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  1. I support the special orb since it's something I have been thinking of suggesting myself - as well as the remembering last style used on weapon switches. I'm not sure how feasable this is via coding; I support this as well personally.
  2. Gz Ralts! Glad to be part of this team Thanks for the congrats!
  3. Yo my dude!!! GZZZZ I literally hopped outta bed to hop on and congrats you Super awesome achievement
  4. MonkeyB


    Welcome in Hope you're up for the challenge of UIM Glad to have you around!
  5. Gzz So glad you got it !!
  6. I'd be okay with like 30-50%. I also like it when I don't have to scroll down to read a post
  7. I think there needs to be more pking before we can make it exclusive to chests; as it stands only like 3 people would even have a chance at it and that's more of a deterrent than draw. I think Justin's suggestion could make some more people interested in PVP.
  8. Woo! Gz @Peri 100% deserved. Congrats to @Mackmut nice 1 banana !
  9. MonkeyB


    I can get behind the scroll 100%
  10. Thanks Ruler and Frosty. Ruler gonna miss your shenanigans Stay frosty, Frosty
  11. MonkeyB


    Gonna miss ya buddy; hope you have a blast moving forward!
  12. I can get behind this. My only thought would be this might cause help cc to turn much more off topic and make new players feel less able to ask for help - as the point of help cc is stated in the rules.

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