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  1. We don't live forever, does that mean we shouldn't live
  2. Very fun for people that spent thousands of hours
  3. We don't need custom content at all they just need to keep up with osrs
  4. Don't think this is the custom content the server needs.
  5. The drop rates aren't what killed the server at all, the player count was at its all time high when the drop rates we're close to osrs. When the server started to die they lowered the rates which didn't help.
  6. Because they can't take negative feedback
  7. So we're just gonna sit here and watch the server go down to 5 players concurrent? With nobody knowing if we're gonna see any changes soon. Theres been a lot of people sat at home for days/weeks contemplating whether they want to continue playing or quit because of the lack of content and it's really sad to see because this is one of the best osrs rsps' out there and we don't wanna see it die like this after people putting in so many hours.
  8. I feel as if people need to know when this is going to happen, many people talk about quitting due to the activity of staff members and how often the server is being updated and what is being added on said updates which isn't much. The last major content update was dmz.
  9. Willi


    Herbiboar, check the link I provided.
  10. Willi


    We currently have birdhouses on fossil island but we're missing herbiboar which you can hunt for good exp and some herbs, I'm suggesting this because there are some people who don't max including me because they don't enjoy hunter on indova and I think herbi would solve that and make it more enjoyable and less of a grind. https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Herbiboar
  11. Any info yet? I've slowly seen the player base dwindle with no one saying anything
  12. It's been a little while since I've seen anything said about the custom raids 3 or any new big content updates, is there any news on whether we will be seeing zalcano, gauntlet and raids 3?
  13. Why would the anger spear be better than zammy
  14. Now that we can buy x on chaos runes, no

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