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  1. Prince Purple Rain Creation Gif
  2. You can now pick bananas from Karamja
  3. Ubba of the House Zoo, First of his Name, the Untamed, King of the Apes and @Frosty, Ubbs of the Great Banana Forest, Breaker of Cages, and Father of a Staff Support member. ~ My best experience is turning a blessed spirit shield into an anchovy pizza.
  4. The Time I Managed to Turn a Blessed Spirit Shield Into an Anchovy Pizza An Attempt by Flux to Start a Lynch Mob The Time I Allegedly Robbed the General Store Nami Being Nami First Ubba Pet In-game
  5. When you're peacefully training on rock crabs until somebody attempts to steal your stack..



  6. This Runecrafting Guide is Guaranteed under Ubba's Ribbon of Approval Before we start, some things you should know beforehand #1 ~ You can only carry 1 stack of 108 Fragments (27 Dark blocks) at any given time. In addition to the 1 stack of 108 Fragments you can also bring 27 EXTRA dark blocks to chisel and use on the altar after you've used the original stack of Fragments #2 ~ You can avoid using the teleport portal at home by spending 50,000 GP (per hour) and unlock quick teleports located at the bottom right of the chat box or by using Enter X2 Requirements 38 ~ & 77 ~ 73 ~ Step 1 Teleport Home and Follow the Trail Step 2 Buy a Pickaxe From Horvik Step 3 Buy a Chisel From Shop Keeper Step 4 Use the Portal at Home Skilling > Mining > Dense Essence Mine Step 5 SMASH THE BIG ROCK Step 6 Use the Portal at Home Skilling > Prayer > Dark Altar Step 7 Pray at the Altar This turns the Dense Essence Blocks into Dark Essence Blocks Step 8 Use the Chisel on The Dark Essence Blocks Step 9 Teleport back to the Dense Essence Mine and Use the Agility Shortcut & Follow the Trail to the Altar 73 Agility needed for the shortcut otherwise, teleport to the dark altar and run from there. Step 10 Click the Altar ~ End ~ Credits: @Frosty - Proof Reader
  7. My big handsome boy.

  8. Bananas


    1. Mod Frosty

      Mod Frosty

      Haha well said friend



    2. Anya


      Poor ubba, he is always on trial http://prntscr.com/j5o37e




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