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  1. It's definitely not too op you are risking your bones for extra exp and it may also help boost wildy activity
  2. All good suggestions lets hope they don't go to waste
  3. Willi

    House tabs

    They aren't really necessary but I don't care if they get added however you said you get crashed at corp, maybe because you do it to everyone else You can also buy an instance
  4. In regards to your first point, I am refering to the table that is specific just for the dominion zone rather than boosting the drop rate of items from the bosses and yes I forgot about the thieving room my bad. This table has a rate of 1/500
  5. To verify, I did mean that the gilded altar bonus should be added to the chaos altar I'd say add a roll of the table as a 1/50 - 1/100 chance unless there is currently multiple rolls to hit it. Add mystic gloves to infernal mages for 1/100 The elf teleport scrolls are the only scrolls in clues so they are kind of out of place anyway plus it sets people back from obtaining a crystal shield if they don't have any scrolls
  6. I see that, I just hope drop rate % boosts don't get out of hand because regular items such as zulrah uniques are getting quite common due to all the bonuses we are getting.
  7. It was Zammy in particular that I noticed it on
  8. I've heard from multiple people that the defence is higher in the minigame and also felt like it when I was doing it too. Could still be wrong just going off what I'm told and I have only done a few runs of it because of bugs etc.
  9. There have been things broken for a while in the game that haven't been fixed and general QOL updates that don't get picked up on or suggested so here is a list that may help in making the server better. Cox Purple Light (I heard something about this not being possible but I don't know what it was exactly) Zamorak/Armadyl Reworks again (I don't think everything should have to be the same as osrs so I think overall defences should be lowered) Charged item placeholders Coffer at the new minigame area Mystic gloves added somewhere else than jellies and imps for medium clues Donator drop rate boost removed and global event added for additional drop rate Herbi added to fossil island to add more content with birdhouses Arclight buff/Slayer helm stack Enable Sire again Slightly lower drop rate on all visages Add hespori, seed vault, farm contracts and Twisted Bow spawn (Farm-able secondaries) Add rev weapons and/or emblems to wildy bosses to give an incentive to kill them Lower the rate of the new minigame drop table Stackable clue caskets Elf camp teleport added to the teleport menu Blast Furnace Add correct bonuses for the wilderness chaos altar when using bones on it Add Harmony Island, Trollheim, Weiss and hosidius herb patches into the game and into the teleport menu with all of them being disease free Add instances to boss rooms such as gwd, kbd, smoke devil and kq for a fee of like 200k per hour Add the new shamans area with 2 in each of the seperate compartments Add the raids qol updates they did in osrs, making ice demon faster by giving more than 1 log per tree cut Disable spinners in pest control when the party size is >3 Ability to use enchantment scroll on trident of swamp and seas to make it the enchanted version which can hold 20k charges (edit) Another point I wanted to bring up was the lack of testing for the new updates that come into the game for example the new minigame that was added is broken and you end up losing your items, the defences of the monsters are way too high and overall is a bad experience. Whether this is the testers themselves or the time you guys allocate for testing I don't know but it is just how I see it. Thanks for reading anyway if you have anything to add comment it below and I will add it to this list and anything you don't like please comment and tell me why.
  10. Things always change, if everything wasn't changed to keep the game fair nothing would ever change.
  11. I don't see why not, make tob a dangerous death too
  12. It's about the quantity of the items you get and the usefulness of the items on the table, on osrs you get iron ore and lobsters on here you would get rune bars and addy bars. 100-150 rubies is better than 25-35 that osrs has.

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