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  1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Allow users to be able to donate to the Well for a specific event But then that skill and the User cannon be voted for/specifically vote for 24/12/6 hours. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Allow purdue (For donators) to fix all items in inventory in one go like how the npc in dzone decants all potions.  --------------------------------------------- Can we add an update "option" to the presets on this screen allowing us to edit the inventory and gear while looking at what we have on like clicking the "view equipment stats" button. ------------------------------------------------ A Quest Writer forum reward / Userbar ---------------------------------------------------- Also I would like to suggest adding the Enchament Scroll from slayer shops to PVM Shops for 25k points ea.
  2. Yes! And the ability to edit them please!
  3. Just like how the Konar table has the two zammy spear pieces how about some other items that are piece items like malediction ward shards And some weap orn kits maybe
  4. Interested in seeing that that brimstone chest has to offer! off to Slay I go!
  5. I feel like the rate at which a player gains vote points is very slow. Towards those who've donated and constantly support the server, I feel like we should at least by this time have some sort of way to earn multiple Vote points (which in my opinion should be favored most among the rest not to mention my initial suggestion of earning multiple vote points after passing 1k votes). And yes I do agree with you on the " vote stacking" I would like to see a time where i can stack my votes. To be fair i have no use for them and they dont sell as fast as I would like them to, so instead i would rather leave them unclaimed in the chest stacking until someone wants to buy some or I have some slots in GE that i'd put them in. I like your perspective on this where we can have a certain special "monthly" item. So rare that it would want players to vote. However I'd also like to bring up the idea that I think Vote points should be prioritized... wanted... sought for... So I support your idea specifically about a item that changes per month. But items like the Black phat and rainbow phat should be set towards a higher caliber tbh, maybe set to where you have a chance to get it once a year. It features bi-anually and have a really high price requiring players to vote consistantly maybe even buying a few votes. But other than that yeah items like that Katana or Nunchucku's or a Pet rock featuring monthly sure. Ty for commenting I like your angle on this.
  6. Im thinking of a system that rewards players for voting other than Items. The items may seem high in price, and some prices might have to be raised. How about for every x1000 times you have voted: you now get x2 times the points but not the coins and books And you initiate an x2 exp event. Maybe allow us to vote on alternative sources to gain players else where, and allow those votes to provide vote points as well. Its already fast af to vote and I wouldn't mind voting on 3 more.
  7. How about since like we add 3 other sources that dont really matter, and in turn we can get extra Vote points but not right away, maybe like 3 hours game play required and then we can vote for the extra 3 and gain those extra vote points and books and coins. And any feedback on initial Vote suggestion?
  8. yeah, for those who'd like to take that extra initiative, maybe if those vote sites are deemed less important to Indova, then have the rewards be like blood mony or something else idk. But vote points nonetheless if possible.
  9. New suggestion added. Bump
  10. Hello everyone, Ill be hosting some Cox Raids tmrw 20191402 - Noon Eastern Time Zone for those who would like to get some experience or a chance at a drop. Once we have completed 3-5 Open Massed Raids ill close the cc off for Private raids. I am also like 70+ KC Dry so you know im itching for disappointment lol. Be sure to watch out for me going online. Just for a kicker whoever gets the 1st Major Drop gets a complimentary 50m. Snipe my Tbow ill throw in 100m. Should get you stacked decent on some D arrows. Watch out for my Streams here: See yall there :]
  11. What storm? Nah on the real tho, Cursed PVM has been the best Community/Clan experience I've experienced yet in game. EVERYONE helps. EVERYONE talks. Events. AND we even use the voice chats in our Discord. Shits lit. Join now or get left behind. Would suck to see yall in the wild.
  12. Good luck to the Winner!
  13. Support as well. I like the idea of having combo runes. Maybe like and Item like theres packs of feathers or w.e. And when u use it on a bank it just dumps in ur invy.
  14. Maldita Sea, no sabes lo que me haces, mi amor.

  15. Justin

    KBD Guide

    Hello Indovians, In this guide ill be showing you how to take down yet another easy ranked boss to get some steady loot coming in. KBD is a very easy boss and does not take much to be able to grind on. Read below and make sure to watch the video for any questions you might have. King Black Dragon The KBD (King Black Dragon) comes in at at combat level of 276 with 240 Hit points. The dragon is Aggressive so once you get within range he will start attacking you from far with Dragonfire from a long-ranged distance. He is Poisonous and can max a total of 25 (Melee Damage), 65 (Dragonfire Damage). His weaknesses include Stab, Ranged, and the Dragon Hunter Crossbow. Slayer Info Combat Info (*: The Attack Speed is according to Osrs's in game clock.) Multiple Routes to KBD Lair To use the Teleportor (recommended this way), do the following: Gear To Bring Try and bring a set up as close to this as possible. Any substitutions can be made as long as you have the majority of items shown. (*: Dragonfire shield or Anti-Dragon shield is a must with a 1 handed ranged wep.) Inventory You can bring a cannon if you'd like, I'd also recommend bringing a holy wrench, a gem bag, and a coal bag for the possible loots you will receive. What to do once you are ready: In this video I will show you what a few kills look like So you can be better assured on how it works in KBD Lair. That just about sums it up. Thank you for reading, and rest in peace to my pegs and dhcb.
  16. Justin

    KBD Guide

    Ty, fixed.
  17. I agree, but ive never been able to think of "what" exactly. I do feel like some p2w is needed. Its getting real bland out there as if its not already. Idk tbh. I'd like to see some new stuff in game especially towards those who've helped support Indova come along all this way, needed or not. A store would obv be the answer but I feel like every suggestion like this gets the same answer...
  18. 300 seems like a good number to me.
  19. Very nice updates! Very small but precise and very much needed! Good work staff team!
  20. "Rickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ... *boom*

  21. Hey guys Justin here with another stream. Join in as I grind for that juicy hydra loot. :D.

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