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  1. Thanks Gutta. Glad to have joined with you at the same time and wish you the best.
  2. Woo thanks for your hard work
  3. The more people suggest it though, means that there is a big want from the community for this to possibly be a thing. I think in certain circumstances it can be a thing. I think if it were to be implemented, there should be a 30 day period in which you are unable to change - if the person doesn't log in 1 time during that 30 days then the change can go through.
  4. I think they could do with a small nerf - key being small. And that BM change Bacon, I fully agree.
  5. MonkeyB


    Woooo Glad to see you make to the forums Always a pleasure with you around man. As always Welcome and pm me anytime! I've taught my fair share of cox so if you're ready, lmk. Cheers!
  6. I support the special orb since it's something I have been thinking of suggesting myself - as well as the remembering last style used on weapon switches. I'm not sure how feasable this is via coding; I support this as well personally.
  7. Gz Ralts! Glad to be part of this team Thanks for the congrats!
  8. Yo my dude!!! GZZZZ I literally hopped outta bed to hop on and congrats you Super awesome achievement
  9. MonkeyB


    Welcome in Hope you're up for the challenge of UIM Glad to have you around!
  10. I'd be okay with like 30-50%. I also like it when I don't have to scroll down to read a post
  11. Woo! Gz @Peri 100% deserved. Congrats to @Mackmut nice 1 banana !
  12. MonkeyB


    I can get behind the scroll 100%

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