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  1. is kuto in prison yet

    1. Kadachi


      His mouth definitely thinks so.

    2. Kuto


      shadow of your former admin self more like, lowly forum mod.

  2. Congratulations, Pacmale! Very well-deserved.
  3. Your current post count is at 3, it will only take you a few moments to get it to 10 - make sure your posts aren't spam or grave-digging though. Once you have 10 post count, edit your post with image-proof of you meeting the requirements, and choose a number between 1-100, as well as let us know how you found Indova. Good luck.
  4. Changed the end of the event from Friday to Sunday. My aim for that is to encourage more people to use the forum and increase the forum's activity.
  5. I'm giving away a $10 bond this Sunday, at 22:00 BST/21:00 in-game time. Before entering, you must meet the following requirements: Be a Non-Donator Have 10 post count on the forum Have 6 hours+ time spent online in-game To enter, you must: Post down below with one number between 1-100, and let us know how you found Indova Provide image-proof of the requirements said above. You may enter in this event on your alternative account if it's on any of the three Iron Man game modes. Good luck!
  6. Good find, Dax. Hopefully this can be looked into as soon as possible, although - I'm sure it's not drastically inaccurate.
  7. If someone was to be wrongfully punished, then that player could report it to an Administrator+ and they would investigate into their punishment further, and of course take action if necessary. As you said, nobody in the current Staff Team abuses their powers or is biased. I also assume that they log their given punishments with image/video proof, etc. I find this quite pointless, and I don't believe it would work out very well for several reasons. I'm going to no support this, sorry.
  8. This will be very helpful for those who are new to 3rd party Old School RuneScape clients and their features. I personally have never used one until I recently returned back to Indova, and I absolutely love RuneLite's features - still getting used to what is what and the purpose of some though. Thank-you.
  9. I may take part in this if I'm not too tired from work later today. Thanks for continuously hosting events, good Sir!

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