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Motm canidates

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I felt like making a post about possible motm candidates from december. Here's my list and reasoning for who I think should be up for motm  voting.


Baconkiller- dude is nearly always on, pvming of some sort or just talking through yell. Is one of the most dedicated  pvmers on the server as he chases boss pets down.


Crimm- is another person who pvms a ton. I think he has also been pet hunting similar to bacon. Is friendly to new players, giving items and new stuff to new players. 


Arma- another amazing pvmer on the server solo's tob on the daily. Last I heard he had completed 120 solo tob runs. Normally replies to PMS and can help you with pvm advice.


Box-first maxed uim, beat meyer, Jorge, and myself to this feat. Shows a lot of dedication to finish that. Also constantly pvming and being talkative in the community. 


If you care to share your opinion post below. 

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Or slicy. Ik he was nominated before. But Slicey does work. And helps a lot. Not the kind of help thats a A-B simple answer type of help. But the help with all the nooks n crannies. Very much someone I can take notes from. I do agree where MoTM's need to be more illustrated int heir ways, so to sspeak. Seems very easy to earn this. And... AND... If ur gonna pick another MotM make sure they dont go inactive or quit or that they actually do something... Just saying. But yeah I agree.

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Nope, Staff takes the pick in these. We've tried doing this with public and we saw that bigger CC's just voted for 1 person which caused it to be unfair.

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