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  1. Bro this isnt your game. Chill out. What they only have to listen to QA? Get srs lol.
  2. They are still respecting Indova players by allowing them to xfer their donator status. So in theory you can just liquidate ur bank in halves one for new donator status and one for the xfer on over. Even if Indova was to stay active and up to date with Osrs content, Indova has other issues elsewhere. Like the Economy, its Voting issues,and its Community issues. You can have a brand new 2020 SuperMcfast v12 but even that shit will get boring riding it everyday. The content was there, thankfully to players who've posted and participated, being important to the mix. Rude. Staff listens. They have reach. They have ears. I felt that they strictly catered to Irons cause of them allowing for drop trades but that wasnt the case, just because it wasnt an update I wanted to see, even though I may have been already upset at the current state of Indova at the time, doesnt mean they weren't listening. As above so below though, Indova kept things close to OSRS even the Irons on osrs are getting leniency in their gameplay in many aspects I dont understand as well. Csb i, i, i, i, i, e i e i ooo. And cringe.
  3. Good new, much respect to the decision makers involved.
  4. maybe the pvp tournaments. Idk about providing for safety for specific players or staff. Shit I might even pay a member who can manage to pk staff. It'll be one of those lil discord jokes everyone has. Starting with you.
  5. Will be reopening during rebrand/reset. Active leadership -Looking for Active Indovians who've been around 6months plus who have a strong sensus of Indova and how it operates. Those who can actively moderate the cc and delegate tasks/recruitment towards our JR members. Events/giveaways/Drop Parties -Will be issued Via Ascendancy staff/Donations. Discord will be established for further information. Ranks -Immediate Ranks will be assigned based on opinion via me, however once Ascendancy is on it feet rank ups can be issued whenever for whatever. Merching* /Flipping/Gambling lessons/tasks/contributions for established ranked and higher ups. TBA lol
  6. regardless of what happens, and im pretty sure ik what the two possible outcomes are... I dont support anything unless its through pvp. Pvp is armor that was created for pvp. to turn around and use full vestas degraded or not at dominion zone?? negative. They if anything should be placed in an over all loot pool for pvp combat just like keys and have them marked like pvp items while also providing that you might have a chance to get it as a drop. Minigame. But then again i dont even play so ... fuck do I care. :feelskms:

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