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  1. Hello, it would be a nice addition to add the brimstone key's and chest. It has a pretty decent overall loot and can be useful for ironmen. This would include the mystic robes (dusk) and dragon hasta Hydra doesnt drop its head right now. Not sure if this is a bug or not considering you can unlock it in the slayer reward shop.
  2. Was just about to post this, support! However, shouldn't this just follow along with this perk? It's already a good 500 points.
  3. Don't see why the reward system would be needed, but fight pit's seems like a good idea to implement.
  4. Good guide, the fally kite 3 from the achievement store gives you noted mole skin/claws, also blowpipe is very effective and safespottable
  5. support, however staff have already received this topic
  6. Baconkiller5

    Vet'ion Guide

    Vet'ion Guide Notable drops - Ring of the gods 1/512 Dragon pickaxe 1/171 Dragon 2h sword 1/256 100x Grimy ranarr weed 1/128 100x Dragon bones 1/125 Mysterious emblem 1/100 (worth 50k bm) Elite clue scroll 1/128, 1/64 with row (i) Vet'ion jr. 1/2000 Gear and inventory- Slayer task alternative CRUSH weapon is needed, no other weapons will work. Gear alternatives- viggora's chainmace>bludgeon>hasta>any godsword Salve(ei)>salve>torture>fury>glory Void + Salve do stack, however Slayer helm and salve do not. This makes void and salve stronger than using a slayer helmet, but you are in the wildy so always be prepared for pkers and what you're willing to lose. If you die to vet'ion, your void will not be lost past lvl 30 wildy you can pick it back up. Teleporter - Bosses- Wildy bosses - Vet'ion Pray Melee + Piety + Preserve Attack Vet'ion and dodge his lightning when he throws it On phase 2 (orange phase), Vet'ion will spawn two hellhounds at half hp, lure them east to the fire showed below then kill the hellhounds. This makes you able to kill them without vet'ion throwing lightning at you Once the two hellhounds are killed, run back and finish your kill

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