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Vote Changes - QoL - Bug Fixes

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Hello everyone,


Been a while since I've been able to patch the server. This was due to lack of time since Thanksgiving due to unlucky circumstances that lead to me being away longer than planned. However, I am back and we'll be rolling out updates once again!


The latest content poll should now be closed and we will be looking at removing votes from multi-account voters and then starting on the most-voted options.


  • Voting now gives a vote book instead of XP multiplier. The vote book is a replacement and can be claimed to activate the XP multiplier effect. The vote book is tradeable and the XP multiplier can be stacked. The duration starts at 10 minutes (non-donator) up to 25 minutes (legendary donator)
  • Claiming votes now has a x/15 chance of starting a server event. The x represents the amount of sites you've voted on (capped at the max amount of toplists)
  • The chance of the skill xp multiplier events landing on a combat skill is now 1/25, so 24/25 of the time it'll roll on a non-combat skill
  • The Trident of the swamps will now take 1 zulrah scale per charge instead of 10
  • Fixed the Percy's shop not allowing you to purchase items with golden nuggets
  • Fixed an oversight that lead to pay-dirt mining being way too fast. The issue was that with normal mining, you should have a chance of taking an ore every 3 ticks, however there was no 3 tick wait for pay-dirt. This has now been fixed to match that of normal mining
  • Duo Iron Man can no longer open the donator skilling store
  • The hopper in Motherlode Mine will no longer accept pay-dirt once it's full
  • Relogging will no longer reset your pay-dirt sack in Motherlode Mine
  • You can no longer deposit pay-dirt in your bank
  • You can now disassemble Slayer helmets even while not on a Slayer task
  • UIM and HCI can now purchase death runes from the Battle Runes store in the Wilderness
  • Staff of Sanguinesti now has the same attack range as tridents
  • You can no longer claim pets from Probita when they are stored in your POH
  • Ultimate Iron Man can no longer ask their butler to fetch or deposit items to their bank
  • Dragonhunter crossbow passive added for king black dragon & wyverns
  • Fixed the bug where disassembling non-imbued slayer helmets would give double the color ingredient
  • Disassembling imbued slayer helmets will now give you an imbued black mask
  • You can now imbue black masks with an enchantment scroll
  • The bank chest in Lands End now works
  • The magic bonuses given from Seers ring and Seers ring (i) have been increased to +6 and +12
  • Animations for Iron axe, Cursed goblin bow and Seercull have been added
  • Removed a special character from "Fiendish cooks probably won't dig the dirty dishes" clue scroll text
  • Heavy casket's animations has been added
  • Dwarf multicannon can no longer be placed inside the Duel arena
  • Dragon claws special attack damage has been buffed
  • Blessed Saradomin Sword should now use 65% special attack.
  • Added additional slash/crush defence bonus to the Glowing crystal in CoX
  • Vasa's magic defence has been increased
  • Ranger gloves stats have been corrected
  • The secondary herb drops (crushed nests & jangerberries) from Pirates have been moved to Experiments
  • Twisted bow should now be viable on the Abyssal portal and Vasa in CoX
  • Reduced Crazy archaeologist's magic defence
  • Added the +1 prayer bonus to Guthix, Saradomin and Zamorak blessed d'hide set pieces
Edited by Deluxe
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i had 300k scales before the code mishap that broke trident. I dont have any screenshots. Just wondering if a screenshot would be needed to replace any scales if you are doing refunds? if not no big deal. 


either then that, love, LOVE the voting rework. Beautiful patch. Keep up the good work!

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Amazing update so many things fixed! :)))

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