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  1. Justin

    Pvp Content

    Hi I was thinking maybe we could draw some attraction to pvp. My Idea would require us to be copy and paste some of the mid/high end pvm boss items that are in boxes and chests and bosses and also have them in this suggestion. What this suggestion does is, once we enter an arena/arenas or designated area/areas, we are assigned a target. Once you kill the target you get an emblem and the person who died loses all gear. (yes the current 1-10 pvp emblems, option to protect item is choosable on chatbox like how dds/tent is choosable at ::duel). Once u get to the last one you can exchange the emblem to another emblem trader but this one is a shop that has all the pvp weps/gear/items in stock at a price. depending on the risk at hand also determines what kind of emblem the winner might get. (risk factor) How your target is designated: same combat lvl and combat style match up. Which leads me to include that I also suggest adding multiple entrances or instances to the arena/area for pvp tournament style combat, (Combatants are loaded into arena then fight 1v1 til theres one left for big lump sum prize, maybe cash fee at the door and that amount is won + taxed.) or 1v1's in hybridding and melee. Bank and supply shop outside. Entire location and entrance located in the wild. Obv im thinking about Bounty Hunter. But Im feeling like besides having reg melee fights and seeing yall do ur brids for no risk 99% of the time we can have an area that we and for sure for sure bank off of. All together I'd like to note that this is not to "replace" or "Be better" than the current wildy key events and reg pking that we have. But I feel like this sort of customized content would allow another sector of players who tbh might be pvm-like incels and get bored cause pvm or skilling isnt their route or thing. AND this would some dope ass stuff right herrr cuh feel me? Added this would allow alternate opportunities ffor players to make bank.
  2. In-game name: JustinTheatre of Blood/Chambers of Xerics kill count:Picture of gear:What would make you an asset to Deviant Warriors?: A team member thats willing to learn and become beneficial to quik n eez raydz.Can anyone vouch your place in the clan?: idk.
  3. I've seen you around. I see you like Post Malone. Hes cool. A lot of songs that gets me to the right kinda viibe
  4. Good luck to all. My personal vote (complain if you will) Goes to @chillix. I've seen his contributions and lending hands towards the server many a times, especially within the small opening Ascendancy, I've always seen him help our new Players with any kind of questions. In fact I've seen him go as far as to help new characters grow into some pretty influential characters here in Indova. He's the man. Gl to the Victor.
  5. Welcome Back Tom, I hope u are well fed n fat. Thank you for the update Tom.
  6. Event date pushed to Friday.

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