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Barrows Guide (Ironmen mainly)

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Barrows guide

For Ironmen

(or for everyone)



1.    Why kill the Barrows Brothers?

2.    The Simple Requirements

3.    What to use - Gear

4.    What to use – Inventory

5.    Melee Brothers Fight

6.    Karil and Ahrim Fight

7.    Conclusion and me showing off


Why kill the Barrow Brothers?

To put it simply, you as an ironman will need barrows gears if you plan to take on the higher end bosses especially for those of us who live the dangerous life as an HCIM. Plus the set affects are helpful too.

*Set effect’s should be the exact same as osrs, correct me if I’m wrong*

Dharok’s effect: Deals more damage the lower the hp you have

Torag’s effect: Attacks have a 25% chance of lowering a victim’s run energy by 20%

Guthan’s effect: 25% chance to heal you equivalent to the damage dealt

Verac’s effect: 25% chance to ignore defence/protection prayers/armour

Karil’s effect: 25% chance to lower victim’s agility level by 20%

Ahrim’s effect: 25% chance to lower victim’s str level by 5 level’s


The Simple Requirements

84572d45793650f2ef1b204d7c361c0b.png Level 43 prayer minimum for all 3 protection prayers. However I recommend at least a prayer level of 50+ if you want to avoid wasting prayer pots, or want longer runs.

fd8bc090abb9d51e8b47733d35ca6932.png Level 70 Magic minimum for Ice Burst (will explain why in the fight section) Runes for Ironmen can be brought from the Zammy mage in the wildy from air runes up to death runes.


I do recommend at least having level 60 defence to tank any potential hits that Verac might hit on you but this is completely your choice.

As well as level 60 range for fighting Ahrim.


What to use – Gear

9c7e8738e08bce6bcf411cd44840c925.png A simple but quite effective gear setup. Yes I have no top because too lazy to keep farming for it.

For ironmen you can get the Ancient Staff, Enchanted robe bottoms/top/hat, the mystic hat/boots all from Infernal Mage’s.

Row because hey I just can and I don’t have any better rings, I got dragon stones from Crawling Hands.

Barrows Glove – You must complete the Missing Merlin quest to use this, you get them for free once you complete the quest and if you lose them, then your respective Ironman shop will sell them.

Mithril bolts – Used for killing Ahrim’s (Mage), you can use arrows/knives/darts as well but at least have 60 range.

Ava’s – Earned by completing Animal Magnetism, saves you losing too many bolts/arrows.


What Gear to use – Inventory


This is literally all you should need for barrows, however I’m not using the paid teleport option so I do go home after I loot the chest. If you can use the paid teleport then bring a few more food. Ignore the collection bag, it’s only for this Christmas event.


Runes – Obviously need runes, how else will you cast magic?, As said earlier, you can get runes up to death from the Zammy Mage in the wild. If you have a rune pouch then bring that instead to free up 2 slots.

Prayer pots – I only bring 3 as I tele home after each kill, if you use my method during the melee fights, then these 3 pots could last you a good 10+ trips.

XBow/Bow/Knives/Darts – whatever your range option might be for killing Ahrim.

Food – I use monkfish because so not dying on HCIM and Verac can hit quite hard. Lobsters will be enough though.


Melee Brothers Fight


The fights here are quite simple, the 4 Melee brothers (Dharok, Verac, Guthan and Torag) all occupy each corner.

Dharok – NE

Verac - NW

Torag – SW

Guthan – SE

Now for the fight itself and the reason why we use Ice rush minimum.

Once you enter one of their rooms, BEFORE you click the coffin, enable your melee protection prayer.

As soon as you get a big hit and freeze them in place, run to the other end of the room (keep in line with them as shown in the picture above), you can turn off protect melee now to save prayer points.

ONCE you see the brother start to move towards you, reactivate your melee protection prayer and refreeze them, then repeat the above step until they are dead. This is extremely useful against Verac due to how his effect can hit through your prayer and deal good damage.

Rinse and repeat for all 4 melee brothers.


Karil and Ahrim Fight


These 2 fights are plain and simple, protect from either mage or range and just kill them as quickly as you can. Mage can work easily for killing karil’s even with the gear I started with. As for Ahrim’s use range for a fast kill.



Conclusion and me showing off

Hopefully this helps ironmen get some quick easy kills at barrows while not having to worry about farming for a bunch of gear and shows that you won’t need high end stats or items to blast through these brothers. 

If I need to make images bigger or alter anything let me know, my first guide.

Now enjoy me showing off my Barrows items from only 10 chest loots.




5ccdfac3cf5bb8ad68d0db15dec821e3.png *IDK what that weird face icon is with the 4608 next to it, just forgot to screenshot chest*




54a17c16eb0808ccddc5cc1ff22a21c0.png Forgot to capture chest again as I went onto doing this guide.



Edited by tgghcadam
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Great barrows guide you got here, I'm sure it'll benefit those who don't know how too!

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Guide looks good imo.

Just black letters? It's quite hard to read on the new black theme ;) Try making them white etc. :D

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On 12/30/2018 at 8:21 AM, Wave said:

Great barrows guide you got here, I'm sure it'll benefit those who don't know how too!

Thank you Wave, hopefully will give ironmen something to aim for and encourage them to have a go at getting some useful gear.


4 hours ago, wingdragon said:

Guide looks good imo.

Just black letters? It's quite hard to read on the new black theme ;) Try making them white etc. :D

Haha fixed now, I completely forgot to check back on the guide after the new theme was introduced, too busy getting them gains during dxp :D

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