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  1. Love you too <3, Nah anyways, ignore half the shit I do, it's mostly for bants^^
  2. Yikes, that sucks. If you do decide to return, i'd suggest filing a report w/ a staff member by either doing ;;help, or going to the 'Report a Player' section on Forums. Anyways, sucks to see you go. Take care!
  3. You get any key risking 0, 1m just makes 'common' keys less common, (AFAIK) - I make mills pking when I pk, any armour, any spec wep, so even if someone risks 0 in gear, you'd make money from keys/bm.
  4. Honestly, I dont see why not other than people just camping there for days.
  5. I'd say for the 'first run' have something along the lines of - 'Can't exceed barrows/godswords/etc...' considering a majority of the player base at the moment are new players who'd get squashed by people like Brizzy, Bacon, Knock Knock, and many others who hold gear like bandos, ancestral, ghrazi rapier, etc...
  6. Okay, the winners are; @Baconkiller5 @Knock Knock and whoever else is stacked w/ max gear.
  7. Wag3

    Am I cool yet????

    1. Deluxe


      there's always one smh

    2. Syndicate


      Hey, I want to be cool too okay??? 

  8. Hey guys, to encourage some of the new players to come out and pk, i'd like to host a PvP event for the following rewards; 1st place; 50m Cash or AGS + 10m @bologna 2nd place; 30m Cash @defis4nubs 3rd place; 20m Cash or Dharoks Set @wingdragon THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED!!!! For this event, you'd have to use ;;pvpmode and do ;;main to spawn gear to PvP in (Must use this preset, cannot exchange anything - spec/food/etc...) How to get into PvPMode The Gear; When? It will be held on Sunday, the 6'th of January at 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (8 PM Gametime I think, not sure...) Hope to see everyone there!!! PLEASE COMMENT UR IGN IF YOU'RE PARTICIPATING!!!!! (If you want to add some additional rewards for this, feel free to PM me in-game @ Demonize)
  9. Welcome to the Indova. First to answer your CC question - Syndicate CC = anyone IMC (Not sure if they're still around) - Ironmen Community and DW CC = Ppl who are good at pvm But anyways, hope to see you around in game ^^ if you need any help feel free to pm me - Demonize. Hope you enjoy the game!
  10. I feel some people would, me for example, also - referring to tank events they're rare af to see anyways so I feel if it were to be added people would donate to try and get some going. But thats what I think, hope others have some input.
  11. Yo, My suggestions; You can set events to be automatically activated on 12:00 AM Saturday and will Automatically turn off on 11:59 PM Sunday, these events will consist of 1.5x Blood Money increase and 1.5x chance increase of a Wilderness key. I personally feel this will increase PvP activity a little bit on those 2 days. also; Have a seperate Well of Goodwill for Wilderness events. Example; Certain % to make it 1.5x Bm Certain % to make it 2.0x Bm Certain % to make it 1.5x chance for key Certain % to make it 2.0x chance for key Certain % to spawn 1x Tank Monster Certain % to spawn 3x Tank Monsters. Certain % to increase wilderness boss drop rate by X amount. To start the well it must donate; 25k or 40k Blood Money - or something like that and the events from Well of Goodwill and this one will be shown seperate! This will also make a Blood Money sink.. Any and all feedback would be appreciated ^^

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