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QoL and Bug Fixes

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Hello everyone,


Couple of long-awaited QoL & bug fixes for tonight's patch


  • The bond promotion is now over
  • The Grand Exchange will now show the total amount of Buy & Sell offers when trying to buy or sell an item (i.e if you're trying to buy an item, it'll show the amount of that item that is currently being sold)
  • Tick eating should now work (will need some testing/feedback on it to see if it's working as it should), however, it will only work in PvM 
  • The MVP for the PvM Hall of Fame should now be more accurate
  • You can now use metamorphic dust on Olmlet to transform it into its different pet variants
  • The following have been added to the vote store:
    • Crystal key
    • Antique lamp
  • The following items have been added to achievement store:
    • Gilded scimitar
    • Tome of fire
  • The following items are now tradeable:
    • Sack of presents
    • Penguin morph
    • Bedsheets (normal & green)
    • Vyrewatch set
  • ::kots command has been added and will lead to the latest KOTS contest thread
  • God pages have been removed from Hard clues
  • God pages from Easy-Medium clues have been moved from the common to uncommon category
  • Runite bar rewards from hard clues are now noted
  • The 'networth' of clue scroll rewards will now take noted items into account (it would only count noted items as being worth 1 gp each)
  • Fixed a bug where moving items into empty slots with 'insert' mode in your bank would sometimes make the item(s) disappear
  • Fixed a bug where other players could 'pick-up' other players' Olmlet pets (which would result in them picking up their own pets if they had any)
  • Fixed an issue where Slayer helmet's effect wouldn't work on certain tasks. These tasks were ones were the npc being attacked count for more than one type of slayer task, for example kree'arra counting for both kree'arra boss tasks as well as aviansie tasks
  • Fixed a bug with the "Killstreak" achievements being completed on your first pvp kill
  • The 'Chop down tree' woodcutting tasks have been removed
  • The amount of hp that the Nylocas' room pillars have, have increased when your in a party with a size of:
    • 1: +50% -> +75%
    • 2: +37.5% -> +50%
    • 3: +25% -> +35%
  • The exhumes for Xarpus will now take longer to spawn for party sizes of 1 & 2
  • Verzik Vitur's bouncing lightning attack will no longer have a 'secondary' damage (explosion) when there's only 1 player in the room
  • Verzik Vitur's bouncing lightning attack now has a max hit of 10 instead of 15 on the normal bounce attacks
  • Small change to region changing to try and fix the Al-kharid Agility Rooftop visual bug
  • The 'rare' & ether drops from revenants now follow the way OSRS handles them: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DpbCbE_WkAYCD6L.jpg:large - the other ("Mediocre") drops are handled via our normal drop table system. Ether amount is also multiplied by 3 from the amount on OSRS
  • Adamant plateskirt added as a drop for Moss giants
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Nice one Indova Team! Excited for that clue scroll fix. Appreciate it.  And of course, good work on the rest of the stuff as well. Keep it up. 

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12 hours ago, Indova said:


  • Adamant plateskirt added as a drop for Moss giants

Hell Ya!

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