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My drops so far - ongoing progress

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I was thinking for quite some time to make a drop list of everything I want. Items/pets etc.

I'll update these once I get the drop. For some, I don't have a drop log, for some I do. If I do, I'll attach it.


Inventory with most of the drops. I lost some, sold some. Combined some.


Giant Mole | Pet

Kalphite Queen | Pet, D chain, Kalphite Head

DKS | Warrior Ring x3, Seers Ring x2, Archers Ring, Seercull, Dragon Axe, Prime Pet, Rex Pet, Supreme Pet

Zilyana | Saradomin Hilt, Pet, Saradomin Light, Armadyl Crossbow, Saradomin Sword

K'ril | Zamorak Hilt, Pet, Staff of the Death (PvP Chest), Zamorakian Spear, Steam Battlestaff, (Zamorakian Hasta);

Graardor | Pet, Bandos Chest Plate, Bandos Tassets, Bandos Boots, Bandos Hilt

Kree'arra| Pet, Armadyl Hilt, Armadyl Helmet, Armadyl Chainskirt, Armadyl Chestplate;

Chambers of Xerics | Dexterous prayer scroll, Arcane prayer scroll x2, Dragon Sword, Dragon Harpoon, Twisted Buckler, Dragon Hunter Crossbow, Dinh's Bulwark, Ancestral Hat, Ancestral robe top, Ancestral robe bottoms, Dragon Claws, Elder Maul, Kodai Insignia, Twisted Bow, Pet, Metamorphic dust;

Theatre of Blood | Avernic Defender hilt, Ghrazi Rapier, Sanguinesti Staff, Scythe of Vitur, Justiciar  Faceguard, Justiciar Chestguard, Justiciar Legguard, Pet;

Chaos Elemental/Fanatic | Pet

KBD | KBD Heads, Pet, Dragonic Visage

Callisto | Pet, Tyrannical Rings

Vet’ion | Pet, Ring of the Gods

Venenatis | Pet, Treasonous Ring

Scorpia | Pet

Skotizo | Skotos, Dark Claw

Corp | Arcane Sigil, Elysian Sigil, Spectral Sigil, Pet

Grotesque Guardians | Pet, Granite Gloves, Granite Ring, Granite Hammer, Jar of Stone, Black Tourmaline Core;

Kraken | Pet, Jar of Dirt, Tentacle, Trident

Cerberus | Jar of Soul, Pet, Prim, Peg, Eternal, Smouldering x2

Thermonuclear smoke devil | Pet, Occult

Vorkath | Pet, Jar of Decay, Dragonbone Necklace, Draconic Visage, Skeletal Visage, Vorkath’s Head x8

Zulrah | Tanzanite Fang, Magic Fang, Serpentine Visage, Uncut Onyx x2, Pet, Jar of Swamp, Tanzanite Mutagen, Magma Mutagen

Lizardman Shaman | Dragon War hammer

Skeletal Wyvern | Wyvern Visage, Granite Boots

Abyssal Demon | Abyssal Whip, Abyssal Dagger, Abyssal head

image.png.c46cc04df822df3df63807462b8846a9.pnghttps://prnt.sc/lt8zhs 10th of december 2018


Zuk | Zuk Pet

Jad | Jad Pet
Mithril Dragon | Dragon Full helm

Adamant/Rune dragon | Dragon Plate body, Dragon Crossbow, Dragon Kiteshield 

Demonic Gorilla | Necklace of Anguish, Amulet of Torture, Tormented Bracelet, Zenyte


Slayer | Imbued Heart, Eternal Slayer Gem (sold)


Third-age Melee | Helm, Body, Leggings, Kiteshield, Sword;


Third-age Range | Coif, Top, Legs, Vambraces, Bow

Third-age Magic | Hat, Top, Bottom, Amulet, Wand

Third-age Axe, Pickaxe, Cloak


Skilling Pets:




Giant Squirrel

Rift Guardian

Rock Golem







Pet Penance Queen



Edited by wingdragon
Got an Abyssal Demon whip drop

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Really nice to have a written out plan in front of you. Best of luck on all your future drops/pets!

Edited by Skillen

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Goodluck my dude. Looking forward to seeing more highlighted items!

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Good luck on the rest of your drops!

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