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  1. every boss i kill for days and hours seems you get the pet within the first hour smh gz tho
  2. gratz ralts and monkey! you two are so great and what we need for the server. keep up the good work guys.
  3. 14 unsired's in 1200 kc, 2 full bludgeons, 1 extra bludg piece, 1 whip, 1 dagger, 2 ensouled abby heads, 2 jars, 1 pet Both really, I hunt certain pets at a time via slayer tasks. Hopefully KBD pet will come soon, already 4000 kc (1000 over drop rate), no vissy or d pick in that kc either. I'd really like Vet'ion pet to finish off all wildy pets, already at 1700 kc there and still no pet. Thinking about Zulrah and Thermy as my next two. Thanks for asking.
  4. Just under 1200 KC Thank you all who congratulated me, it meant a lot and this pet sure was the hardest of the bunch to get excluding my bloodhound.
  5. Baconkiller5


    Welcome to the community!
  6. big gz to my man peri well deserved buddy, hope admin treats you well
  7. EZ resolution - tom pp you 5 for ur tbow in all seriousness, this question has already been answered by Kadachi, the best we could do is just increase our voting, advertising, and overall helpfulness and kindness throughout the server, hopefully Raids 3 can bring Indova some more attention. We're better off trying to increase our player count and have the economy then spread throughout the numerous players rather than just clear what we have all worked so hard for, however for players such as yourself who would possibly like to see an economy reset, I wouldn't mind seeing a new world being added where the economy could start fresh on this world, and possibly make this world have a OSRS feel - such as everyone having to be 1x on this world and there could be no drop rate boosts, just a suggestion of mine though.
  8. support, would be a great implement to the game, especially for new players looking to achieve goals
  9. good idea, support, hopefully it wouldn't be too hard to implement this
  10. full support on making ancient shards into totems
  11. Hey proxy. welcome to the community!
  12. Nice update, I don't see why watson cant just give the new scroll sack if you've completed 100+ master clues like osrs, instead of having to wait till my next 200th master clue scroll

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