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Abyssal Sire Guide (at current state)

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Abyssal Sire Guide


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Notable Drops:

Unsired 1/100

Elite clue scroll 1/180

300 Cannonballs 1/48


What's an Unsired?

The Unsired is the main drop you are looking for when killing this boss. When you receive one you can use it in the Font of Consumption, found right in front of the Abyssal Sire teleport.



What can you get from an Unsired?

Bludgeon Claw (48.5%)

Bludgeon Spine (48.5%)

Bludgeon Axon (48.5%)

Abyssal Dagger (20%)

Abyssal Whip (9%)

Abyssal Head (8%)

Jar of Miasma (10%)

Abyssal Orphan (pet) (4%)

Gear and Inventory


Down grade and up grade gear to what fits you.


Things to note -

Cannon - This helps a lot because it will kill off Abyssal Sire's spawn's for you.

Antidote - Abyssal Sire poison's you and the damage stacks up so be sure to not forget this!

Killing the Abyssal Sire


You'll need a Abyssal Demon slayer task to kill this boss.

Place your cannon in this spot for the best spot


The Fight -

No prayer is needed for this boss but I'd recommend using Rigour and Preserve the entire boss fight.


You'll want to hit 3 times with your blowpipe than move to the next marked tile shown below, reason for this is because the abyssal sire spawn's poison tile's that can quickly stack up 20 damage each hit and kill you in just a couple seconds.


Once the Sire is non attackable after this point, you'll need to kill the 4 Respiratory Systems, located on both sides of the rooms. The cannon is useful for this because it also helps kill the bottom 2 Respiratory Systems.


Once the 4 Respiratory Systems are killed, the Abyssal Sire will walk down towards where I had placed the cannon.


Once The Abyssal Sire has walked down towards the cannon, you'll want to hit 3 times with blowpipe and move to the next tile shown below, as he spawn's the poison tile's during this phase again.


Continue to do this until the Abyssal Sire is dead.


Congratulations! You've killed the Abyssal Sire. Good luck everybody!


Edited by Baconkiller5
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Nice guide! I was unsure where to put cannon. Now I know. Thanks.

However, you're the one that glitched the North-Eastern Sire.... Because of the double tentacles, youre not able to hit the system.


Overall, quick and good guide 8/10 for me

You have some nice tricks and tips

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thanks for the guide, I will be sure to use this :)

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