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Seasonal Quest - QoL

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Hello everyone,


Couple of additions for tonight's patch:


There is a client update required for some visual changes so be sure that your client is up to date


  • New seasonal quest "Pheasant Trouble" has been released! You can begin the quest by speaking with Doris in Edgeville (inside the house near Watson)
  • Similar to Halloween, there's some seasonal diversions. You can get a collection bag by searching the presents north of Edgeville. You can collect treats while having the bag in your inventory and doing activities such as completing slayer tasks, skilling tasks, skilling actions, killing players and killing npcs. After collecting 15, you can use the bag on the table with presents and receive a key, which you can then use to open a present that is locked. The rate for the items or the amount of treats needed to exchange for a key may change depending on feedback so keep an eye out on that 
  • Item packs will now remove the first pack in your inventory instead of the one on the slot you used
  • Added Motherload Mine, Donator areas and the Raids lobby areas to show up in the Runelite discord plugin
  • Added Anglerfish fishing spots in Piscarilius and the Donator skilling area
  • Added Karambwans fishing spots in Karamja and the Donator skilling area
  • Teleports for the two above fishing spots have been added to the Teleport panel, "Piscarilius" and "Karamja"
  • Dark crabs and Anglerfish should now appear correctly when using the Runelite fishing plugin
  • Added bank chests near the Mining rocks and Fishing spots of Donator skilling area as more incentive/benefit
  • Additional mining rocks have been added to the Donator skilling area (3x iron, 1x adamant & 1x runite rocks)
  • New accounts will now begin with split pm setting turned on
  • Added a ;;dz and ;;ds command for Donators+ (more convenient than having to type out ;;dzone and ;;dskills)
  • The ;;xplock command will now clearly state that HP will be excluded from the xp lock
  • Cleaned up some of the Slayer assignment "location tips" to reduce the chatbox flooding to make it look a bit more cleaner
  • A few changes mainly aimed for the newer players:
    • New accounts choosing an ironman mode will be briefly teleported to their Ironman npc to inform them that they are able to use their stores for some items and supplies.
    • Caskets will now give 50-150K instead of 5-50K
    • An additional dialogue has been added to inform the player that a lower XP rate will grant better benefits when they are adjusting their XP rate.
    • An additional "Did you know?" message has been added when receiving a Slayer assignment from Turael.
  • Donators will now receive a multiplier bonus at Pest control:
    • Super Indovians will receive a multiplier of x1.5
    • Legendary Indovians will receive a multiplier of x2
    • Uber Indovians will receive a multiplier of x2.5
  • The amount of gems given from a Bag full of gems have been adjusted:
    • Non-Indovians: 50 gems (was previously 40)
    • Indovian: 75 gems (was previously 60)
    • Super Indovian: 100 gems
    • Extreme Indovian: 125 gems
    • Legendary Indovian: 150 gems
    • Master Indovian: 200 gems
    • Uber Indovian: 250 gems
  • The following gem rates have been adjusted when using a Bag full of gems:
    • Uncut sapphire: 49.6% decreased to 40%
    • Uncut emerald: 34.8% decreased to 30%
    • Uncut ruby: 12% increased to 13.5%
    • Uncut diamond: 3.1% increased to 7%
    • Uncut dragonstone: 0.45% increased to 1%
    • Uncut onyx: 0.000001% increased to 0.00001% :)
  • Receiving an Uncut onyx from a Bag full of gems will now send a broadcast to the server
  • The rate of receiving a Golden nugget in the Motherlode mine has been increased:
    • 2.74% increased to 3.5% of receiving a golden nugget.
    • Super Indovians and Master Indovians will receive a rate of 5% and 7.5% respectively.
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