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  1. 2020 Indova let's gooo
  2. thats what tentacle whip is for, wouldn't like any rs3 or custom content personally
  3. Statius and Vesta Armors - Would create a better melee set than bandos, which could drop bandos set price for new players and creates a new end game item. Statius is more tanky than Justiciar, unless you are wearing the full Justiciar set, keeping Justiciar sets price high for raids 2 also. Statius warhammer - Would create a better warhammer than the dwh, which could drop dwh price for new players learning raids 1 and 2. Vesta's longsword - Would create a closely relatable best in slot spec compared to d claws and ags, which could help bring in more pvp to Indova. Zuriels armor - Worst than ancestral, therefore keeping the price of ancestral high, which is good for raids 1. Tankier than ancestral but it would create some cheaper items if pvp armors were released. Morrigan's armor - Slightly tankier and stronger than Armadyl, would drop armadyls price for newer players stuck using d'hides or karils, and creates new end game content. If this were to be added instead of any custom items, it would keep the real rs feel most of us came here for. It would create new end-game items without being too op, it could be the rewards for the new raids 3, and it would be good content.
  4. Great idea, support! Wildy raids would increase wildy population, make rev caves more popular, and make pvp more viable. This is very interesting and could probably bring a lot of players if made correctly and advertised.
  5. Baconkiller5


    We have Herbi already from potion making and herb picking from farming patch, could add to birdhouses though.
  6. Thanks for the hard work Indova team
  7. support, especially anger spear, change attack speed of it to z spear attack speed
  8. I'm for this, however it would need balancing, chaos runes are 90gp each in store, so it'd have to equal out to a fair amount. On the flip side it would create standard prices for the onyx and obby armor, since you would be able to buy then sell chaos runes to the store to buy the items.
  9. Could we possibly get longer dagannoth tasks like OSRS, its 130-200 on osrs but only up to 50 here. For people who like the shorter task, could we at least get an option to extend the task? Also wouldn't mind seeing some types of dragons added to duradel, understandable that we have Steve for dragon tasks, but not all the time do people just want to do strictly dragon tasks. Dragons to be added to Duradel could be black dragons and rune dragons.

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