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  1. maybe the pvp tournaments. Idk about providing for safety for specific players or staff. Shit I might even pay a member who can manage to pk staff. It'll be one of those lil discord jokes everyone has. Starting with you.
  2. Will be reopening during rebrand/reset. Active leadership -Looking for Active Indovians who've been around 6months plus who have a strong sensus of Indova and how it operates. Those who can actively moderate the cc and delegate tasks/recruitment towards our JR members. Events/giveaways/Drop Parties -Will be issued Via Ascendancy staff/Donations. Discord will be established for further information. Ranks -Immediate Ranks will be assigned based on opinion via me, however once Ascendancy is on it feet rank ups can be issued whenever for whatever. Merching* /Flipping/Gambling lessons/tasks/contributions for established ranked and higher ups. TBA lol
  3. K. all I did was give you the same energy you gave me playboy. Never really asked for your opinion anyways. Wtf is the point of playing in an eco server an not participating in the eco? What do you expect for rich players to do? Never forced anyone. And I gave away more than I won. Thats facts. yeah like that means anything. Tf.
  4. Oh you sick Bandit? How sick are you? Are you wicked sick? Radical maybe? Or just insane plane jane insane sick? I hope its the last one. I could care less and im not attacking anyone directly. Just as a whole, cause regardless of what and who plays, that shit was a bad move regardless of how you feel. How am I suggesting a re-brand for irons? Fuck irons, Ive suggested for them not to be able to trade and drop trade and thats it. That was one of the main principals starting out, but I wouldnt know much because I joined Indova for the Eco all say that. My bad for not playing against its purpose. Stop being such a blue falcon. I also suggested for them other than allowing for normal accounts and irons to exist in the same field. If anything I can that im just strongly voicing my opinion. Literally no one else posts important topics in a proper place where other minds can come together and communicate, in discord its there sure but your gonna have to scroll a bit to find conversations that are already gone to the wind. Ive been playing for a year and im proud of what i contributed and what I stand for when it comes to this game. So the fuck what if Im barking? I literally pay to play this game and I constantly brought ideas and suggestions and content to the table favored or not, while you staff members get to sit there and wait til someone else has a good enough argument to argue and just back it up, like always whenever something major hits the table you and others would say "we are/dont have to be like osrs." and shit like that when its convenient. My arguments arent dumb or useless or out of spite, they are accurate and have reason. So excuse me if I feel strong towards a certain sector in this game. Im pretty sure im not going to be playing the rebrand anyways. Based on the level of Communication and Availability between Devs/Admins pertaining to content and information through out this year and a half, and just overall characters around this lovely bunch. Im not looking foward to much anyways. Like you said the best rsps is at osrs. Phats,Eggs,Rings,Mogs, all that shit no actual weaps n shit. Rares.... yeah yeah true but i wouldnt suggest seeing them comeback via that new indova point shop or something like that. Black phats were like 400m+ year long then i got one for like 200m~ off of Deed (Finally) cause of that. See what I mean? Back that up fam. Ill have another pvp suggestion thread shortly. Nah in all seriousness tho, half of my intent with these posts were to spark conversation, but like always ppl just fall back into their discords, swap spit, then say the same thing over n over.... Whatever man. This shit sucks. Shit meaning state of indova before yall think im talkin shit... blue face ass...
  5. On regards of the Rebrand I hope Staff/Ownership wouldnt mind disclosing some of the important topics regarding the rebrand. I have a few questions and statements and I am hoping for detailed answers cause yall know imma reply. 1. Eco Based or nah? - I saw Peri say yes but Im concerned as to how an eco server will THRIVE knowing ironmen, who literally cannot support an eco, will be included into the rebrand. Honestly I dont understand how and who makes the decisions placed that effect the Eco but.... Whoever it was that said lets allow Irons to drop trade so we can have more trade happening.. or whatever it was...nice one. If it was Tom my bad dude but wtf. was like the icing on the cake... The nail to the coffin...the double tap... What will be done to allow irons and normal accounts to exists side by side. Honestly since you guys used to say you guys would imitate osrs to a degree (then say you dont have to when its convenient) I would imagine you'd keep the Ironmen rules. Which I remember voicing. 2. Pvp. - What plans do you all have to enable a pvp community to be able to thrive entirely on their own outside of the pvm/skilling side of the eco? Personally I would like to see a pvp minigame inserted and Pk bots inserted to the edge wilderness near ditch. More onto the minigame, Id like to see something similar to a BH system that assigns you a target with options to be matched in many options of gears/pk styles and a loot pool system that ladders increasingly upwards in loot/worth as you streak, meet challenged, and risk, which would encourage players to hone their skills. 3. Donations / P2w - Im just curious to what anyone on staff has to say about how and what we can expect to see on this topic next chapter. Id personally and obviously would like to see Donators respected towards their gameplay and rates MORE than before, knowing Indovas grrindy ass nature. Also I'd like to see Actual rares that are discontinued from the online shop to be discontinued for good. And Rares to be limited seasonally. Allowing for the more miniature rares to flow in and out properly. 4. Communication - I hope to see more communications from staff to its players. It would be nice to know things other than updates because thats the only thing thats official. Players miss things in discord so I feel like #dev-blogs should be more active detailed anything large or small. I feel like even though staff states things are being worked on, it would literally be pleasing to stare work at you through a glass window in a sense. That way some repetative questions are out the window. Maybe something that shows something each working staff member does, updated by them, like logs. EX: Via each staff member/ dev thats putting in work. This would eliminate some purpose to the weekly update threads, but then allow opportunity to post other things besides the now obvious.
  6. facts about the best thing out there. I cant even play anything cause of how smooth this server is.
  7. regardless of what happens, and im pretty sure ik what the two possible outcomes are... I dont support anything unless its through pvp. Pvp is armor that was created for pvp. to turn around and use full vestas degraded or not at dominion zone?? negative. They if anything should be placed in an over all loot pool for pvp combat just like keys and have them marked like pvp items while also providing that you might have a chance to get it as a drop. Minigame. But then again i dont even play so ... fuck do I care. :feelskms:
  8. Balance what out? Pvp Armors/Weps are designed to be used for pvp... So ofc they'ed be seen as op. Everyones gone and the eco is probably at a serious standstill. Anything would be best cause theres Indovas population is at an all time low. Pvp updates should of came a year ago when we had players quitting for it. Personally Ive always been in favor of Pvp Updates. And its always been something Indova has needed. I'd like to see pvp armor/items added to a pvp minigame, not just in a shop thats up for grabs.
  9. To be honest, as a solid day 1 player, Ive seen it all. Mostly. I remember at first its was contentful obviously cause we all had goals and things to strive for. Some wanted to max, some wanted to skill, some wanted to pk. I just wanted to be rich, which I always was tbh, since month 1... since my 1st bond.... Everyone knew up from the jump slayer was key. The eco started off of Herblore and Fish... Rares were rares... I think at this moment here it was the pinnacle moment that would decide this longevity for Indova. Indova was sweet man. I was racing 2 staff members, 1 to my knowledge lol, Im still sitting top 3 in slayer. Was top 2 for months, and in and out of #1 with Ralts. Syndicate cc was already in its active state claiming the #1 cc since birth. Its only rightful competitions were DW and Ascendancy. Syndicate cc was so successful as a community they managed to make staff implement rules that were aimed strictly towards them (with help from me, sry.) and enough drama to make a tv series. Btw Syndicate (Max) was probably the #1 Advocate for PVP and was some what ignored. I feel you max dw bro. Soon after, approx 4 months we started noticing major players thrive in their "osrs skills" with the implementations of updates that catered towards to IRONMEN in an ECONOMY BASED SERVER. Many players who hop from rsps to rsps knows the ordinary stuff to get out the way... what makes a server fun is the how and how long and for what.... Indova seemed to have been in a constant state of adding updates that quickly changed the theme of what it was initially aimed to be. It was at this time were the infamous "OSRS BTW" meme was birthed. Rightfully so. Imagine leaving osrs to play osrs. no p2w. no pvp. Ironmen outnumber normies. And Weebs fucking everywhere..... fuck.. Whatever. Around month 2.5 -month 4 many players came to a halt til raids dropped. some grew tired and some still had a fire left to burn. And in comes the initial complaints for Pvp and minor updates to slayer all through the initial months til cox. After cox tob and then Dom Zone. came in the later year if not next year with still no pvp updates... js.. When ToB dropped that required a skill that pure rsps players wouldn't be able to acquire until months/weeks down the road of wasting supplies in a game that already stretches your patience to the walls. So players were stuck once again however it made room for the eco, so that was dope I guess. (youtubers appearing here n there throughout the months) Somewhere around month 9 we had Donator Benefits come in. I swear to god that shit worked for like a week and then Deluxe just dropped that shit back down. But it was expected. When I saw staff state that they would take back items you donated for I knew what it was. A dub. When Dominion dropped it was already too late. Mid to late decline fall. Staff disappearing by then... Cox on the fritz... still is... I think either at the same time or directly after Dom Zone came into play we had the ironmen convince staff to let them drop trade their bank... While the whole time reacquiring it they never contributed to the economy.. Inflation out the ass... Whatever....... Indova was dope man... We've been yelling since the jump. Ngl I had the most fun getting cleaned like once or twice... and rebuilding like 6 or 7 times.. each time bigger and bigger til I hit my 20b. Folded many bank accounts along the way and have been folded twice as much. Other than gambling I mean Cox was dope i guess. I got 1 tbow drop around 140~ kc but other than that and my omlet I got everything on my later half of my kc... And Tob... That spider boss is a bitch. Some of the staff were always dope. That what I respect those who've always been legit and helpful and just there in general.... only one tbh i can think of is Ralts.... Deluxe too but i mean he doesnt count be breaks everything. Oh the Giveaways were the most fun ngl. That shit was just fun man.... yeah... Rip 1750$~. Even with a remake and a some customs... idk maybe...This sucks. #1 poster. Forums Life Hoe. Forums or kick rocks. #1 News Team Member #1 Community Influences #1 Richest non staff member maybe. Ive been corrected: The drop rate bonus from the donor benefit? Well that’s still rng at the end of the day but ur more likely to get a drop compared to a non donor but still rng The only time it was nerfed was with the introduction of elite indovian Drop rate boost: Indovian: 1% (was 2%) Super: 3% (was 4%) Elite: 5% No other ranks got affected. hmmm.

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