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  1. After you first deposit your grubs at thieving room, you no longer get points for next deposits. These updates are really good though, been looking forward for them!
  2. What would make it more fun for you? I personally think with the stat increase, it'll include an increase in bosses their hitpoints, that point boost will give alot of fun, doing a tough raid for a ton of points which will result in more uniques. edited OP with additional benefit (+1 olm phase for CM raids, increasing points per raid)
  3. Didn't didn't think of a killcount requirement. Would be fair in my opinion. I'd love to hear opinions on that aswell. Rather than straight going to the tougher raid that gives extra chances of uniques, you'd need killcount, which most likely people would receive items in to upgrade their gear for challenge mode raids. also edited OP with an alternative of an increase drop rate for the dust rather than removing it
  4. The Chambers of Xeric's Challenge Mode is a Chambers of Xeric raid with increased difficulty. Here, players will encounter all possible bosses and rooms within the Chambers, with their combat stats increased. All the monsters within possess no new mechanics. In order to attempt a Challenge Mode raid, party leaders must select the "Challenge Mode" box when forming a party. Unlike the normal raid, a Challenge Mode raid is linear and contains three levels of rooms rather than the two normal levels that are randomly generated, with the final boss being the Great Olm: Top level: Tekton, Jewelled Crabs, scavenger beasts, ice demon, lizardman shamans, resource room Middle level: Vanguards, thieving room, scavenger beasts, Vespula, resource room, tightrope room Lower level: Guardians, Vasa Nistirio, scavenger beasts, skeletal mystics, muttadiles, resource room Possible rewards, benefits (benefit for points per raid) additional olm phase, perhaps could add the Olm scaling aswell for regular raids (1-7 3 phases 7-14 4 phases, 21+ 5 phases) (benefit) would help people who are bored of scouting raids, as the raids are linear. Extra supply reward slot (could also be added as a donation benefit) Small increased chance to receive Olmlet Drop rate bonus effecting the chest if completed in certain time limit, depending on team size (would suggest making it difficult to solo it, making it a team effort) Metamorphic dust removed from regular raids, only being able to received from challenge mode raids (or 1/200 rather than 1/400 to receive it from challenge mode raids) 1/45 chance to receive Onyx from Tekton I'd love to hear more from the community, opinions, possible rewards, even people who done challenge mode on OSRS and feels would could be done better on Indova so we can skip the tedious parts of it on OSRS.
  5. I like your small QoL updates. The broadcasts, vote book suggestion, chance of noting your ores, etc. I also think the slayer skipping is a good money sink and shouldn't be touched for now.
  6. I don't think items in economy will drop in price entirely. Only thing I could think of is commonly received raids items, 1/128's like dragon boots and perhaps whips, however, I think whips are in demand and highly sought after. And you have to remember that not alot of people play the other ironman game modes. Possibly the duo ironmen that have lost their partner, but I'm not aware of the conditions on duo's and drop trading. UIMs need to have their inventory managed and end-game UIMs probably just got rid of their duplicates from example Godwars as it was worth nothing to their account.
  7. Yesss! I was surprised I couldn't use cannon at corporeal beast when I was trying to crossbow it.
  8. Alright, I believe any items dropped by any Ironman mode should appear for regular players.
  9. I haven't had to drop items over yet when I played regular ironman but I believe they do it through the wilderness, kill the ironman for the item they want to have on their normal account. Currently anyone paying HCIM can't exchange their items to their normal account.
  10. Every ironman mode should have the ability to drop items over to other accounts, putting duplicates they receive into the economy instead of hoarding them in their banks. Currently Hardcore Ironman have no way of dropping items over, meaning their duplicate items just sit in their banks.
  11. Simple MVP system based on who has less deaths in Theatre of Blood, receiving a higher chance to a purple chest. If the Threatre of Blood run was deathless a slight increase in drop rate (1/10), can counter with every death adding a point to the entire team being less likely to receive a drop. For example: 3-man Theatre of Blood team with 2 players both dying, one person receiving no death. The drop rate would be 1/14 instead of 1/12, an unique (purple) is rolled and the person who had no deaths is more likely to receive the unique in his name. If no-one dies the MVP of the raid is rolled between the players in the team, randomly. Decided not to take who did most damage into account because it would take a lot longer to code.
  12. Group ironman, Poggers. I'd love that.
  13. It's both pvm and pvp content, should be good for PKers and PVM'ers. Even if there'll be no PKers, people will still gain something by PVM'ing.
  14. The konar drop table is kind of an extra drop table for supply drops, I mean it's extra cash for mains but it is especially good for ironman mode. You don't want to have clue items, slayer items or any uniques from monsters there.

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