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  1. true. It would be nice to have aplayer owned market but meh that died a while ago. and ppl undercut up to like 40% just to get the sale often.
  2. meh........ is it possible to show how much of the item is being sold/bought and for how much on ge screen then?
  3. GL On the grind, bite down and get complacent with it, at the end it will all pay off. GL
  4. Agree'ed, It would be nice if raid perks were also allowed for master indovians + imo.
  5. Maybe for masters + cause just like being x5 thats a difficulty within itself I can imagine, w/ me bieng x7 and staring at my 7 hunter and 58 farming.
  6. Everything previously in the shop? Halved according to their prices if we can allow for Indovians to get X2 the amount of points while voting after passing 1k votes.
  7. Welcome Evil! Seen you in game already! GL w the account build!
  8. the recoil effect would be handy for those who go to corp solo/duo all the tiem.
  9. Big support on the leather tan spell from lunars spell book.
  10. Can we allow players to receive dbl the vote points after passing 1k manual votes? This would allow players to be able to obviously buy stuff from the Vote Shop. What, who knows... but if there ever is a change to the vote shop those who have deservingly earned it via voting over 1k times... would be prepared.... or we can just buy out phats and hweens... everyone loves those..
  11. I wish you plenty of success.

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