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Indova Ranks

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@Indova is the owner of the server and its website. He has full power and is in charge of the server along with handling updates to in game, the forums and the website, donations and bug reports.



Administrators are members of staff who manage the staff team, as regards promotions/demotions, deal with any staff related issues (staff reports). They handle most support tickets that cannot be handled by staff ranks. Administrators will assist players in complex situations & administrate the server/forums, help lower staff ranks out.



Game Developers are members of staff who are focused on improving the game by fixing bugs and implementing new game content. While game developers do have administrative powers, their focus is directed towards their responsibilities as developers, and therefore they do not delve into punishments and appeals. 



Similar to a Game Developer, a Website Developer is a member of the staff team that is responsible for the security, development and stability of the Indova website - this may or may not include the forums, depending on their expertise. 



Community Managers are members of the staff team that are solely focused on running events and activities that are community focused; their powers are limited to that of their role, and therefore do not have the ability to punish players or handle appeals.



Head Moderators are members of staff who have to moderate both in-game and forums. Head Moderators have to handle appeals, player reports, monitor in-game/forums, forward any serious issues to Administrators and help guide the staff team as they essentially are the right-hand of administrators.



Global Moderators are members of staff who have to moderate both in-game and forums (forum & server moderator combined). Global Moderators have to handle player reports, monitor in-game/forums.



Forum Moderators are members of staff who are focused on moderating our forums. They have to ensure no forum rules are broken, monitor the content, issue warnings to any wrongdoers and fight the spam bots.



Server Moderators are members of staff who only have power in-game. They aim to monitor the server, give out in-game punishments, deal with player reports, in other words, keep the community clean and safe for everyone.



Server Supports are the lowest ranks of staff. They barely have any power as their goal is to assist the community, answer questions in help clan chats, personal messages etc. They can also assist in support sections with basic questions.



Respected members are members of the community who have been around for a while and are well respected throughout the community. These members have shown true commitment to the server. It can be obtained but there are not specified requirements. This rank is given by the Administration team after being voted on the specific member. They yield no powers.



Ex-staff are members of the community who are no longer apart of the staff team. This rank is obtainable for those who have reached moderator for longer than a month and have resigned on good terms. They yield no powers.



Veterans are members of the community who have been around for a while and are well respected throughout the community. It can be obtained if the specific requirements are met they are explained here: [input link]. They yield no powers.



A Member of the Month is a player who has demonstrated excellency and aptitude in the month they were chosen. Nominations are first made for the Member of the Month with a topic that players are encouraged to reply to, in which they choose three, non-staff members and provide suitable reasoning in their decisions. After that topic is closed, the three most nominated members are put into a poll in which the community votes for who they believe to be the most fit. Whichever member out of the three accumulates the most votes after 48 hours is granted the rank for the month, until the next MOTM is chosen. 



YouTubers are members of the community who provide server related media to the community. They must provide content regularly and promote the server on YouTube. In order to apply for this rank, you need to meet certain requirements.



Graphic Designers are members of the community who provide official artwork for the server. They design the homepage, unique headers or any other work requested by @Indova.



Members of the Quality Assurance team of Indova are responsible for inspecting the server for defects or bugs that would cause issue. If any are found or reported to them, a QA member would directly report that to the administration team through a third-party application that is exclusive to themselves and the staff team. 



A Beta Participant is a player who participated in the early game beta. If a player has this rank, it is because administration deemed they reported an appropriate number of bugs and/or made suggestions at that time of the initial beta. They would've also had enough playtime hours to be eligible for the rank. 









Donators are members of the community who have contributed to the server by donating money. They have plenty of benefits after donating, these are explained here: Donation Benefits.





Ironmen are members of the community who picked a challenging game mode where they cannot trade, buy from general stores.
There are multiple ironmen modes: regular, ultimate and hardcore.


If there are any questions/feedback, don't hesitate to contact any staff member via PM.

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Fixed broken links and added new ranks
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