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  1. I'm not gonna explain, just shortly some cool things (or remakes) I'd like to see ingame: Add Tormented bracelet ornament kit to elite/master clue scrolls Add Climbing boots (g) to medium clue scrolls Mimic + 3rd age ring Beginner clue scrolls + new clue items Change Anger spear's attack speed (4 ticks instead of 5, I've told rn zammy spear still outhitting Anger spear or dps is similar, not sure) Make Nylo room at ToB less aids (or shorter if soloing) Already suggested osrs content but imo really important to have: Blast furnace, Wintertodt, Collection log
  2. Insane man, big props and congratz!
  3. Really nice my g! Gl with completing all the drops!
  4. Thanks for the feedback guys. If it has been in "to do" list for a while, hope it will be added soon since I'm not the only one who is hyped about it.
  5. Suggesting to add collection log to the game. I'm pretty sure it would add some players motivation to grind annoying bosses again (or all bosses) and get those drops to complete the log. With that, a lot of items are being added to the eco again, even ironmen might do bosses that they have already finished. If player has recieved a pet, they should have an opportunity to use it on the collection log. Feel free to give me some feedback about it! (If there already is topic about adding collection log, sorry!)
  6. Ive heard so many players talking about this update, but havent seen any official suggestion on it (tbh wasn't active on forums when I came into this server so not sure). My opinion is that seeing purple light is THE BEST thing in this game. I love doing tob and see those purple lights, you know that you got something, but don't know exactly what. COX should have same system, purple light on chest after killing olm, but announces after opening it. Idm if it even announces before opening the chest (we can put chatbox into "trade" like in osrs), but really... really would love to see that in future. Second suggestion would be simple: let us use cannon @corp. I see no reason why we couldnt use cannon there and it would make corp tasks more doable (SOLO). Let me know what you guys think

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