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  1. I didn't mention anything even assuming about this. You are ranting just to rant. 90% of your reply was nonesense. Was never staff so calling me a staff member is pointless. Congrats on demmanding high prices on every high tier items, pretty much forcing people to gamble you to try to get the item to sell to the community for reasonable prices. I'm not going to bother reading another one of your 2 paragraph rants. Keep that in mind if you reply.
  2. You're attacking and blaming everything on ironmans, get over it. If people want to play that way then they can. Irons are allowed to drop items that appear to other players on osrs. You posting a screenshot and saying thats how osrs does it is 100% not true. On osrs you can drop items on tables and just regular drop them to appear for other players. This is how many ironmen pay for bonds for their accounts on osrs. I know this from having an osrs iron. I'm honestly sick of you blaming indova even needing a rebrand on irons alone. Private servers aren't going to be crazy successful when the live game is getting consistent updates, quests, mini-games. Ask 90% of the people who have quit indova from staff team members to the dw cc. They all are playing osrs because its more worth their time, then getting eco and character wiped on a private server that is a little over a year old.
  3. Gunna be a bit, corp for the last couple months has burnt me out. Gunna stick to some raids/bandos/arma for now.
  4. Yh pretty much, i had just finished catching 10k anglers earlier this week.
  5. So I finally got lucky on one single corp task. Within a few kills this happened.
  6. Couple of fixes; remove all the secondaries. They are way to easy to obtain. To even be on here. the fish should be moved to common you can fish 50 anglers way quicker then it being very rare. The fish can be moved to uncommon for 150-200. Add rune, addy ore/ bars under common or uncommon 150-200. Remove all the armors from uncommon. All of them are easy to get. Dragonstones should be added 150-200 under one of the tables. Molten glass should be added instead of air orbs. Rune essence and gold ore should be removed. Dragon ammunition should be moved to rare, replace with rune amunition under uncommon. Uncut onyx should be ultra rare, same with infinity robes. Rev ether, and zulrah scales ahould be very rare, demi boss and zulrah is an actual boss. Thats all i can think of atm
  7. No one will ever break my 8.4k dwh now... hopefully.... Kinda shocked no corp changes when all the other high tier bosses and tob got changes on drop rate.
  8. Bandit

    UIM Death Cost

    Yh what crim said use the dom tower coffer. its like 2 slayer tasks to store 1m. not much of an issue.
  9. Lol. 15m for ags is cheap as hell for easy pk spec weapon. There is a need for pvmers to sell items to pkers. There has to be balance for both communities. If pvp is too strong in this way for blood money store, then there is no reason for pvmers to raid and sell their raid uniques. Pking isn't a massive profit method nor should it be, unless you are risk fighting bank. This is all I'm going to reply. No support on claws, ags, or elite void getting added to the bm store.
  10. Basing an item needed being added to shop based on price is dumb. The only reason why the price is that low is due to us not having a pking community. Ags is one of the best spec weapons in the game. I would rather not add it and it to become easy to obtain. If we ever do gain a pker base it would be way too easy to obtain, plus irons could buy ags to get godsword blade instead of needing to grind for it.
  11. No support on any of these getting added to bm store. Claws should only be coming from raids, if you wanta suggest drop rate be improved that a whole other converstation. Achievement points would be worthless if elite void was added somewhere else.
  12. Kinda feel like you should've just commented on kiyoshis post instead of starting a whole new thread. Would be much easier for developers if all of these were in one place. This should not be known. There were issues in the past with the stats with flux regarding knowing how many of an item existed.
  13. Bandit

    House tabs

    No support. Legit you can hold enter and tp to remmington, or any hone portal in no time. Your xp rate is kinda your choice. Spec isn't something that would make you do less damage at corp. 1. Vengeance does not stack as personal damage. 2. Getting a slayer task, guarantees you more dps.
  14. No support. If you're that worried you can bring a dragon defender instead, or you can use an instanced version of corp where you can buy back your items for 1m. You can also bank it inbetween kills since you only are using it for specing and not for the whole fight.

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