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QoL and Bug Fixes

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Hello everyone,


Lots of QoL/Bug fixes for tonight's patch. This is the first patch that has been fully worked on by @Deluxe as I was away during the holidays!


  • Clue scroll rate changes:
    • Medium: Ranger boots are now 1/1000 chance per roll instead of 1/3500
    • Hard: Ranger boots and Robin hood hat are now 1/925 chance per roll instead of 1/2500
    • Elite: Ranger boots are now 1/875 chance per roll instead of 1/2000
  • Fixed a bug where skilling points weren't being rewarded when crafting Amethyst items
  • Rune essence pouches will no longer degrade while the player has equipped a Runecrafting or Max cape
  • Rune essence pouches uses before degrading have been increased:
    • Medium pouch will now have 500 essence uses instead of 270
    • Large pouch will now have 400 essence uses instead of 261
    • Giant pouch will now have 300 essence uses instead of 120
  • Ultimate Ironmen are now able to de-iron at their Ironman tutor
  • Added a ;;yt [user] command which'll open up a player's YouTube channel (Currently there's only Syndicate, ZachTX and the official Indova YT channels added in this command)
  • A 'Setup' option has been added to Royal seed pods. This will allow for Donators to set the one-click destination to the Donator's Zone instead of home
  • Shop changes:
    • Empty plant pots have been replaced for Filled plant pots in shops.
    • Jugs have been replaced by Empty jug packs in the Ironmen stores.
  • Fixed the player's head clipping through the Samurai kasa.
  • The Samurai set now has the correct bonuses and defence level requirement to wear
  • The Quest tab and Indova panel buttons in the Achievement tab while in viewing as List will now go to the correct tab
  • Added a perk to the Smithing/Max cape where you gain an increased amount of xp while Smelting gold
  • The above effect is how it is on OSRS, however we also have Goldsmith gloves giving an additional 1.15x boost on all smelted bars. The Smithing/Max cape will also have the same boost of 1.15x when smelting other bars
  • The Quest point cape can now teleport you to the Legend's guild gates
  • The Ardougne Cloak 4 will no longer bring up a dialogue when attempting to teleport, it now instead acts as a one click teleport according to the right click teleport option picked
  • The Ardougne monastery and Ardougne farming patch teleports have also been added to Ardougne cloak 1-3, with Ardougne cloaks 2 and 3 having a daily limit of 3/5 Ardougne farming patch teleports
  • Ironmen will no longer be given less coins than regular accounts when pickpocketing coins
  • The animation ids for the Birthday balloons have been corrected
  • You can now 'tip' your Fedora
  • The Snow globe and Reindeer hat features have been added
  • You can now use the Spellbook swap feature via the Max cape
  • You can now teleport inside your own POH and to other POH portals via the Max cape
  • You can now use the Grapple feature in the Max cape to receive a mithril grapple
  • Added an Edgeville POH teleport option to the Construction skillcape.
  • Max cape now weighs the correct amount (-4KG)
  • Skilling points are now increased for Donators instead of receiving the usual 100 skilling points:
    • Indovian: 110 skilling points
    • Super: 120 skilling points
    • Extreme: 135 skilling points
    • Legendary: 150 skilling points
    • Master: 175 skilling points
    • Uber: 200 skilling points
    • Supreme: 250 skilling points
  • The Agility skillcapes now weigh the correct amount when worn (-4KG)
  • A Callisto Wilderness slayer assignment will now be given by Krystilia.
  • Sandworms have been added to the General store
  • Bag full of gems have been re-added to the Skilling point store for 425 skilling points
  • Ice gloves have been added as a drop to Icefiends, Ice warriors and Ice giants (check rates at ;;drops)
  • Blamish snail slime has been added as a drop to Cave crawlers, Rockslugs, Cave bugs and Cave slimes (check rates at ;;drops)
  • Blamish snail slime can now be used on a Harralander pot(unf) to create Blamish Oil
  • Blamish oil can now be used on a Fishing rod to create an Oily fishing rod
  • Infernal eel fishing spots have been added to the inner tzhaar city area (you will need an Oily fishing rod and Ice gloves to fish from these spots)
  • Infernal eels can now be cracked open using a hammer and will reward either 10-20 Tokkul, 1-5 Lava scale shards or an Onyx bolt tip
  • The Runelite XP tracker plugin will now be paused on logout as default
  • Fremennik Sea boot teleports to the Soul and Blood altar have been increased to 15 teleports instead of 10 per 24 hours
  • You can now purchase a Music cape for 1,999,999 coins from the Skillcape seller if you've got 75 music tracks unlocked
  • The music cape can be trimmed if you've unlocked 125 music tracks
  • General store changes:
    • Added Prayer potion(4) and Antipoison(4)
    • Replaced Trout with Monkfish
    • Replaced Attack potion(4), Strength potion(4) and Defence potion(4) with Combat potion(4)
    • Removed Pestle and Mortar (as it's already in the Herblore store)
  • Added ;;shops command. Ironmen will be teleported to their respective ironmen npc's instead of the normal shops area
  • The Runelite XP Tracker plugin will no longer have an "Online tracker" right click option
  • Name-change bonds will no longer be shown in the Items kept on Death interface or be dropped on death
  • Attempting to use the metamorph option on a Golden chinchompa will now bring up a confirmation dialogue
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    4 hours ago, Indova said:

    You can now 'tip' your Fedora


    The only update that matters :)

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    when you were kidding about the UIM de-iron suggestion but it actually went through


    temptation is REAL


    Great updates Tom :)



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