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Bug Fixes - QoL

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Hello everyone,


Just a quick patch to fix some of the bugs that were introduced from the port over to #177


  • Fixed Lovakite mine being black
  • Fixed ::staff, quest guide and ::drops (the one that simulates drops) disconnecting players
  • The "Deposit-all" for items in bank has been added
  • The enchantment scroll has been re-added to the slayer rewards
  • Fixed the hotkey settings not working
  • The buttons in account management tab now work
  • The new Tool leprechaun storage interface now works properly
  • Fixed the grammar error for "The last tentacle need to be disturbed before the Kraken emerges"
  • Avernic defender now has its proper block animation
  • Moved the Chaos druid in Edgeville dungeon that spawned on top of fungus
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the effects of a runecrafting tiara to linger even after removing it
  • Fixed a bug that caused your player to appear to not run while a graphic was playing on your player (such as the portal phase in Olm)
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Thanks alot, especially for the Tool Leprechaun thing.
Reported it yesterday, already fixxed. Great job. :)

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Good job Tom and Staff Team and The list may not be lengthly but its all important and is a good step through progress Thank you again. Lets Grind on this wonderful adventure we call Indova! :D 

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