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Found 85 results

  1. As the title says, I was just wondering if it would be at all possible adding the information from ::drops to a side bar option in the client or to a HUD popup in game. I don't have a problem with how it currently is I just think it would be a quality of life / clean looking addition to the server and or Client. (Note Pic is from GOOGLE.)
  2. I think more donator perks should be implemented i want everyone to write down their ideas on what kind of perks should be added, it shouldnt be anything that would ruin the eco in any way but stuff that would motivate people to grind their asses off for cash to buy bonds or simply donate. My ideas: maby per donator increase drop rates not so much that its op but a bit maby. maby make a new donator island thats extreme+ or legend maby new donor skill island aswell maby increase slayer points by 10 per donor rank new monster area for the new donor zone maby with a dungeon that hold some shamans and other dope monsters Please make sure to post your ideas and donor perk suggestions below!
  3. I am suggesting that we add a PvP Multiplayer/Bots (Maybe) Minigame into Indova that would allow players to gain loot/wealth entirely separate from PvM world. The Purpose of this minigame is to allow for players to participate in a combat style gameplay within Indova that would ultimately reward players for completing the task with Wilderness Keys, which would also call for a revamp on Wilderness Keys. In this minigame players will sign up into a bracket of a maximum of 10 players and a minimum of 2. After signing up the designated NPC will ask the 1st person in bracket what combat style will the be chosen. After choosing based on the amount of players in the party, 1 more than half of the party will need to agree in order to initiate the next phase. Upon everyone agreeing on what combat style is assigned, everyone gets automatically set into one of these preset: And is paired off into An instanced Dueling Arena arena or something similar and fight. The winner is rewarded with as many wilderness keys there are participants with a very calculated chance of getting a Top tiered or 2nd to top tiered key. Each key acts as an individual currency and the better the tier = x2 or x5 the amount of currency the x1 key gives. I would like to suggest that we a NPC/Shop/Guide at this location for the minigame and remove the current rewards chest/npc we have for edge: Upon talking to the NPC he will give you 3 options: Open Up Store This store is suggested to contain Prims,Pegs,Eternals, Whip, Rapier, Dfs, Barrows Armor sets, Sol, Toxic Staff Pvp weaps like VLS and Morrigains throwing axe, ect ( average to above average gear for pking.) at such a price that would encourage players to keep collecting keys. Enter Bracket Loading feature as stated above. Check for Statistics Strictly meant for players to check KDR/Past wins/losses and Previous winners of previous rounds. This suggestion would add purpose to the Wilderness Key event that no one would want to participate in and also add activity to a secter of Indova that has been Abandoned since the start.
  4. Allow users to be able to donate to the Well for a specific event But then that skill and the User cannot be voted for/specifically vote for 24/12/6 hours. Allow purdue (For donators) to fix all items in inventory in one go like how the npc in dzone decants all potions. Can we add an update "option" to the presets on this screen provided below? Allowing us to edit the inventory and gear. A Quest Writer forum reward / Userbar Also I would like to suggest adding the Enchament Scroll from slayer shops to PVM Shops for 10k pvm points ea.
  5. My suggestion consists of: The "open" feature in looting bag settings for all the items to go into the looting bag automatically. (picture added) Making it have the feature of the coal bag, larger space for higher donator ie; 28 regular 35 donator and 45 for super etc etc, or even add it to the donator store or even slayer\pvm store to buy 5 spaces at a time for the looting bag. "Open" feature should be easily implimented. Once "opened" loot the items and they go straight to the looting bag rather than the inventory and manually putting in looting bag. The Larger space feature could just add a scroll bar to scroll through the looting bag inventory to show the extended spaces. Thankyou for your time, Reggie.
  6. In Osrs you can use the Humidify spell to water saplings in your inventory, Don't see why this couldn't be added to Indova. -Nelt
  7. I was wondering if we could get a way to exchange dupe skilling outfit pieces from skill crates in return for skilling points.
  8. My suggestion is similar to the current well, only instead of 10m gp we would use items. The well could proc random item requirements at whatever appropriate intervals, 2 hours, 4 hours etc. Requiring 2-3 items at varying quantities. We could diversify it in a way that dumps surplus slayer drops, Skilling mats or even some more common boss drops (dagannoth rings, tridents, wildly boss shards) The idea would be something like x whips, xK coal, x dragon boots Upon filling the well, it would start a 2 hr long event like: 1.5x increased damage/accuracy on all monsters X-x increased drop rate for X 2x increased slayer points 2x increased Skilling points 2x barrows loot (100% double loot on receiving a unique at an already 1/16 chance) Etc. Items would only be stored in the well and consumed when filled, meaning noone will lose the items they put in if the well resets and new requirements are procced (This is where the reset intervals come into play. If the well procs a high value item noone wants to put in, its gonna stay dead content) It's just a concept really, not yet a suggestion. I figured I'd share the idea and see what kinda feedback yas give before fully fleshing it out. As it's written now I feel like having this event multiple times a day will be OP, it could even just be a weekend thing and the 'event' could be applied to our accounts instead of limiting it to a specific time, starting from any kill/points gained. That allows everybody to participate on their own time and handles being crashed by more efficient/higher stat setups because you could just do it later. By now you all get the idea. I want to see what we can turn it into, if anything at all. Tbh scrap the whole thing and let's just have unique weekend events lmao. Cheers for reading. Soarin bless
  9. ↓ These are QoL (Quality of Life) suggestions to simply make our gameplay a tad more enjoyable ↓ Allow us to [SHIFT KEY] + [CLICK] deposit/withdraw all of 1 item How this helps? → Instead of having to right click "Deposit All" or "Withdraw All", you can simply hold [SHIFT KEY] + [CLICK] ↓ Inventory equipment hovers How this helps? → Allows you to quickly identify the item stats/bonuses (Should be toggled On/Off) ↓ ::(YouTuber Username) - Example; "::Syndicate" → Goes directly to Syndicate's channel where his videos are uploaded! How this helps? → Helps YouTubers announce their latest videos in-game for players (Like myself) to go directly to their latest video Allow us to enter the TAB key multiple times to parse through other players who have PM'd you How this helps? → If you're being messaged by more than 1 player at once, you can simply press [TAB] + [TAB] ↓ (Staff Members will most likely find this suggestion useful, especially if they're being spammed by more than 1 player at a time)
  10. So this happened about 5 minutes ago on the server and Raisin/Grapes suggested I'd make a forum post to see what people think. There was a hunter event for about 5 minutes because someone voted, then it got overruled with a ToB event because someone donated in the well, overruling the event. Should this be the way to go? Or should the well be de-activated until the vote event is over? I'm interested to see what people think.
  11. I'd like to suggest the implementation of the collection log: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Collection_log And secondly I'd like to suggest a QoL concerning commands. Right now, if we have a single or multiple spaces and we type in a command: E.g. " ::home" it won't register. Is it possible to add a check that omits spaces before commands? (:: and /) " ::home" would go through, but "Hello, world ::home" would not. Edit: Another QoL addition could be ::task takes 25k straight from bank, just like cancelling tasks taskes 100k from bank. Edit2: Another QoL addition could be to remove "hidden items" in RuneLite, from showing up under "You received a drop:" in the chatbox.
  12. Allow us to change from Duo to Single Ironman? I Want to compete with more players, Want to be on Ironman Hiscores, But my duo plays for few hours a week max, He doesn't help me in any way and i regret choosing Duo when i could have been competing for top places on regular ironman hiscores. One way process. Once you turn from Duo to Solo you cant go back, Make it cost a fee like 25M. Like the gap is unreal and i would much rather become a solo.
  13. I just wanted to suggest that donors+, can have the option to configure the home button to change too Donor zone or Edge.
  14. Add karambwans in a regular non wilderness area. No real reason this sound be wild only. I kinda feel the same way about anglers, but thats kinda up for discussion. wildy or donator only seems to push people to donate (p2w btw). Remove the heart crystal from the achievement store to the pvm store. I feel like this would be used much more if it didn't affect achievement points which mostly go toward elite void. I would think the price of it should be around 2-5k pvm points. most useful place for this would be for uim/hci at gwd bosses. Allow cannon to be set up by using one piece at a time. You should be able to walk away from the cannon then use each the piece after the base is down to put up the entire cannon. At lizardman shamans you are forced to tank combo damage that could kill you if one shaman jump/posions/minions all at once. I feel like the fee to cut mahogany logs needs to be greatly lowered. The current area is 7.5k, and the area does not have any form of bank. This and the cost for pank make will make construction extremely expensive for most modes. I think moving the npc in the area is much more reasonable and lower the cost to note the logs. If not then getting mahogany logs will cost a ton. I honestly hate the fact that you have to buy slayer rings to reach higher masters. I think it would be much better having all the masters in one teleport location, or just being able to regular teleport to them. Seems silly that you have to spend points to learn to make slayer rings, or you have to buy slayer rings with 75 slayer points. This is all I can think of atm. If anyone would like to add anything or give input feel free.
  15. It's a pain when you don't know when your plant is in need of water or cured. Should also give us a timer that shows when the plant will grow or something of that sort. Farming needs some changes, it's really a pain in it's current state. Some dialogue that says "Your plant at (patch location) is in need of water or cured from disease" would be sufficient enough.
  16. I'm not a huge fan of our home location, for many reasons. This is just my thoughts on what a successful home area should look like and how it can be more unique and accessible.
  17. Hey, I use alot of time in DZ since the mining spot is easy and so is the fishing spot. But we mis more. Like its pretty boring atm to be in DZ i think there could be more attention added I do know u guys are very busy but maybe for a look in the future ? Some suggestions; ~ More rocks for mining ~ Put the anvil next to the bank and furnace ~ Make like a nice track so u can do like 27 logs straight ~ Make it more fancy looks so boring right now ( maybe a other location ) ~ Use like a bigger cabin/house for bank ~ A nice cooking platform or something then just a log whats on fire. ~ Some farming fields. These are just some small suggestions, its just like it can be brought more nicer so people enjoy DZ more. But atm I really think DZ is dead, I barely see people there only for fishing or buying some molten glas from the troll. Don't see this as a insult or anything in that way. ~ 666
  18. Adding a duo ironman storage. it would basically be a mini shared bank between partners, that holds up 15-20 items between both partners. let me know what you think and any suggestions to make it better post below and ill add it to this
  19. I'm not sure how well this will go down but, my idea is having an object like a chest (which would fit at home) that could upgrade certain items with a possibility of destroying that item. The upgraded version of this item (a high tier/imbued item such as bandos/imbued slayer helm/rings) would give a slight drop rate bonus. Pro's: Will remove items from the game while simultaneously making them more sought after by players. Will give the iron community something to do with duplicates of items/ a reason to continue killing another boss. Adds a "custom" element to the game without the "power creep" of introducing more and more "OP" BIS items. Eventually, higher drop rates through upgraded items could settle more expensive item's prices. Con's There seems to be a lot more money in the game than certain items, removing them would increase their value even more furthering the "money" grind for newer players to get decent items. Without knowing every single droprate and how multipliers will effect them, there might be certain drops that become way too common due to boosted droprates. "The rich get richer" - As in, players with higher valued banks will be able to afford the items to upgrade and then be able to get better drops to make even more money. Finding a good balanced "rate" for upgrades failing/succeeding may be difficult Possible additions Upgraded versions of items could be untradable Upgrading could require additional currency/points such as; pvm points/blood money etc
  20. - allow us to store respectable items in the armour case, magic wardrobe, costume box, treasure chest, cape rack, toy box and fancy dress box in POH. - allow us to store hellcat in menagerie in POH - add regular slayer helmet (i) to perdu - make it so hardcore ironmen and ultimate ironmen can drop trade items (it would benefit the ones who only play one account and would like to save up and purchase votes/bonds for their account) - add golden tinderbox, cooking/goldsmith gauntlets, magical butterfly net to perdu (it would benefit the UIM who would like to have these items but not have to worry about dropping them and spending 3k+ points to get them back) - buff the "gem bag" rewards from prospector percy @ MLM - it should give more gems seeing as only ironmen would be buying them as it's a good source for crafting Here's a suggestion to buff the supply crate loot from the skilling point shop. Current items:
  21. Hi... Please provide all feedback if possible. Wilderness; Add PvP weapons/Armours to certain bosses, example. Revanants (lvl 80+) have a chance to drop all of the items at a rate of 1/3000 - or - Chaos Ele, Callisto, Venenatis, Vetion have a drop rate of 1/1500. Thus bringing more activity into the wilderness and at the same time bringing more items in game that provide a more interesting way to pk/kill monsters. (It's in DMM which is technically OSRS) (Vesta statius zuriels etc...) Last Man Standing Bring in OSRS Last Man Standing and have WOGW events for LMS such as; winner of LMS will recieve a reward of: 50m GP (Or anything really) - 10 mboxes. This will bring traffic into the server (IMO) - have it activated by G-Mod+ on weekends at specific times when it's peak time for server. PvP Tournaments: Like most servers have, a tournament where it sends you into a room of sorts and automatically gears everyone up in the same gear be it; Dharoks, Zerker, Hybrid, Tribrid and then pairs people 1v1 until theres 1 person left and that person wins a reward (Chosen by Admin/Owner hosting). Add Potions + Food to General Shop Add the following to shops; DDS P++ Monkfish Prayer Potions (4) Ability to buy (x) amount of an item instead of 250 at a time. Fix Dragon Mace Spec (Doesn't work)
  22. Does anyone else feel like the slayer rewards (namely enchantment scroll) are very overpriced for the majority of players? I'll admit, I'm 150x and the game is easymode because of it, but I need to get somewhere in the range of 35-40 million slayer exp just to unlock the slayer helm (i) not to mention any of the imbued rings. If I wanted a set of imbued rings, my helmet and a crystal halberd I would need to train well over 200m slayer exp. Seems a little silly even if you divided it down to a more balanced exp rate. I personally don't see any reason why the scroll couldn't cost closer to 400 points. If you look at the real osrs method, it's half an hour of afking in nmz.
  23. Hello everyone, as of now I am currently the only 10 hp account in indova which is with the current state of the server a hard choice to be. To make it easier for me, And for all other people seeking the unusual. I know a suggestion like this will not be high priority cause it's not a popular build as of today I am still hoping to raise some attention on how and what can be changed to accomplish this build. I am against locking hitpoints experience [which currently is not an option] because it would make things too easy. However, If we lock a combat skill we still gain hitpoints exp. This could be in my oppinion changed.. Locking strength would result in gaining no hitpoints experience. The reason for this is that no 10 hp accounts will profit form this because they would still have to find other ways to level strength, For example field walking puro puro or barbarian fishing. Pest control could have doors and barriers added to be repaired for the skillers so they don't have to do 30 damage, 30 damage will obviously grant hitpoints experience thus being no option as of now. open for input, will add to this.
  24. I always loved questing on osrs. It would be amazing to see the quests added here too. Could start with the simpler ones like the f2p quests and move onto more complex ones. If there're specific quests you guys think should take priority please comment them below! Also would be great to have penguins

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