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  1. Seperate pvm highscores for seperate gamemodes. Reduce the cost of imbued slayer helm to like 300/400 slayer points, i'm at 92 slayer on x15 and still don't have enough points to imbue my slay helm. Allow us to sell chaos/death runes to a tzhaar shop to gain tokkul for onyx, if u don't want to devalue the price of an onyx just make the chaos runes more expensive so you have a base price for onyx's Remove agility from the game Thx 4 coming to my ted talk
  2. This clan is honestly one of the better things about Indova. It's just nice to log in and have a chat with the bois. Everybodys pretty laid back so everybodys just having a great time. The generals and Syndicate himself organize a lot of events n shit which is nice if u want free money, and some people to boss with. A lot of people to pvm with in the clan aswell, if that's what you're looking for. Pking could use some improvement, but atleast you get immunity from me if you join the clan. Also ngl pking is picking up the pace rn so that'll probably be alive in a week or so. All in all really great clan to be in, feels good being a captain in it, and it has made me a lot of internet buddies. XoXo Cat

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