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Duo Ironman Storage - Bird Houses - Tank Event - Infernal Harpoon - XP Rate Bonds - QoL - Bug Fixes

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Hello everyone,


We know it's been a while since last patch (almost two weeks!), we've been trying to patch once every week but we've had our hands full with some of these updates. There's some big ones in here, so remember to report any bug that you find!


Remember to relaunch your client to update to the latest client, otherwise you may have graphical issues! If your client doesn't auto-update, you will have to download the latest client manually


  • Duo Iron Man who have a partner can now use the "Ironman Storage" chest located next to Adam at home. For now, the storage has a capacity of 90 items
  • Bird houses have been added. You can teleport to Verdant Valley and Mushroom Meadow through the Hunter teleports to set up your traps. You can purchase Clockwork from the "Construction Supplies" shop near home.
  • Glod (tank event) has now been added. Please report any issues found in the Bug report section.
    • NPC with high stats which will spawn in the Wilderness at any of these 3 multi spots: https://i.imgur.com/4hrhdyT.png
    • Rewards the top 3 players with the highest damage with 3 rolls on its drop table
    • Respawns every 30 minutes and despawns every 10 minutes
  • Infernal harpoon will now have a 1/3 chance of cooking any raw fish that it catches, granting 1/2 of the normal cooking xp.
  • You can now charge your infernal harpoon by using a smouldering stone or a dragon harpoon on it.
  • Clown suit pieces have been added to the store as Limited items, costing 225 points per piece.
  • Added an XP rate change bond which can redeemed for an additional XP rate change. This can only be used by Indovians+ (once for Indovian and twice for Extreme Indovians).
  • The options for Looting bag now work properly as they should (except the Settings option).
  • Presets can now be 'overridden' so that your new inventory/equipment will be used for it without needing to delete/re-add it.
  • Bonecrusher effect now works for Vorkath's Superior bone drops.
  • Toxic blowpipe's accuracy in PvM has been reduced further from 15% to 30%.
  • Scythe of vitur will now target npcs in a 3x1 line instead of a 1x3 line.
  • A bunch of game messages have now been filtered; if you find game messages you feel should be filtered, please report them.
  • Dragon hunter crossbow effect will now work on Hydras, Wyrms and Drakes.
  • Fixed the issue where killing high-level slayer tasks assigned by Konar, such as zammy, would cause the npc to bug before death
  • Buffed Dragon impling spawn rate to 1/35 (from 1/50) and Lucky impling spawn to 1/150 (from 1/250).
  • Konar will now assign boss tasks (if you have the boss task perk unlocked).
  • The Sawmill store can now be accessed by all Ironmen modes.
  • Using the ::vote command will now inform you of how many total votes there have been since the last server update.
  • The ladder at the KBD cage will no longer have an animation/delay.
  • The Teleport panel fee has now been lowered based on donator status with every tier giving a 5K gp reduction (Indovian will cost 45K per hour while Supreme would cost 15K per hour).
  • Removed Raw lobsters, Raw swordfish, Spirit seed and Watermelon seeds from supply crates.
  • Unfiltered Alchemical hydra messages when it walks over the vent as these didn't need to be filtered (was originally filtered along with another message due to causing spam/flooding the player's chatbox).
  • Imbued Zamorak cape and Imbued Zamorak max cape can now be used as protection gear against Zamorak followers at God wars dungeon.
  • Added right click options to Adam to allow Ironmen to access shops quicker.
  • Jar of Chemicals can now be stored in the Boss Lair display in POH.
  • Alchemical heads, Jar of chemicals, Dark claw, KQ head and KBD heads added as broadcasted drops.
  • Added additional teleports to the Max cape + fixed a bug where the 'POH Portals' and 'Chinchompas' right click options were switched around.
  • Additional Ents have been added to the Wilderness.
  • Greater Nechryael's Wine of Zamorak drop increased from 3 to 5-15.
  • Smoke devil's follow radius has been increased + magic defence has been lowered to 450 instead of 600.
  • Added Black dragonhide leather x 100-200 at a "common" rate to the Brimstone chest
  • Added the following secondary herblore supplies x 300-500 at a "common" rate to the Brimstone chest:
    • Snape grass
    • Crushed nest
    • Eye of newt
    • Mort myre fungus
    • Limpwurt root
    • Red spiders' eggs
    • White berries
    • Potato cactus
    • Wine of zamorak
    • Jangerberries
  • Tokkul received from Infernal eels has been increased to 100-200.
  • Reduced Fighter Torso price in PvM store to 5K pvm points.
  • Added warnings for Duo ironmen informing them that partnering up with another Duo Ironman is a permanent and irreversible action.
  • The ;;shops command will now teleport all ironmen to Adam's location.
  • Fixed a bug where you could duplicate certain pets in your bank
  • Hydra slayer helm will now show your task amount when the Slayer runelite plugin is enabled.
  • Added Cursed goblin hammer and Cursed goblin staff to the Vote store for 1K vote points each.
  • Magic roots have been added to the Ironmen's skilling store.
  • Corrected the animations of the banhammer and warhammers.
  • Adamant cane from Medium clue rewards has been moved to uncommon rewards table.
  • Added Nardah, Digsite, Mort'ton and Tai bwo wannai teleport scrolls to Hard clue rewards as a common reward.
Edited by Deluxe
Additional updates
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2 minutes ago, Indova said:

Duo Iron Man who have a partner can now use the "Ironman Storage" chest located next to Adam at home. For now, the storage has a capacity of 90 items

Pog as hell! Thanks for this!


Everything else seems like it was well needed although the Blowpipe will still need some testing most likely.

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so many of my suggestions are in here, and so much more. looking forward to future updates, absolutely astonishing.

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