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  1. I see this as useful as the practice option provided for ToB, which was added relevantly immediately if not the same update. I think it would allow for players to better situate themselves with CoX/Olm ultimately providing for a smoother run. Support.
  2. 6:30 pm eastern tonight. Good luck Bois.
  3. Took about a year and some. Gz Peri.
  4. I still dont see demand as a valid reason to suggest an items worth in this sense because you have to earn it off a kill, and is actually needed in one way or the other.For example if you dont want to buy pegs straight out youre left with either pking em,gambling for them, or clue hunting. Either way you go about it its going to cost you in time and/or money. Its not a junk item like a bucket helm g or something. But I completely understand how its deemed lesser in demand. yeah ofc but its so sought after players request/demand the very same literal prices from this list. Especially at Gambling.. so ppl do anyways. I do too knowing that I shouldnt because prices vary on the daily. That rhymed. Touching back yeah I get the community's sense of "demand". However I dont agree that demand in their sense is worth bringing a Zenyte item lower than 100m. Because of the very fact that the shard/gem needed (in fact both of them) buys/sells for 100m when you need an onyx gem to make the other lol. But then why would an Item sink then?... cause its not in demand. Which defeats my statement, however Im specifically talking about specific items needed to alter/make another like gems or things like that. In my sense a what alters a price of an item is how many are in game, possibly cause i have all the items I want.. so... thats a thing... Exactly. Agreed. And I wasnt trying to nag or anything. Just wanted to express a certain frustration of mine with this specific page. But the idea of it is obviously something anyone would support. And yes although it is impossible to keep things accurate and updated, it would be nice and ideal. Thats all. Just wanted to bring it up. Cause I feel like understanding many aspects on the economy is important because I see how ppl buy/sell things online and it really urks me. But then again who care, and everyones account are not mine/my account. yeah.
  5. two of my problems with having to resort to this opinionated list is the amount of thought behind it and the accuracy. especially w items that are related. If a zenyte costs 100m why would a tormented brace sink or be cheaper than 100m? U need a shard to make one... Even if its not as popularly sought for as compared to others. A lot of these items including the tormented brace should have a base price. Pegs are posted at 200m when u need robins to make them and robins are posted at 200m.. So the crystal is worthless? Maybe have the crystal at like 75m robins 200+ since clues arent hot and staff literally had to nerf Rates to help eco, and Pegs at 300m. The sense behind the pricing is: U wanna skip the hassle of making it yourself? Pay top shelf for bis items, if not you can purchase to boots and earn a crystal or just buy the pieces. same for vissy's/dfs same for onyxs This page serves as a reference so you can get an accurate expectation on what things cost. But if there no constant updates then eventually all prices will be invalid. And if theres no accurate pricing then this whole list is just ...... a free post count thread imo...
  6. Damn what a pull. This giveaway will be dope.
  7. Sup. I will be hosting a Giveaway Event + HNS once again. Here are the rules anyway: 1. Comment your in game name in this video: 2. Subscribe to the Channel located here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYXCgmVXPmCp_f3xfbr6Vhg 3. Post "Done" on this thread. Rules may seem simple. But if they all arent followed you can miss out on some god tiered loot because each rule will result in a different way of winning. GL Bois will be hosting on the 3rd of July.
  8. a sever wipe would put me out the game. nty
  9. Would be nice to get more BM the higher you kill tho. Sucks we cant expect players not to Kill farm like we expect players not to trust trade... No shots fired, but at least theres a chance and you can still kc farm for keys cant you? although this kinda of feature would be nice in its own realm like in a pvp minigame, not regular edge pking. Maybe a shutdown feature like the one suggested above can influence ur drops or earnings in a BH type of minigame.
  10. How does Osrs not have a good Pvp System? What about the system is bad? Being srs btw, Cause i always see pure pk montages from osrs clans and youtubers pumping out vids.
  11. Justin

    Pvp Armour

    Maybe a pvp minigames with keys and BM being the main thing about them and some other items as would be nice .....
  12. Tried to suggest something like this twice. But shit I support. I would like to see these kinda updates.
  13. Thanks for all of your hard work and patience.

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