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  1. That's from crab room. I always do ice demon room because you always can get 100%.
  2. I'll do a non commentary video of olm next time that's really the hardest part.
  3. Reminder to do your daily solo raids.
  4. The celebrity of the server returns. Chief and Katie must've voted you off toxic island again.
  5. These really need to be balanced out better to give more information about each player. Chillix is nice in game, but also he always is willing to donate to the well of good will as soon as the cooldown is up. Slicey knows a ton about the game, which has lead him to be on the qa team and has "staff quality". I do not know acoustic or I would try to give more detail about him. Just seems very one sided in player descriptions still.
  6. Carrying ruler on another team smh....
  7. Honestly I don't see a system being made of loyalty shop. If anything I think that a voting streak would be nice. Voting streaks would give slightly more vote points and minute xp the longer day streak. Pros: Would encourage players to vote every 12 hours. Could bring more players to the server. Helps indova rise on vote toplists. Cons: Vote points might get scaled too high and would make having too many. Same with exp. Honestly if it was done right it would help us climb vote ranks, which should bring more players to the server. Some of the things you mentioned for the loyalty store could get added to the vote store which already exists. Some of the rarer items in vote store could be raised in price. My general idea would be every 10 vote streak (player votes every 12 hours buying votes doesn't count towards streak) the points could get increased like 100 vote points and an extra 1 minute 30 seconds for exp multiplier.
  8. Clues legit take under 5 minutes to do and give free items. It's not that hard and doesn't require money to do you pretty much get free shit for walking around for under 5 minutes. If new players dont wanta do clues and such they legit could skill for 5 minutes and buy the items.
  9. No, until this is added in osrs official I say no, the weapons dont degrade and would take over best in slot for everything. Dmm is way different then normal osrs. This would pretty much become what vestas was on the previous server. This is already dead content on osrs. I would say no seeing that there is other stuff that needs done. Agreed. Would have more people practice and want to be "the best". Legit do clues. Clues are extremely easy for good food, super sets, prayer pots. Doing 10 mediums would be like 500+ fish, 50-70 super sets, and close to 150 prayer pots. I mean this isnt a huge deal also it prevents having someone have like 15m death runes and other items.
  10. I think that it was a bit confusion when the x5 increased Xeric point was released lots of irons wanted the lower xp rate to gain that advantage in raids. From my thinking, I dont think anyone wanted x150 uim irons or hci. I think keeping a minimum rate of x30 iron x15 hci and x5 uim should've been in place. I personally preferred the set rate x5 for uim its good enough for a challenge, but not x1 craziness. The high scores are all weird too which is kinda sad. I liked uim being a set rate, however if the different xp rates stay there needs to be the minimum rates that was mentioned before
  11. I mean quests are fun and all, but most people play private servers to avoid the time it takes to unlock requirements, them just the general time of completing quests. I think some is fine but I'm not wanting to do one small favor to unlock lunar spellbook. No support from me.
  12. Kinda would change the game big time for hci meta. A hci could start x15 get 87 slayer get trident and whip then switch to x5. Idk maybe it's just me that thinks it would mess up hci on item tiers and when you get the higher tier items.
  13. Considering its from a completely different set of server code. I doubt it would be possible to custom code this. This server is based on osrs code, not pre eoc code. Same reasoning as to why soulsplit/curses/nex sets/summoning would not get added.
  14. Alch the ags no balls. Then buy the only elder maul in-game and alch that too.
  15. I've had this done for awhile now, but forgot to record and post it. Notable loots:

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