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Hydra Tweaks - QoL - Bug Fixes

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Hello everyone,


Some bug fixes and QoL for tonight's patch!


  • Upgraded to latest revision cache
  • Fixed a bug where you would discard your Alchemical Hydra lost items if you first clicked on the "Discard-all" button and clicked on/accepted the "Pay fee" button
  • You can no longer attack the Alchemical Hydra without having a Hydra task
  • You can now climb back into the normal Karuulm dungeon (from hydra instance back to normal dungeon) through the rocks even when you no longer have a Hydra task
  • You will now take damage if you stand on top of the vents in Alchemical Hydra's room when they burst
  • Fixed the bug that caused Hydra to walk back and forth on its flame attack during third phase
  • Updated the XP each of the new bones give:
    • Wyrm bones: 30 -> 50
    • Drake bones: 60 -> 80
    • Hydra bones: 90 -> 110
  • The amount of npcs you get per slayer task from Konar has increased from 15-30 to 35-50
  • The Wyrm, Drake and Hydra slayer task amount has increased from 15-30 to 50-70
  • Fixed the multipliers for altars in POH when marble burners were not used and when 0 burners were lit. Now it functions like 07: each altar has a base multiplier which is then incremented by +50% per burner that is lit. Only the top three-tier burners will give this bonus (incense burners, mahogany burners, marble burners), the rest are simply for decoration
  • The deposit buttons in deposit boxes now work again
  • Screenshot plugin is now disabled by default
  • Fixed ::drop crashing clients
  • Fixed ::staff not having a scroll bar (same as quest guides if the guide was long enough)
  • Thammaron's sceptre now has a built-in spell (while charged) with a max hit of 30
  • Dr Ford's timer now resets when a player PKs another player
  • You can now eat chocolate bars
  • The ;;task fee has been adjusted:
    • Non-donors and Indovians gp cost remains the same at 50k and 25k gp respectively
    • Super Indovian cost is now 17.5k gp
    • Extreme Indovian cost is now 10k gp
    • Master Indovian+ can now teleport freely without a fee
  • Additionally, using the Eternal gem or Slayer ring (eternal) to teleport to slayer tasks will now be free
  • Gilded scimitar can now be used as a weapon
  • Fixed the bug where the confirmation dialog you receive from the spikey chain in Canifis' slayer tower could not be clicked on with your mouse
  • The following items are now broadcasted when received as a drop:
    • Boots of brimstone
    • Devout boots
    • Drake's claw
    • Drake's tooth
    • Hydra's claw
    • Hydra's heart
    • Hydra's fang
    • Hydra's eye
    • Hydra leather
    • Brimstone ring
    • Dragon hunter lance
    • Hydra tail
    • Dragon harpoon
  • The following items are now able to be received as recycled mystery box loot:
    • Devout boots
    • Drake's claw
    • Drake's tooth
    • Hydra's claw
    • Hydra leather
    • Brimstone ring
    • Dragon hunter lance
    • Hydra tail
    • Dragon harpoon
  • Much like the Zulrah and Vorkath drop rate nerfs (due to them offering additional drop rolls), the same has been applied with certain items for Alchemical Hydra:
    • Hydra's fang: 2/200 > 2/400
    • Hydra's heart: 2/200 > 2/400
    • Hydra's eye: 2/200 > 2/400
    • Hydra's claw: 2/1000 > 2/2000
    • Hydra leather: 2/500 > 2/1000
  • Fixed Drakes dropping Hydra bones
  • Fixed a graphical issue with Blacksmith's helm
  • Added Anti-poison potion (4) to the regular Ironman store
  • NPC stat changes:
    • Commander Zilyana: Max hit reduced from 31 to 27
    • Bree: Attack level reduced from 162 to 110
    • General Graardor: Reduced stab/slash/crush/ranged defence (note that ranged will now be as viable as melee at bandos)
    • K'ril Tsutsaroth: Max hit reduced from 47 to 46 (game-changing...). Reduced the chance of poison
    • Tstanon Karlak: Defence level increased to 125. Magic level decreased to 50. Added missing +14 strength bonus
    • Zakl'n Gritch: HP increased to 150
    • Balfrug Kreeyath: Magic bonus has been removed. Magic defence bonus has been increased to +10
    • Kree'arra: Max hit increased from 21 to 26. Increased defence level to 260
    • Flight Kilisa: Max hit reduced to 15
  • Donators will now gain a +8 invisible level boost while in the Donator's skilling area for the following skills: Smithing, Woodcutting, Firemaking, Fishing, Cooking + Mining
  • Bandos' minions will now count towards Goblin slayer assignments
  • First hits in PvP can now be special attacks (used to disable special attacks on first hits)
  • Fixed the bug where the Grand Exchange "Buy" search dialog box would stay on your chatbox even if you X'd out of the interface or walked away
  • Modified the starter dialog to reflect the patches done on XP rate changes

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Much needed bug fixes and tweaks. Good job!

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