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  1. You have the title date wrong Xp Question. Why would it take 4-8 hours to upgrade storage? What is the data center doing?
  2. Guys please use a password manager like Keepass to have random and unique passwords for each account you have for anything. If you don't want to use it for everything please use it for shady sites and private servers in general.
  3. Tom knows about this problem with many items. Problem is he has to adjust the prices himself. He even stated himself when Indovap's GE first came out he wanted to fix this using the GE. Right now, it seems its not yet implemented and we probably don't have enough of a eco to even do so yet.
  4. With the recent database leak, please take care and use a password manager like keepass.
  5. Can you explain a little bit more detail with slayer re-vamp? Right now with no detail I feel raids should be next.
  6. Here a calculator for it now. https://sites.google.com/view/indovapsxpcalcalculator/drop-rate-calculator
  7. Not sure how possible it would be, but make a NPC that can switch what to display over. I don't think everyone wants there iron man over there donor and vice versa. Edit - Could also handle it like this
  8. Basically this. Really easy challenge for people studying programming. To put it to a more ground level, both sides of a and must be "1"/"True". When it checks the left side first and see it is "0"/"False" it won't waste time checking the right side since the and statement will be 0 regardless. Will contact you in-game for that easy 2ml.
  9. In our script we have var = 4 var2 = [1,2,3] if(var2[var] == 2): print("Hello World") else: print("We failed") When we run it returns If we change the code to var = 3 var2 = [1,2,3] if(len(var2) < var and var2[var] == 2): print("Hello World") else: print("We failed") Our new output is Explain why the changes in the "if" statement fixed the error. (Be a little detailed.) First one to explain why gets 2ml GP in-game.
  10. For the None Donors and lazy. Noted Molten Glass Super Attack(3) Super Strength(3) Super Defence(3) AntiPoison(3) Anchovy Pizza Noted Uncut sapphire Cleaning Cloth Noted Grimy Guam Leaf Noted Grimy Marrentill Noted Tarromin Noted Harralander Noted Grimy Ranarr Weed Crushed Nest Notes about new items Herbs are same price as home shops Sapphire is same price as home shop. Crushed Nest is cheaper by 18 gold No Noted secondary, so you still need to run to the herb shop or stock up on them to make potions at bank.
  11. https://sites.google.com/view/indovapsxpcalcalculator/home This was made in VB.net with the default compile options and the "Suspicious Indicators" are from this being made in VB.net. I see your starting from 1 to avoid the x-1. Also your code is basically the same as mine except in VB.net you don't need Math.pow since ^ represents to the power of, making your code unneeded since i only have to change one thing, but thanks. Also Function convertXp(ByVal level As Int16) Dim xP As Integer If (level = 1) Then Return 0 ElseIf (level = 2) Then Return 83 Else For value As Integer = 2 To level If (value = 2) Then xP = 83 Else xP += ((value - 1 + 300 * 2 ^ ((value - 1) / 7)) / 4) End If Next Return xP End If I already have Convert Level to XP in my code.
  12. WARNING THIS IS NOT 100% ACCURATE, BUT ITS DAMN CLOSE Currently there is no way to see what your XP will be after you change yours rates. Well I got bored and made a Calculator for it. How to use. 1. Enter in your current XP rate. 2. Enter in your dirsed XP rate. 3. Enter in your current XP of a Skill. 4. Click "Caculate" (Yeah i misspelled it it. Whoops) HTML Version - https://sites.google.com/view/indovapsxpcalcalculator/home HTML Version Code - https://sites.google.com/view/indovapsxpcalcalculator/code Change Logs for HTML Version https://sites.google.com/view/indovapsxpcalcalculator/change-logs Download - https://drive.google.com/file/d/19xrg6cweqReYrbSRptYIBzT8HC29SSF8/view?usp=sharing Virus Scan -https://www.virustotal.com/#/file-analysis/MjFmNDQ0ZWI5MDEyMWM5MWEzM2E0NTRmZjQ0NzBkOTE6MTUyNDk0NTAzOQ== Code - https://pastebin.com/ea476HrM Change Logs for .exe V1 - Release Example -

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