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  1. I don't see a problem with making it cheaper, however off the top of my head idk how much it costs to charge it. Alternatively, Slayer dart is normally better cause it costs less runes and hits about the same. That or just train up to trident and use that.
  2. This is honestly fishing in general any of the higher tier fishing, karambanws, sharks, angler fish are 350 ish a hour. I also would like to see all of these rates increased. For karambanws though I honestly suggest doing like 20 meduim clues you will end up with tons of karambanws.
  3. You can get them quite easily though. Legit you can camp kbd, vork, dragon imps, if none of those appeal to you, you can also kill revs for artifacts which will give you bloood money which the store currently has dragon darts.
  4. Meant to be random since you buy skilling points at much lower rate. No support.
  5. Bandit

    Boss nerfs

    Zammy really sucks if you try the osrs method. Ask a couple of people to show you and they can. Bandos you always kill the mage minion whenever he spawns.
  6. Congrats to the nominations. My vote this month has to go to golden.
  7. Wouldn't events like this completely counter act the purpose of the item sink? I think events and the well is fine as is. You couuld easily make most of the well fee from a little thieving. I'm not a fan of this idea. No support.
  8. No support, people would legit just afk there till 200m never logging out. Make it some work for people to get 99's/200m combats.
  9. You told me if I keep asking for stuff I would get banned like @Kuto
  10. Dont change my looting bag I dont want it to break
  11. Bandit

    200 iq

    @C R I Mhas been grinding zammy pet for awhile now. Got lots of zammy spear drops. Hydra released today osrs, for dragonhunter lace which needs zammy spears. Indova gets hydra in a month or so. C R I M makes bank. Ezclap
  12. Arma gets my vote. You see very few people solo tob so many times. Good luck to everyone.
  13. Bandit

    Motm canidates

    I felt like making a post about possible motm candidates from december. Here's my list and reasoning for who I think should be up for motm voting. Baconkiller- dude is nearly always on, pvming of some sort or just talking through yell. Is one of the most dedicated pvmers on the server as he chases boss pets down. Crimm- is another person who pvms a ton. I think he has also been pet hunting similar to bacon. Is friendly to new players, giving items and new stuff to new players. Arma- another amazing pvmer on the server solo's tob on the daily. Last I heard he had completed 120 solo tob runs. Normally replies to PMS and can help you with pvm advice. Box-first maxed uim, beat meyer, Jorge, and myself to this feat. Shows a lot of dedication to finish that. Also constantly pvming and being talkative in the community. If you care to share your opinion post below.

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