragons Ranged methods Lizardman shamans Inferno Quick slayer points As described earlier if you want to get a lot of points quickly, be sure to solo your tasks. Also don't forget to turn on both slayer challenges when you don't need to use the head prayers for your slayer task. Be sure to extend the tasks you want to farm slayer points on. Here are some tasks that are good for points: Blood barrage Ankou's at Kourend catacombs, this is one of the fastest tasks available. Doing this will also give a fair amount of magic experience. No head prayers are required when doing this. You can easily aggro them by running near all of them in the room, then stand in a corner and barrage them. Blood/ice barrage dagganoths at Kourend catacombs, this is pretty similiar to ankous. No head prayers are required for this task and the way to aggro them is the same as for ankous. Blood/ice barrage Jellies in Kourend catacombs, this is done in a similiar way as described in the other methods. Bossing on task Besides the boss tasks you get after getting the "like a boss" perk or having them them assigned by the mysterious adventurer, there are other ways to slay bosses on task. Here is a list of normal tasks that count for bosses when you kill them on these tasks. After that is described what slayer master assigns them: Fight caves/inferno: tzhaar task. (Chaeldar/Nieve/Duradel) K'ril Tsutsaroth (Zamorak): greater demon task. (Nieve/Duradel) Kree' arra (Armadyl): aviansies (Chaeldar/Nieve/Duradel) Kalphite Queen: kalphite task. (Mazchna/Vannaka/Chaeldar/Nieve/Duradel) Dagannoth kings: dagganoths. (Vannaka/Chaeldar/Nieve/Duradel) King black dragon: black dragon. (Krystilia/Steve) Callisto: bear. (Turael/Krystilia) Vet' ion: skeleton. (Turael/Mazchna) Venatis: spider. (Turael/Krystilia) Scorpia: scorpion. (Krystilia) Skotizo: black demon (Krystilia/Chaeldar/Nieve/Duradel) Greater demon. (Nieve/duradel) Vorkath: blue dragon. (Steve) Dusk & Dawn: gargoyle. (Vannaka/Nieve/Duradel) Kraken: cave kraken. ( Chaeldar/Nieve/Duradel) Cerberus: hellhound. (Krystilia/Vannaka/Chaeldar/Nieve/Duradel) Thermonuclear smoke devil: smoke devil. (Nieve/Duradel) I’ve seen a lot of questions about slayer so I thought I’d make a general slayer guide. I hope I've covered up most questions within this guide. All feedback is welcome.
  11. Will miss you both, thanks for everything.
  12. I'm used to ::, but if its possible to use both ::/;; then I would support it.

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