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  1. The konar drop table is kind of an extra drop table for supply drops, I mean it's extra cash for mains but it is especially good for ironman mode. You don't want to have clue items, slayer items or any uniques from monsters there.
  2. Thank you guys! I feel honored
  3. Accepted, we might have to teach you a few things, I'm unaware of that, but I think I've raided with you in the past. I can't tell if you can raid or not. No-one has come to me about you aswell, but I've been told you do duo tobs every now and then. I'll give you benefit of the doubt, my discord tag is Pacmale#6375 message me.
  4. I will accept you, however, I suggest going for an infernal cape, it's a good update for your gear. PM me on discord!
  5. Accepted. I've done plenty of Chambers of Xerics with you, very relaxed player to raid with.
  6. NPCs drop noted 2nds. I'm used to training it the ironman way, isn't bad at all. Running from shop to bank is quicker though. The NPCs drop 2nds pretty frequently, noted. Just a tip from my side, do low level slayer, gather any 2nds, train herblore that way. When you reach your point streak, do a wilderness task. This way you get alot of slayer points and 2nds. I don't think there should be noted in the store, though.
  7. I voted for custom content, sounds cool having 200m capes and pets with perks. However my second choice would have been the reworking clan system, sounds interesting aswell.
  8. Pacmale

    Stupit update

    This was changed with Chamber's of Xeric's release to make range more realistic. A bit of an off topic tip: use long range on your trident mage phase of Zulrah, you'll stay clear out of the toxic.
  9. Pacmale

    Stupit update

    You can still use a regular whip and lose out on one max hit. Tentacle is still good for things that you can profit from, hell, you even profit using it for regular slayer with the coins you get per task. A magic spell should cost runes, just like any other spells. A tentacle is more useful than rapier in various situations just like the rapier being better for something over a tentacle. A big benefit from using rapier is that you don't have to add charges and gives slightly more dps. If you can't afford that, you should use a regular whip. If you can afford to buy multiple whips and don't mind losing out on some profit, use tentacle. I mean 10,000 charges is alot, you shouldn't lose out on too much money, you'll probably break even if you don't use it for bossing. It's better for the economy in my opinion to have degradeables. Especially if we grow in the future, it'll be nice to see items still having value to them.
  10. Support. Would be nice crafting experience for either ironman or mains.
  11. Pacmale

    Stupit update

    I'm yay on this one because you can't have free trident spells it should cost money. Why use the staff of sanguinesti if you can use a trident of swamp without any costs attached to it. Why use the Ghrazi rapier if you can use a tentacle without losing charges. A tentacle whip is a really good and cheap alternative, it should have a penalty, same with trident.
  12. Accepted, didn't raid with you in a while so had to make sure yesterday by taking you on a raid, mid-raid I realised it was clear you had experience with Chambers of Xerics and I look forward to teaching you ToB! I've sent you an invite on discord
  13. Thanks for the update, glad to see you've figured out an more accurate ToB drop rate

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