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  1. I didn't like the white at first but I've gotten used too it now. I like it.
  2. Thanks for the positive feedback, glad to see you around skilling! Hope you enjoy your stay
  3. I didn't mean to flex it, it just happened to be in my inventory :p Thanks!
  4. I agree on making the death timer longer but I don't think it should be 60 minutes.
  5. My luck has been on fire lately! Wooooo
  6. An increase in the drop rate and amount received would be nice.
  7. Glad I didn't have to grind it for that long I wonder how long it'll take me for magic fang now.
  8. Interesting stories here! Too bad I have none to tell
  9. Always lucky with the pets s m h congrats! :p
  10. Nice video! Congratulations to the winners from the previous one, and good luck to the future winners!

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