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  1. I would definitely be okay with a slight increase; specifically for ToB. Also Justin; tree seeds are your best friend. my first 99 on x5 was farming and it took me 2 days after I dropped. They give 330kish per health check and there are 5 of them. It's dope. I also am surprised to see that CoX is not affected. That's a surprise to me.
  2. Just wanna say that I think @Skillen should be recognized for his contributions to the community. Always incredibly helpful to anyone who asks, makes guides on the forums for others, and his dedication to the 200m grind. He's a big part of why I know as much as I do! Appreciate it
  3. Who are you!?!? never seen you before :O but that's okay <3 and I'm like always on hahahah! good luck everyone!
  4. MonkeyB

    Vote Shop

    Move the XP lamps to the vote store and lower the cost so its actually helpful, not a hindrance. 6k achieve for 50k experience is awful. I bet NO ONE buys that in the achieve store. What you guys think?
  5. Wooo! Can't believe I won... almost didn't enter! Thank you!!
  6. 10 tickets here: 3, 9, 23, 32, 49, 54, 61, 76, 82, 90
  7. This is awesomeness. Keep up the work! Love seeing your progress
  8. These changes are aweseome!. Excellent work guys
  9. This is awesome. Love seeing these stats! Cool watching the econ change too.

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