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  1. you are toxic you will never be a staff member
  2. how will you keep track of how long people have been in your klan
  3. tom really knows how to make people want to die ! ! ! ^______________________________^
  4. i freaking love the owner. he is epic..
  5. pretty sure theres already lottery on server, but if you enjoy it, then you do you
  6. why the fuck am i not owner? @Mocku F1
  7. League of legends, pubg, runescape, far cry, and mw2. I guess you could say that I'm a pretty EPIC GAMER LOOOOOLL :DD
  8. Larkin

    Survival Games

    I'm offended you mentioned h1, but not even pubg.
  9. Larkin

    My Playlist

    I expected some bagpipes.
  10. Hi I'm Larkin. I play League of Legends, Pubg, and this game. My IGN is Larkin. Also pm me if you want to play any of those others. I'm from Texas and like to fish. That's all.

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