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  1. Lol. 15m for ags is cheap as hell for easy pk spec weapon. There is a need for pvmers to sell items to pkers. There has to be balance for both communities. If pvp is too strong in this way for blood money store, then there is no reason for pvmers to raid and sell their raid uniques. Pking isn't a massive profit method nor should it be, unless you are risk fighting bank. This is all I'm going to reply. No support on claws, ags, or elite void getting added to the bm store.
  2. Basing an item needed being added to shop based on price is dumb. The only reason why the price is that low is due to us not having a pking community. Ags is one of the best spec weapons in the game. I would rather not add it and it to become easy to obtain. If we ever do gain a pker base it would be way too easy to obtain, plus irons could buy ags to get godsword blade instead of needing to grind for it.
  3. No support on any of these getting added to bm store. Claws should only be coming from raids, if you wanta suggest drop rate be improved that a whole other converstation. Achievement points would be worthless if elite void was added somewhere else.
  4. Kinda feel like you should've just commented on kiyoshis post instead of starting a whole new thread. Would be much easier for developers if all of these were in one place. This should not be known. There were issues in the past with the stats with flux regarding knowing how many of an item existed.
  5. Bandit

    House tabs

    No support. Legit you can hold enter and tp to remmington, or any hone portal in no time. Your xp rate is kinda your choice. Spec isn't something that would make you do less damage at corp. 1. Vengeance does not stack as personal damage. 2. Getting a slayer task, guarantees you more dps.
  6. No support. If you're that worried you can bring a dragon defender instead, or you can use an instanced version of corp where you can buy back your items for 1m. You can also bank it inbetween kills since you only are using it for specing and not for the whole fight.
  7. I agree and support most of these changes/qol. Couple of additions for some: I feel like the donator+xp bonus+ minigame bonus is a lot, I've done 46 ish of keree, kraken, mole, and zulrah. 1 godsword shard, 1 hilt and 1 magic fang. Note i only have xp bonus plus 5-6% minigame bonus. Idk i kinda wanta test more. I would like to add on this somehow improving thieving room to need less per solo. Currently its like 65 worms on a solo, should be 50 according to osrs. Making this lower would make scouting a bit better.
  8. This community has honestly grown a lot since the beginning nearly a year ago. I used to have very strong feelings one the community that they were extremely trolly and really everyong was out for their own goals. There are a lot of great people around in this community, that commit tons of time to this game. People come and go throughout the game. Some come back, some disappear forever. To the staff @Tom- You have been very dedicated to this server since day 1. I understand your working on side things and life, but hands down best coded server overall (cox light soon btw). @Deluxe you always continue to show me what makes you so great. You've learned a ton in the past couple of years, soon i could see you running brownscape rsps. @Flux- miss my mom. I know you do a ton behind the scenes. Just wish i had some more juice dms in-game from ya. @Ayanami- always been the biggest grinder i know. Know your huge behind the scenes. Miss you get back on the pet grind. @Peri-start selling ur items wantabe ironman. Keep playing and grinding your way to the most insane bank the world has seen. Nice claw btw. @Ruler17- bandos btw. @Mat PvMs-toxic. To community leaders @slicey-keep being who you are the community needs someone like you. @hc gutta and @pac- thanks for creating a community for hardcore grinders - rooler dying at bandos. @KBAC- the realest of real grinders. @Kuto- ezsnek btw @Arma- grinder/kc tryhard. Don't u dare try to quit again. @box and @lean- nice uim btw. These are just a few of the people and staff that have shaped the game the past year. Cheers. Onto year 2.
  9. Was already suggested the night it came out. Tom has been messing with a couple different interfaces already.
  10. Lol. Drop trading is allowed on osrs. Fyi. They even made it so you can place items on tables so you could do giveaways ( dropping an item wouldn't appear for hours since the disconnect prevention the osrs added). Ironmen don't gain normal players items from drop trading. I would much rather me getting a dup bcp giving it away to someone like a new player vs it just getting deleted from the game at sigmund.
  11. Lmao a person going to stake under combat is 1. Not very experienced in staking. 2. Hasn't played the game enough to understand combat mechanics. Its not hard to make a x150 account to stake on and have the same advantages as another player. Two maxed 126 players is the same random rng as clicking a button for flower poker. No people being lazy in duel and not checking rules causes scams in duel arena. If you arent willing read and check rules then you shouldn't be staking. As I already stated, you don't need to add a whole new system to make an easier way of gambling when there are two options which work perfectly fine. Pk risk fights are an option for two people to show their ability. People who don't like that can use duel arena. Its not hard to have a fair duel arena stake. Yeah thats called getting addicted to gambling like most do. I would much rather show a younger generation of rs players that you can have fun with the whole game pvm pk skilling vs just gaining everything you own from gambling.
  12. Risk fighting and duel arena is enough for peoples gambling needs. I would not like dicing or fp due tothe zero requiremente and effort to gamble. You can dig through archives of the same suggestion for more of an explanation, The main bulk of the community don't want people to join just to play a hour and quit.
  13. Any point of spilting the community would do more harm then good. No support.
  14. Not sure what you guys are talking about. Currently corps stats do not reset like osrs with teleporting out. If the stats reset then corp would be back to full health everytime you teleport out. You can normaly kill a single corp just with 3 dwh specs with 5 karambanws and the rest anglers. Make sure you are praying protect from meleee and wearing karils+ magic defense gear.

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