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  1. Dont make me pay Hexodious to tbag you.
  2. I'm gonna be honest here, I haven't played indova in MONTHS, but this rebrand talk is lowkey getting my hopes up. Hope this is gonna be great :)
  3. Definitely the winner! jk, winner announced later.
  4. What exp rate are you? AFAIK, it should be the same as OSRS, maybe a little faster because of the different EXP rates.
  5. To be honest, first time I've seen someone using a Thamorras LOL
  6. Hey guys, Post your most 'Dark' or 'Mysterious' Fashionscape, with a creative title to it, and the best one at the end of the week will receive a chance at a goodiebag, or 100m Cash (Still deciding, but prob cash). Heres my example: The Night of Billy Bailey
  7. I've got only the gear I need to protect my clannies @ wildy, otherwise not atm
  8. Welcome back random. -Maksim
  9. I don't think there is anything wrong, but an additional rewards system would be a nice touch! But, everyone has their own opinion on such things. Overloads do sound nice though, but I feel like they'd be a bitch to code, I don't know much about coding so I may be completely wrong.
  10. I'm destroying more as I go, not even lying, destroying phats/hweens/ etc... Lmfao, the grind don't stop! The fun don't stop.
  11. PvPmode Items are dead content, so remove them. Aslong as you're allowed to set your Combat stats and use REGULAR runes in ;;pvpmode, it'll not change anything.
  12. Hey guys, i'd love to know what kind of PVP Tournament you would love to participate in, out of the following categories. 1. Pure Brid -Removed- 2. Max Rune (PVPMODE Set) 3. Max Brid (PVPMODE Set) 4. No armour (MAX) using DDS Also, Should there be a 'fee' to enter the PVP Tourney and then the winner takes it all? Or just a set prize for it all. Vote in the poll, thank you a lot for taking your time to read this! If anyone wants to donate any prizes; feel free to PM Syndicate or The Reaper! Thank you.. IF there is a PVP Event, it'll be held on Saturday the 11'th at aprox 11 AM PST!

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