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  1. As long as i can play without 10 secs delay i'm fine with whatevs
  2. Yo awesome TOB hype , thanks for the fast update
  3. I'd suggest a monster kill time and personal records to be intruduced like on osrs i think it's a simple but really usefull thing to have so we can compare gear and methods Edit: seems like this was already on to-do list So the main bosses that requiere this are in boss Teleport pretty much. it's just a neat feature
  4. a long brake probl

  5. justpropt


    Highly disagree with everything apart from the highscores which isn't that much of a change tbh.
  6. Pimpls not razor burn
  7. hell naw, i shaved today , but even if i din't it's still very bad lmao
  8. YO I'm turning 19 in 1 month one day I'll get a full beard
  9. ya'll look old af , turning 19 but dont look like it
  10. justpropt

    Cerberus Guide

    Cerb guide , pretty easy and straightforward , sorry about some noise , messing around with some new stuff on my mic
  11. jeezz the music made it get copyright lol i'll reupload without music EDIT: Reuploaded

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