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  1. Looks like Peri was right. It definitely was your day. Awesome drops congratulations
  2. Really glad to hear you are having a good time man. Although this is quite late of an introduction welcome regardless
  3. Really nice to have a written out plan in front of you. Best of luck on all your future drops/pets!
  4. Hello everyone! Hope you have an excellent December!

  5. Sure. Don't see why not. It has a cap on how many you can claim within a set amount of time anyways so shouldn't be an issue.
  6. Series. When I get invested in the book I like there to lots of detail. When the story is good I just want to read more. I do not want to read something like 30 books although if good enough I will haha. However, I think for example, the Harry Potter books were great. Wouldn't have minded a few more but if that was a one book standalone it would never have been as well recieved.

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