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  1. Nice to see some new ppl on the block, GL on your progress.
  2. I honestly had a personal price of 4.5 for the Tbow seeing as they keep popping up. I think 6b would be fit being the price is deserving and respective to the trial of getting one. Corp is very very difficult in terms of time and resources. But its all good. I was gonna say that but I felt like I was being op. I agree^ Idk about the rapier tho, you dont see too many of those going around. I feel like 800m is a good price for it. maybe 750.
  3. ill edit w/ my weigh ins. Zenyte Shard always been constant at 100m. So i feel like the Ring of Suffering especially with how its tediously made deserves to be at 100m as well with the other zenyte items. The Abyssal Dagger is a very good pking weapon and has the ability to hit high. I usually sold them 15-20m I think 10m would fair. 5m seems way to steep seeing how its only been delivered in game through so many ways. I've personally asked Peri even though he doesn't generally participate in the eco as active as we do, what would he price his Ely if he ever felt inclined to do so... He couldn't come up with an offer. I'd feel comfortable pricing the Ely ss at 6b. Btw thats not the Dragon Hunter Crossbow thats the Dragon Crossbow. Price the Santa Hat 25% cheaper than phats seeing as they are priced the same way in vote points. The Black Party Hat is definitely not 150m, I'd say closer around 400m, I'd refer someone but I don't wanna put him out there. But he recently priced it @ me the same price as he did months ago. 400m. Everything else seems fine. Seem to be missing some items but generally everything is there.
  4. Can we allow for donators 100$+ can revive bones noted once they are dropped?
  5. 1. You can charge glories in game via at the fountain in the wild or at ::dz. With a small chance of making an eternal. 2. I'd think buying them via set boxes would be the easiest thing ever. 3. That armor is found pretty often via slayer, I know this suggestion is aimed towards pbp, but we do have presets in the Indova Tab if you scroll all the way down. 4. Nah, ... just nah. 5. As it stands players can get pots by either making them or buying them from other players as intended, which compliments the eco. 6. We have a pvpmode that give you 126 combat. You just have to trigger it. 7. They are located in the Pvm Store located west of edge bank. Get the pages via scroll or players. 8. Negative 9. Sounds cool., sure. 10. The firecape you'd have to complete the minigame to get, you only need to do the last 13 rounds tho. Everything else yeah sure. 11. huh? 12. Negative, quests arent that important besides ava's and gloves. I dont see why anyone would want to gain off of or train off of quest npc's, theyre usually meant to carry on the dialogue. 13.What would they drop? 14. I actually like that idea. 15. No idea. 16. We do have Glod, that appears in different locations everytime with a chance at getting loot. 17. Would like to see more events based out in the wilderness. 18. We currently have that in place. Right click the chest next to the BM NPC to see possible rewards. 19. Sure, seeing how no one risks anyways, even though our pk community is neglected and small. 20. Like what? 21. It is, you just have to grind for wealth out here. 22. I def like this idea, but good the fuck luck. 23. We have that. Trade Purdue opposite side of BM shop. \I felt like a lot of this could of been answered and informed to you if you would of hopped in Syndicate cc or something. But some of them are cool idea. PKing has always been been wanted but our community majority is whats important.
  6. I understand how putting the dbl exp in the vote books would allow for extra incentive for the player to vote, but I feel like a lot of players stack up vote books for dbl exp and to sell. That would mean, if your suggestion would be accepted, that players would be able to receive an extra drop rate bonus for a temporary amount of time, furthermore that time would vary according to your donator tier. Which means if you wanted more time with that dbl exp you'd need to reach the next tier for that awesome +5 mins on the vote book timer. A inefficient p2w Rabbit hole. Many players, initially after the drop rate bonus update donated for that very reason, the drop rate bonus. And Ultimately with as it stands, you can get phats and hweens from the vote store and the new Indova store. Which imo makes the vote point shop a bit more useless. That new corrupted armor looks like mith armor just darkened. There. I'd be down for additional Drop Rate Bonus from the vote books if that Sigmund 2.0 Shop had a wider pool of accepted Items, cause then I'd be motivated to grind mole, kbd, w.e. and burn through some vote books.
  7. OOOO That Syndicate cc Intro. Look nice bro where'd u get that at?!
  8. true. It would be nice to have aplayer owned market but meh that died a while ago. and ppl undercut up to like 40% just to get the sale often.
  9. meh........ is it possible to show how much of the item is being sold/bought and for how much on ge screen then?
  10. GL On the grind, bite down and get complacent with it, at the end it will all pay off. GL
  11. Agree'ed, It would be nice if raid perks were also allowed for master indovians + imo.
  12. Maybe for masters + cause just like being x5 thats a difficulty within itself I can imagine, w/ me bieng x7 and staring at my 7 hunter and 58 farming.
  13. Everything previously in the shop? Halved according to their prices if we can allow for Indovians to get X2 the amount of points while voting after passing 1k votes.
  14. Hello In this suggestion thread I am suggesting that we remove Phats and santa's and hweens, stick em in the box's that they used to be, and keep in strictly in ::Stores. Allowing players to donate for these rares, also allowing for the black h ween/ black phat to be in the economy. Also, I would like to suggest that we add some new items/ potential desireables. Some example to add to shop are: 3rd age Ring! - 75k Vote Points Item of the Week Items* - 10k Vote Points Rain Bow - 25k Vote Points Monster Slippers* - 20k Vote Points Climbing boots (G) - 10k Vote Points Spiked Manacles - 10k Vote Points Katana - 25k Vote Points * = Items further suggested to be in set random rotation in a pool of some sort. Just like Item of the Week items in the Crystal Chest. There are many items and maybe 2/3 of these items have to feature bi-monthly instead of a permanant placement in the store. ! = This item is to be half of the reason that people vote. As it stands in OSRS the 3A ring is strictly a cosmetic where if you move that chosen feature is no longer visible and is required to be manually featured again.
  15. Welcome Evil! Seen you in game already! GL w the account build!
  16. the recoil effect would be handy for those who go to corp solo/duo all the tiem.
  17. can we make it so after we have aquired the RoS (i) we can add noted Rings of Recoil to the ring to add the recoil effect? Max ring amount being as suggested above.
  18. Big support on the leather tan spell from lunars spell book.
  19. What going on guys, New Vid for a new event. Good luck to the victors! Rules: 1 like on the Video Comment your in game name on the video Post one milestone pic on thread!
  20. Can we allow players to receive dbl the vote points after passing 1k manual votes? This would allow players to be able to obviously buy stuff from the Vote Shop. What, who knows... but if there ever is a change to the vote shop those who have deservingly earned it via voting over 1k times... would be prepared.... or we can just buy out phats and hweens... everyone loves those..
  21. Hi, In this thread Ill be slowly working to max out my account in stats and Meta based items/gear/achievements. Im x7 and my schedule is very open but I find myself logging after 5 secs sometimes so lets just see how this plan rolls out. Wish me luck yall. As of 10/06/18 My stats are: -------- As of 01/21/19 My stats are: As of 04/04/19 My stats are: As of 04/26/19 My stats are: As of 05/06/2019 My stats are: [Key: Yellow = In Progress | Red = Incomplete | Green = Completed | Grey = Currently Not Attempting ] Stats: I will be working to get the following remaining stats to further complete my account: 65/99 (0) 54/99 (0) 70/99 (0) 99/99 (0) 94/99 (+1) 99/99 7/99 99/99 (+11) 67/99 (0) 99/99 99/99 35/99 99/99 58/99 (0) Items: I will be working to get the following remaining items to further complete my account: - (i) Ring Set 4/4 - Zenyte Set 4/4 - Godsword Set 4/4 -Armadyl Set 3/3 -Bandos Set 2/2 * Not Considering Guardian Boots -Saradomin Set 2/2 -Zamorakian Spear/Hasta 1/1 -Staff of the Dead 1/1 -Toxic Staff of the Dead 1/1 -Mage's Gear 0/3 -Rune Pouch 1/1 -Serpentine Helm set 2/3 (+1 Normal Serp) -Slayer Mask Set 3/5 -Shield Set 5/6 -Dragon Defender 1/1 -Dragon WarHammer 1/1 -Sneaker Game 4/4 (+1 had to cop the Balenciaga's when they dropped) -LumberJack Set 4/4 -Rogue Set 5/5 (+2) -Angler Set 4/4 -Firemaking Set 6/6 -Farming Set 4/4 -Mining Set 4/4 (+4 full set) Agility Set 6/6 Void Armor Set 6/6 -Elite Void Armor Set 2/2 (+2 whole set accomplished) Twisted Bow 1/2 Achievements: Ranked 10 or Less on Hiscores As of 1/21/19: Maxed Cash stack (pffft easy) Competitive Completionist* ( Maxed Stats, Achievements, Ranked 10 or less on Hiscores, while taking #1 Slayer if I ever wanted to.) Achieve Highest Donator Tier Get all Pets in game As of 1/21/19: As of 04/26/19: As of 05/06/2019: As Of 04/02/19 Im proud of my PVM Tab in bank: As of 04/26/19 MY Pvp Tab is looking as beautiful as ever Just missing my Tbow,Scythe,Spectral, one or two others: As of 05/06/2019 My PvP tab is just missing 1 item, a scythe. Ill get spectral and claws later: Ill be doing this at a steady pace and Any kind of Loot drops that are important to me I will post here. So.. Thanks for reading n wish me luck plz. I also have a few suggestion threads that I think we can learn to like. Please tell me what you think at: all opinions are welcomed. Thanks for reading! Wish me luck.

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