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News Team Edition #9

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Welcome to the Ninth edition to the Indova News!


With this edition we recap over a very content-full two weeks!


We would like to remind players that there is an open Discord for players to join.

There you can find many channel as well as some behind-the-scenes stuff in the dev-blogs channel for upcoming patches for discord members to see first before going into the game.


Now lets get into the news!




Most Recent Update: Motherlode Mine - Degradable Items - Double Followers - QoL

The most recent update introduces Motherlode Mine for players to train the mining skill.

There have been changes made to the mining outfit called "Prospector" - it was removed from the skilling store, and moved to the Prospector Percy's Store; along with the coal bag & bag full of gems.

The Motherlode Mine is a great addition to the game, and is appreciated as an update.

For the full update thread, follow this link.


Recent Staff Update: Staff Update [11/18/2018]

There has been 1 resignation since the last edition.

We would like to thank them for their time as staff and wish them luck with their future endeavors.

The staff team is looking for new members.

If you feel you meet the criteria to be a staff member, apply on the Server Support Application page

As well as see if there are any other tanks you would like to go for on the Rank Application page


News Team Edition #8

Our last News Team edition included a lot of other information that may be beneficial to read if you are interested.

There is information on there that is not on here, so you can take a read if you would like to, here.




Special shout out to the following Indovians for making their mark this issue:







@ironmen suck



Keep up the hard work guys!




Currently there are no events happening within the Official Indova Discord, however Ascendancy has over 5 events happening all this week for all to join! Look out and add Ascendancy member for more info about our events.



We encourage everyone to stay subscribed to both the official and the player-run events boards for instant updates. You can do so by clicking the 'follow' button on the top-right when in the board.

Checking up the #events channel on the Indova Discord is another great way to keep track of current/future events.




Outcast: Second Contact is free to download for a few days


For our first article for game news this week I have a cool announcement of a popular new game that you can download for free for a limited time its called Outcast. Lets see what this article has to say, "The Humble Store is in the midst of its big Fall Sale, and as it sometimes does it's got a free game up for grabs for the next couple of days. This time around it's Outcast: Second Contact, which is yours for the taking until 10 am Pacific on November 24. Released in 2017, Outcast: Second Contact is a remake of the 1999 Infogrames action-adventure about a US Navy SEAL named Cutter Slade (yes, seriously) who escorts a group of scientists to an alien world to help shut down a black hole that's threatening the Earth. Things very quickly go off the rails, as they do, and Cutter ends up in the midst of a civilization struggle that also somehow involves time travel. " Now this game seems pretty cool so I would jump on this free game offer for a limited time because of there black friday sale.




Rico fights a tornado in a new Just Cause 4 trailer


Now for our second article for this week for game news I have a bit of information for a new game that is coming out soon it is called Just Cause 4. Here is what the article has to say, "Just Cause 4" revels in action movie cliches, but the latest trailer for Rico’s next outing takes it to a new level. For two minutes, it unloads a messy spray of brilliantly bad one-liners and increasingly ridiculous action sequences. And then Rico fights a storm.

There are few things I find as cathartic as blowing tyrannical dictatorships to smithereens, so I guess it’s a good thing that Just Cause is up to its old tricks. But this time the weather is really, really bad and, as Samuel discovered in his Just Cause 4 preview, you can also make tanks fly." Now you can make tanks fly?! What haha sounds interesting but go ahead and click the link bellow to check out the trailer and if you like this game and it does seem super cool stay tuned on the updates from pcgamer.com they usually get the news first. 




Civilization 6: Gathering Storm Expansion Coming Next Year


Now the new game that is coming is to be Civilization 6 which will be here in in a few months. It sounds like it will be pretty fun here is what the article has to say, "Firaxis has announced its second major expansion to Civilization 6, called Gathering Storm. The name is apropos, as it will introduce a number of new environmental effects along with other new features like a world congress, power and renewable energy, and more. It will release on February 14, 2019 for $40 on PC. The announcement did not detail Switch or mobile release plans. The weather and power resources go hand-in-hand, as you'll be making choices that can impact the ecosystem and the fate of the planet. Natural disasters can wipe out your lands, but they could also enrich the land after they clear out. You'll be able to develop new advanced technologies and engineering projects, and negotiate plans with the world congress. Gathering Storm will also add eight more civs and nine more leaders, along with seven new wonders, and lots of buildings, districts, and so on." Now if you have played the other civilization games you know how fun they are so this should be looked for when it drops.




France fuel protests: Police in Paris fire tear gas


This week we have an article from France. I guess there was some type of riot or misunderstanding and the police had to use aggressive force tear gas. Lets see what this article had to say, "Police in Paris have used tear gas and water cannon to disperse protesters, in a second weekend of demonstrations sparked by rising fuel prices. Violence erupted on the Champs-Elysées as protesters tried to get through a security cordon around sensitive sites. About 5,000 protesters had converged on the avenue. At least 18 people were arrested after clashing with police. Organizers of the "yellow jacket" movement billed the latest protests as "act two" in their rolling campaign. Named after their distinctive high-visibility attire, the protesters oppose an increase in fuel duty on diesel. Demonstrators on the Champs-Elysées came up against metal barriers and a police-enforced perimeter that stopped them reaching key buildings such as the prime minister's official residence." I know I can kind of understand why these people were upset about the gas prices because I know in the USA a few years back when gas was so expensive so many people were upset. Now there is a video that you can watch of the protest if your interested just click the link below.




US migrant held after leaving church where he sought sanctuary


For our second article for this week we have an interesting incident in the USA about a migrant that had to seek sanctuary after leaving church weird right? Lets see what this article has to say, " An undocumented migrant has been detained after leaving a US church where he had been living in sanctuary for nearly a year. Samuel Oliver-Bruno, 47, reportedly left the North Carolina church to give fingerprints as part of an application to stay in the state with his family.

But when he arrived for the meeting, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials detained him.

ICE officials generally avoid making arrests in locations like churches. Demonstrators tried to stop the officers from taking Mr Oliver-Bruno away, but were themselves detained. Police arrested 27 people - including a pastor at the church and Mr Oliver-Bruno's son, Daniel - after they refused to let the car carrying the 47 year old leave." Now this man was so saint he was hiding in a church so he wasn't arrested and he hid there for a whole year before the authorities were able to get him. I say good we don't need criminals running around the USA.




Banksy art works seized in Belgium over lack of insurance


Now for our final article for world news we have an interesting article about art that was seized over lack of insurance which I don't fully understand what that means so let's find out together. Here's what this article has to say, "Art works by street artist Banksy have been seized by Belgian authorities after an exhibitor showing them realized they might not be insured. Some 58 pieces worth millions of euros had gone on display in an empty supermarket space in Brussels. The exhibitor told the authorities the works might not be covered in case of damage or theft, their lawyer said. The move comes amid a rights dispute between Banksy's former agent and a German firm over the works. The display, Banksy Unauthorized, is said to have been put together without the artist's involvement and was being shown by Belgian exhibitor Strokar. The works, worth €15m (£12m), were seized late on Thursday and include paintings, photos and silkscreens in a collection put together by Banksy's former agent, Steve Lazarides. Among the works being shown was a version of the famous image Girl With Balloon, A German-based firm, On Entertainment, acting as an intermediary, invited Strokar to exhibit the works in the Belgian capital, Strokar's lawyer Stanislas Eskenazi told the AFP news agency. The firm said it had the rights and permits to show the works, but it was not clear under what conditions those rights were granted or whether the works were insured, he added. After lawyers for Mr Lazarides alleged the works were being displayed illegally, and amid the doubts whether they were insured, Mr Eskenazi said his clients opted to leave it to the courts to rule on the dispute between Mr Lazarides and On Entertainment."  Well I guess if your display art illegally its wrong so that's why they were seized for lack of insurance.





This week we have an interview with the great Global Moderator himself.

In this interview, @Periphery gives us some tips on the updates and some inside perspective on how he runs his grinds.



Interview with Peri:





Justin: Which out of your trophies is your most prized possession?


Peri: Ironically it's the one that I use the least often, and that's the Ely. The amount of time that went into getting that thing was just crazy. There’s a reason it’s still the only one in the game and I’ve never even remotely considered selling it.


Justin: What kind of bosses can you see yourself grinding on with the Tbow? How about that Full Justiciar set? I bet Bandos and Arma would love a visit.


Peri: To be honest my Justiciar set doesn't really get used much. The meta is usually to just stack as much damage as you can so I usually prioritize dps over tankiness. I have tried it at places like Bandos, though, and it definitely does its job well. Anyway, pretty much the only thing I've done with TBow and Scythe so far has been ToB, and man are they fun there. I imagine they'll come in handy on a ton of other bosses too if I ever start a boss pet grind or something.


Justin: What are some of the favorite thing you like to do when it comes to interacting with some of the Indovian players here?


Peri: Well, sometimes being a staff member can be a thankless job, so my favorite interactions are the ones where someone asks for help and I can tell that I was genuinely able to help them out. It makes me feel good and I hope they appreciate it too. Also carrying some deadweights through ToB ;).


Justin: Have any behind-the-scenes scoops of whats to come? Hows EoC coming?


Peri: The absolute top priority at the moment is allowing players to wield a TBow and Ely at the same time. I just think that this is an update that will really have a positive impact on every player. I'm kidding obviously. We do have some big content additions planned as you can see in the dev blogs on discord, but I don't want to be the one to accidentally leak anything beyond that haha.


Justin: If you had to do it all over again and lost your Ely, Tbow, or Justiciar set what would u work toward again?


Peri: I honestly don't think I could do that Ely grind again, so if I lost that I don't think I'd ever get another one. I do still enjoy both of the raids, though, so I feel like I could grind for the raids items again if I had to.


Justin: What are your thoughts on recent player count growth recently? This seems to be a trending topic.


Peri: Well I’m sure we’ve all noticed the player count being slightly lower than it was, for example, over the summer. I think there are a lot of factors that go into that which are outside of our control, but of course we are aware of it and are working on growing more. We all know how special this server is, so I’m confident we can make this happen. Remind your fellow players to vote every day since that’s a simple way everyone can help.


Justin: Which out of the two raids is your favorite? I tend to like Chamber of Xerics, its very contentful in my opinion with the variation of rooms and bosses and what not.


Peri: Hmm that's a tough one. I'm not sure if I can pick a favorite since they're so different and fit different playstyles/mindsets. ToB is difficult PvM content that for the most part requires constant attention to the game, so I enjoy that when I want to be really engaged in the game. I do like the variation in Xerics which keeps things interesting, but compared to ToB I think it’s more laid back so it doesn’t always require your full attention to get through it. I enjoy that kind of raid sometimes too.


Justin: Who's you're favorite fellow staff member?


Peri: In order to avoid offending anyone I'm not gonna answer that lol. I like everyone on the team.


Justin: Deluxe and Flux log in and ban 10 people for no reason. They ask you to hold them down and blame it on the other. Who you snitching on?


Peri: Easy. Everyone knows to blame everything on Deluxe.


Justin: Thanks for the opportunity Peridot! Its always been cool talking with you. Until next time!






@Primativ News Team Leader

Notable Threads





@J W Kingsley

Game News

World News







Thanks for reading fellow Indovians!

Hope to see you again in a couple weeks!





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Yet another good edition, I genuinely enjoy reading these and catching up with things that I have missed. Well done, Indova News Team!

Edited by Halsey

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