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  1. Big one! Thank you, Indova team!
  2. Ive heard so many players talking about this update, but havent seen any official suggestion on it (tbh wasn't active on forums when I came into this server so not sure). My opinion is that seeing purple light is THE BEST thing in this game. I love doing tob and see those purple lights, you know that you got something, but don't know exactly what. COX should have same system, purple light on chest after killing olm, but announces after opening it. Idm if it even announces before opening the chest (we can put chatbox into "trade" like in osrs), but really... really would love to see that in future. Second suggestion would be simple: let us use cannon @corp. I see no reason why we couldnt use cannon there and it would make corp tasks more doable (SOLO). Let me know what you guys think
  3. Id add Zulrah scales aswell.
  4. It is just my point of view... But as an ironman, I dont like to get uniques from "boxes", so maybe I wouldnt add any items (maybe only for ironmen) into those boxes, just supplies. Tbf, idm adding 3rd age as a super rare drop (just a fasionscape, isnt it?), but no common items like inf boots, staff of light etc..
  5. Not sure about those rare rewards, but Id love to see those boxes ingame. Just to get some supplies off pvming sounds so great, SUPPORT!
  6. In-game name: K B A CPicture of Theatre of Blood kill count: @ discord @PacmalePicture of gear: Got pretty decent gear, many BIS items, pic at discWhat would make you an asset to Deviant Warriors?: Friendly, taking part of events, love bossing.Can anyone vouch your place in the clan?: Willi my man, idk who else is in the cc.

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