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Dukeplus Regular


Genesis will be an all-round, mainly social clan. Nothing too serious (To start out with at least, I will base this on how the clan progresses.) and will be open to everyone. It will be ran by myself primarily, but @H a w k and @Muaz are also founding members.


Dukeplus Regular

In this clan, there will be very few restrictions as I have previously stated, at the moment, it's not going to be a clan serious about anything as it will take a while to form.


1. No excessive spam.

It's not something I'd personally kick for, unless it's completely over the top, in which case I would, but just something to bear in mind, although I've not yet seen it in a clan before, nor expect to see it, it's just something worthy of note.


2. Bullying.

Now as those who know me will know I'm all for banter, I usually go over the top with mine, however bullying is something I DO NOT wish to see. There's a massive difference between even excessive banter and bullying, and you know when you're crossing the line. If I see it you'll be kicked. However I trust most people are able to stand up for themselves if such a situation arose, which I highly doubt.


3. Indova rules.

I want to be clear on this one, I am not a staff member. I honestly don't care if you break the Indova rules unless it involves other clan members, such as going back to rule 2 if it's really bad, it will be reported. Same for scamming, if it's reportable, it will be.


4. PK'ing.

I will not be implementing any PK'ing rules to start out with as I feel there's no need, If a clan member kills another clan member, you're not going to be a very popular figure amongst members which is of course a given. This may change over the course of the clan, I don't know.


Dukeplus Regular

Ranks will be given to active and/or helpful members of the clan by myself, Muaz and Hawk. That is the only criteria I believe is warranted for a rank. There will be no set system for this, they will be given as and when we feel they are deserved.



As previously stated, the clan will be open to anyone and everyone, so just have fun, help eachother out, the normal clan stuff. If there is something you'd like to discuss privately, then the three of us will do our best to listen to you.





@H a w k







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Goodluck Kuto, Muaz and Hawk! Nice to see more clans coming up!

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