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  1. Thanks I did keep in untrimmed thanks! Thanks sir
  2. Welcome to Indova! Best of luck with your account.
  3. Love this update. Thanks Tom!
  4. Welcome to Indova. We're glad you made an introduction post! Hope to see some gains
  5. The ironmen are taking over! Congratulations on your items!
  6. You have been voted off the island. *kuto throws off broodoo mask and torches the village*
  7. Congratulations Skillen, well deserved! I posted my application a while back
  8. I'm only 82 Mining on 5x and I've received maybe 120 nuggets, I don't see how that's fast seeing as on 1x experience it would be 600k~ exp which sounds about right compared to OSRS. No support.
  9. - I support this, it would be beneficial. - I support this if we can get one for ::dskills as well - I don't support this, it would devalue a lot of Herblore. - This really doesn't matter to me because it only take a few more seconds to fill the pots when I do my farm runs. - No support from this. - I know this was something that bugged me on my regular account so I support this. - You can just right click any item and see sigmunds buy price, so no support from me.
  10. I find this inferno a lot easier to practice on compared to any others, it's only the level 3 waves of inferno so it's not like it's taking you hours to do. If you do, just re-supply quickly and pop back in. It's nice to learn.
  11. Best of luck with your application but you should post it here
  12. best of luck with your youtube career!

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