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Nox's Goals & Things.

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Hey Friends. This is going to be my forums post what i will update every day / week about my account's progress so far. I will be adding / removing things from this post as i progress further onto the account.

At the start i'm going for a few skilling goals like +5000 sharks etc to keep myself sustained for a little when doing slayer etc. [ 

My Long term goals are to get gear for CoX to get some of the "main" items from there first.

This first week is just going to be me prepping for Barrows. I've obtained the Full Rogue's and Angler's outfit and i'm working on a stack of prayer potions and Sharks.


Red x = Unobtained
Green x = Obtained

                                                                                               RETURNED TO INDOVA 25.5.2019 



       General Graardor                                           Kree'arra                                  Commander Zilyana 

Bandos chestplate Bandos Chestplate [ x ]                Armadyl chestplate Armadyl Chestplate [ x       Armadyl crossbow Armadyl Crossbow [ x ]

Bandos tassets Bandos Tassets [ x ]                      Armadyl chainskirt Armadyl Chainskirt [ x ]


ZULRAH (Profit Snek)



 Tanzanite fang Tanzanite Fang [ x Magic fangMagic Fang [ x ]  Serpentine visage Serpentine Visage [ x ] 





Dragon warhammer Dragon Warhammer [ x





Trident of the seas Trident of the Seas [ x ]  Kraken tentacle Kraken Tentacle [ x ] 


Edited by Nox
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This looks great man, best of luck with your goals! Also good to chat with ya at master farmers earlier, I look forward to seeing your progress!

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Welcome back I suppose. :)
I was about to ask C R I M if he is drunk, answering a post from a year ago. Lol

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