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Diverse Thread

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Welcome to the clan thread for Diverse


Clan Chat: Diverse
Type of Clan: PvM / PvP / Social


latest?cb=20130227021336 Clan Discord: under construction latest?cb=20130227021336

We are a social clan. We want to create an ideal environment for players who want to reach their goals and achievements in a friendly & safe environment.


 We encourage tasteful banter and serve warm cookies daily. We love fun competitions and the occasional mini-game.



Requirements & Application
(requirements are temporary, except for smiley, that will always stay the same)
latest?cb=20130227021336 Smiley - given upon request latest?cb=20130227021336
latest?cb=20130227020907 Recruit - 24 hours + leave feedback on here latest?cb=20130227020907
latest?cb=20130227021235 Corporal - 1 week of being in the clan latest?cb=20130227021235
latest?cb=20130227021247 Sergeant - 3 weeks of being within the clan latest?cb=20130227021247
latest?cb=20130227021303 Lieutenant - 1 month of being within the clan latest?cb=20130227021303
  latest?cb=20130227021312 Captain - 2 months of being within the clan latest?cb=20130227021312

 latest?cb=20130227021324 General - this rank will be decided by the clan & I latest?cb=20130227021324


Clan Rules


1. We will not tolerate any form of racism.

2. Keep the clan chat friendly.

3. If there is something political you would like to discuss with someone, keep it in private messages, some people believe in different things.

4. Please do not spam the clan chat with messages, try to keep it all in one line, if it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit, start a new line.

6. All rules here must be followed on the Discord as well.

List of Clan Members
Owner: Diverse
Edited by diverse

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hey goodluck with your clan, stick with it. it'll be hard at first but dont give up!

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It's great to visually perceive growth with clans here on Indova. Good luck, @diverse, I wish you nothing but the best!

Edited by Halsey

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