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  1. To be fair..... same... My RNG is shit.
  2. Hey guys, I was just trying to find out whether or not I should put the time into these vids or not. Tell me your thoughts about the following ideas; 5 or 10 hours of barrows runs. 5 or 10 hours of Zulrah Loot from 50 TOB or Cox Thanks for reading this!
  3. If it's like the raids storage, that'd be cool. It's practically already coded aswell. (AFAIK) Support.
  4. We've been trying to get more of our Leaders to start hosting events daily, but as for events right now, i'd say we have 1-2 every 2-3 days, usually GWD masses or Raid Masses. If you have anymore questions for me, please reach me on our Clan Discord: https://discord.gg/JxrMrU7 - I stepped down as Clan Leader last night, and quit the server for the time being. ^^ If you need to know anything message either of the new leaders, which you can find here: @C R I M and @Baconkiller5
  5. Hi... Please provide all feedback if possible. Wilderness; Add PvP weapons/Armours to certain bosses, example. Revanants (lvl 80+) have a chance to drop all of the items at a rate of 1/3000 - or - Chaos Ele, Callisto, Venenatis, Vetion have a drop rate of 1/1500. Thus bringing more activity into the wilderness and at the same time bringing more items in game that provide a more interesting way to pk/kill monsters. (It's in DMM which is technically OSRS) (Vesta statius zuriels etc...) Last Man Standing Bring in OSRS Last Man Standing and have WOGW events for LMS such as; winner of LMS will recieve a reward of: 50m GP (Or anything really) - 10 mboxes. This will bring traffic into the server (IMO) - have it activated by G-Mod+ on weekends at specific times when it's peak time for server. PvP Tournaments: Like most servers have, a tournament where it sends you into a room of sorts and automatically gears everyone up in the same gear be it; Dharoks, Zerker, Hybrid, Tribrid and then pairs people 1v1 until theres 1 person left and that person wins a reward (Chosen by Admin/Owner hosting). Add Potions + Food to General Shop Add the following to shops; DDS P++ Monkfish Prayer Potions (4) Ability to buy (x) amount of an item instead of 250 at a time. Fix Dragon Mace Spec (Doesn't work)
  6. Theres been others, but it was imbedded somewhere in the middle of the Video, such as the clue scroll one, i talked @ the moments I got third age or Gilded. Lols.
  7. Hey guys, this is something new that I was suggested to try. hope you enjoy - comment your IGN (ON THE VIDEO) for a chance to win the bp.. Gl.
  8. I believe he means have an option "repair all" instead of going through BOTH of the dialogues for untradeables and barrows.
  9. Redone, give it a look
  10. Or just allow PvP mode @ Dzone and POH.
  11. Breaking the Clan Rules will result in being periodically or permanently removed from the Clan Chat. You can read the rules here; Best of Luck on Indova!

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