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  1. full support on making ancient shards into totems
  2. Hey proxy. welcome to the community!
  3. Nice update, I don't see why watson cant just give the new scroll sack if you've completed 100+ master clues like osrs, instead of having to wait till my next 200th master clue scroll
  4. Hello, it would be a nice addition to add the brimstone key's and chest. It has a pretty decent overall loot and can be useful for ironmen. This would include the mystic robes (dusk) and dragon hasta Hydra doesnt drop its head right now. Not sure if this is a bug or not considering you can unlock it in the slayer reward shop.
  5. Was just about to post this, support! However, shouldn't this just follow along with this perk? It's already a good 500 points.
  6. Don't see why the reward system would be needed, but fight pit's seems like a good idea to implement.
  7. Good guide, the fally kite 3 from the achievement store gives you noted mole skin/claws, also blowpipe is very effective and safespottable

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