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  1. PvPmode Items are dead content, so remove them. Aslong as you're allowed to set your Combat stats and use REGULAR runes in ;;pvpmode, it'll not change anything.
  2. Hey guys, i'd love to know what kind of PVP Tournament you would love to participate in, out of the following categories. 1. Pure Brid -Removed- 2. Max Rune (PVPMODE Set) 3. Max Brid (PVPMODE Set) 4. No armour (MAX) using DDS Also, Should there be a 'fee' to enter the PVP Tourney and then the winner takes it all? Or just a set prize for it all. Vote in the poll, thank you a lot for taking your time to read this! If anyone wants to donate any prizes; feel free to PM Syndicate or The Reaper! Thank you.. IF there is a PVP Event, it'll be held on Saturday the 11'th at aprox 11 AM PST!
  3. Well, it depends if we have tiers for it or not. Ex. If we have tiers The Deadly - 100 Kills The Annihilator - 500 Kills The King of the Wilderness (OR something simplified) 1000? or 2000. Alot more can be thought for kills in between 100 and 5000 at every ~250? IF we don't have tiers, make it purchasable from the BM shop for like 200k-500k.
  4. Kk, time for me to apply! >:)
  5. Hey, the title explains it all. Guess a number between 1 and 100 and the closest one by May 5'th 12:00 PM PST will recieve a Toxic Blowpipe! Best of luck.. NUMBER GENERATED: 45 Rules: DO NOT guess a number that's already been chosen. If a number that is chosen gets chosen again, the person who chose it the 2nd time will NOT be able to participate unless the number is changed!
  6. Hi, Glad to have ya. K, bye.
  7. Cash stack was aprox 80m when everything sold (Not Bm).
  8. Yeah, this is one I don't agree with considering you can have MAX gear, like I always do and always hold said title meaning i'd always be on x2 BM/Keys and can just fight ppl in rune all day therefore never dying. Don't agree with this also, removing PVP events would kill the little activity wilderness already has, and adding 2.0 Multiplier for revs would just bring a LOT more blood money into the games even further destroying its demand, which already doesn't exist.
  9. Enjoy a no effort needed made vid, cos I got lazy to do 10k revs. Total loot worth aprox. 180m-200m. Ez
  10. It's an RSPS, People go to rsps to PK (In a lot of cases) and making money VIA pking has always been added on most services. But I do see what you're saying.
  11. My dude lolol 1.5k-1.7k revs = 10+ hours I cba
  12. I have failed, I gave up at 3,000. Posting loot on Youtube rn. and giving away the BM i got. ;p
  13. Referring to the Ironman part - I'm pretty sure they can remove the ability for ironmen to buy certain items, therefore keeping them strictly for people who want to buy it either to sell it, or use it for PVP. We will not have a pking community, if all items that are widely used in PVP are only obtainable through buying em from other players instead of a way to earn them by pking. That being said, yes pking can bring in GP (Via Keys, or loot from players, but loot from players is usually PVP gear which doesn't drop). But that's my opinion.
  14. What's your reasoning for AGS not to be added to BM shop? The current price of the AGS is ~15m, maybe even 10m now, always used for PVP, for pures and pkers would give beginners a way to get it if they couldn't afford it GP wise.
  15. You were attacking me while I was pvming, wym I wont 1v1. 😂 Yes, 90% of the server dont pk because there is no reason for them to do so. Pvp wont grow on any server if its untouched. Additions to BM shop because BM is becoming worthless and impossible to sell.

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