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  1. A few weeks ago on the OSRS Dev stream there was a great idea to use spare Vorkath heads as payment to fight Galvek again for a chance of a transmog that would turn the Vorkath pet into Galvek. Would love to see this make its way to Indova even if it never comes to OSRS.
  2. Maybe a small buff, nothing too drastic. Although the argument that less deaths should yield a better chance of a rare drop is valid, as peri stated it is far too easy to intentionally kill a team mate. The main problem we currently face is that of our relatively small player base, a fraction of it actually does ToB, that coupled with a large amount of ironmen on the server, means less rewards are floating around in the economy. Supply=/= demand. Perhaps the answer would be slightly buff the drop rates and gradually tweak them over time as the player base grows.

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