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True HCIM Guide (Hardcore Ironman)

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Good choice lad, start a HCIM(btw) !

Y ou've just made free some b.d. energy and decided to start a hardcore ironman account!

Ready to waste some precious hours to a MMORPG? Well, let's get started right away!



You should know:

  • HCIM is a 15x xp rate mode, this can be changed but only once (and you're a loser if you do).
  • You can't trade with other players, no you can't droptrade either.
  • You can't access stores (but there are exceptions :/ ).
  • You can only die once (but you can buy a Heart Crystal for 7.5k achievement point and keep it in your inv for an extra life, but if you do you're a big puss puss)


Very useful things to know (as a starter)

This server uses commands. you can either do

:: or ;; to use a command.

To get a list for all your commands type ;;commands

The most useful commands imo for non-donators are:


;;vote                (you get 550k, vote points (to spend at the town crier) and 1.5x xp books 10m each)






;;topic 2711

and my favorite

;;drops  If you want to know where to get that newest piece of gear you just look it up!


Using the teleporter at spawn is THE way to get around town here.

You can either click on the teleporter or press enter on your keyboard 2 times, the first method is free and the 2nd costs you 50k each hour.

Using the teleporter screen is very easy, you just click the panel you wanna go into (or teleport to) or press the corresponding number on your keyboard. Went into a wrong panel? You can click on "back" orrrrr just press page backwards on your mouse.







As I just died on my cbt lvl 124 HCIM 2001 total... and made a new one I decided to start this guide. this will be edited and changed throughout the playtime of my new account.

Logging the ways how to get your gear and supplies along the way, this won't be the most effective guide out there but it will be a help anyway.


Im not sure about the current layout, this might change.


Table of contents:

  1. I'll fill this in later, just scroll for now >:(





Getting started.


You've just spawned with your freshly created account and got some starter items and 150k cash. We quickly need to liquidate that cash stack!

Go to Juan (north of the Edgeville bank) and buy every tool you see, so when you need it you have it in your bank. 


Hoard everything mobs drop, they could be useful for clues. Even a single gem drop could help you out getting that last level to the next training method!

And yes, pick up every bone in the starting phase of your HCIM, either use them on the home altar or just bury them.


Your first combat levels (melee)

Now let's kill some goblins in Lumbridge for some juicy base stats, goblins are great because they are low level and drop easy clue scrolls. Easy clue scrolls can give great supplies and for low levels even some nice gear. When you have about 20 base stats in att, str and def you can go ;;home again, ask Turael for an assignment. 

Wow you already have ~50-60 melee base stats?! It is time to go to Falador!

Killing white knights at the Falador castle provides you with great, rune/addy-like gear without killing high-level monsters.


Your first combat levels (magic)


You could do the same as above but with the usage of runes, you can buy runes from the mage of zamorak  he is located in the wilderness around lvl 4-5? outside edgeville. He can sell you combat runes. Beware this is the wilderness you're in.

Mage training goes very fast, on my last hcim i just trained with the runes I got from runecrafting. (i didnt know you could  buy them...)




It's very likely that you are out of food by now, either get lucky on easy clue's or start fishing.  
I recommend doing fishing AFK because it is boring af.

  • Fishing

            LVL 3 to 20 - Shrimp @ Lumbridge

            LVL 20 to 40 - Trout @ Barbarian village

            LVL 40 to ~65 Lobster @ Catherby

            LVL 65 to 99 Monkfish @ Piscatoris


  •  Cooking

            Cook all your fish @ Rogue's Den

            Take out all your raw food in a note, use on Emerald Benedict and cook.

            Bank cooked and burned and repeat.

            You'll get you 99 in about the same time as fishing




Slayer and more slayer

Ah yes, the most fun part, yeah you could do skilling but who wants to do that? L0L! 

Training slayer gives you the gear you desire and the supplies you need for the important skills (farming and herblore).

You should be able to defeat tasks from Duradel now, but you might wanna grind out a rune scimitar at the firegiants (training teleport) first.

Slayer is a really easy skill, you just go to better masters when you're a higher level and just enjoy the grind.

You can look up the locations on the OSRS wiki if the slayer master won't tell you, they are all in the same spot.


The most useful drops you want to have are:    

  • Dragon scimitar
  • Black mask
  • Dragon boots
  • Runite crossbow (u)
  • Abyssal whip


Getting your Prayer levels up early (to 43) is also very recommended.

This can be done by:

  • Burrying the bones
  • Sacraficing them on home altar
  • Sacrafacing them on the chaos altar (don't do this if you're a HCIM)
  • Sacrafacing them on a player owned house
  • Killing ensouled heads.
  • Carrying a bone crusher, this can be bought from the PVM store.


Farming and Herblore


Wow it's really going fast isn't it?

Time to take on bigger NPC's? You will need your protection prayers for that (or loads of food).

You hopefully followed my advice and you have hoarded some herbs and seeds, lets put them to use.



            Start by raking all the patches you can, this gives you ±lvl 12 in farming.

            Check your seeds and plant whatever you can!

            Now it is very possible you are getting out of seeds, no problem we will just go train some 


                        EZ game, just grind out till lvl 38 at ;;home and go pickpocket Master farmer @ Draynor to get those seeds.



            Starting I just clean Guams  and after that things will get fast.

            I just keep the osrs wiki to my side and hope for the best, you can get secondary supplies fairly easy from low level monsters.

            Just check the ;;drops and go kill those.



The Other Skills


In all honesty I just do whatever, play around with the teleporter and look on the osrs wiki what is the best to do.

Best to do these is when there is a event active, but if you're like me just do them whenever.


This section will be updated, i'll go over every skill how to train them and gather the supplies.

This won't be the most effective way, but it surely will be the most fun or afk way to do it :)




Additional tips

These are tips that pop up in my head along the way, these could be double in the text. they are not in order at all.


  • Keep a tidy and organized bank
    • This makes gearing up, skilling and searching for items much easier
  • Getting early Agility levels could be usefull, you won't run out of run energy as quickly and take advantage of some shortcuts, I personally hate Agility so I postpone this.
  • Get  your Figher Torso ASAP, killing monsters quicker(DPS) is imo the way to go.
  • When you have enough achievement points buy yourself an Ardougne cloak, it's the best in slot for prayer
    • a explorers ring is also very useful, it will replenish your run energy unlimted times.



Keep in mind this game is supposed to be fun, it's only a game. Go explore.


I have no time to properly finish this now, so this will have to do for now.

Current stage new HCIM: training slayer for better gear and collecting items for skilling.

combat lvl 84, total lvl 1012

Getting my herblore and farming up for more effective training, grind out other skills when I feel like it or need it for a clue. (or event)

Edited by Pelle
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Nice Guide. I don't play the ironman mode but I'm sure our fellow ironies will enjoy this guide. Thank you for putting your time into making it. :D 

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I look forward to the progression of this guide :)

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Damn Pelle, unfortunate that you lost your HCIM. 

Best of luck with your 2nd attempt and can't wait to see how this guide comes along.

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