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Zulrah unique item drop rate explained

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I've noticed a lot of confusion about this topic recently: Are our Zulrah drop rates correct? Are they double what they are on Old School? Spoiler alert: they're the same. I've had to explain this a lot in game and frankly it's sort of difficult to do so, so I figured I'd write up a quick forum post to put everyone's minds at ease.


Old School Rate

First, let's take a look at how the Old School wiki explains the Zulrah unique item drop rates.




So, as you can see there are 4 unique items that Zulrah can drop, and they make up the "unique drop table". As the wiki states, there is a 1/256 chance of hitting the unique table per roll, and since there are 2 rolls per Zulrah, this is an overall drop rate of 1/128 chance per kill to get some unique item. Say you're specifically after the Tanzantine Fang, first you need to get the 1/128 chance to hit the unique table, and then within the unique table there are 4 items, so there's a 1/4 chance the unique item is a Tanzantine Fang. Overall, that's a 1/512 chance per kill to get a Tanzantine Fang (exactly what is listed in the picture).


Indova Rate

Next we'll take a look at the drop rate on Indova where I will explain how it is the same as Old School. Here's the drop rates of the unique items according to our drop table:




Ignoring the non-unique items in the picture, you can see that each unique item has roughly a 1/1024 drop rate. Importantly, the drop rate listed here is the drop chance PER ROLL, not per kill. So, right off the bat let's convert that to per-kill drop rates. This means that in our drop table, the drop chance of each unique item is individually 1/512 per kill since again there are 2 rolls per kill. You'll notice this is the same as the Old School rate of getting a Tanzantine Fang. Now, say you're just after any old unique item; you don't care which. That means you could get the Tanz Fang OR the Magic Fang OR the Serp Visage OR the Uncut Onyx. Basic probability tells us that the chance of getting any one of the unique items, per kill, is therefore 1/512 + 1/512 + 1/512 + 1/512 which again is a 1/128 chance per kill to get some unique item.



I hope that clears everything up.

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I was very confused when I was killing zulrah about the drop rate luckily Deluxe explained to me how it works, I can confirm that Zulrah (not sure about other bosses) rolls from highest drop to lowest, not randomly, so getting a duplicate wouldn't be a ''RIP'', it's simply not rolling the drop you desire, at that moment.

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