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QoL - Bug Fixes

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Hello everyone,


Today's patch consists of bug fixes, QoL and some patches that didn't make it through last patch even though they were supposed to.


As far as the next patch goes, we had a poll to see what to work on:  Strawpoll


Patches from last time that didn't make it through:

  • Added additional Tank event spawn l ocations (https://i.imgur.com/Onpev6c.png).
  • Fixed a bug where disassembling the Hydra slayer helm (i) would not return a black mask (i).
  • XP Rate bonds are now obtainable from the Financial Wizard. These are only usable by Indovians (limited to one for Indovian and two for Extreme Indovian) and costs 125M to purchase.
  • Removed the "Yes" dialogue when answering riddles.
  • Attacking Glod will no w have a 1/5 chance of skulling you.


New patches:

  • Pickpocketing the Master Farmer will now give 5-10 hop seeds.
  • Orb charging has been fixed.
  • You can now use crushed superior dragon bones on antifire(4) (previously it could only be used on 3 dose).
  • Max cape now provides the farming cape yield bonus.
  • Fixed a bug with Crazy archaeologist not retaliating to attacks.
  • You can now use the Granite hammer on Gargoyles and the Grotesque guardians while it's in your inventory.
  • Snape grass from the Brimstone chest is now noted.
  • K'ril and Zilyana will no longer 'stutter step' towards the player.
  • Nerfed Zilyana's magic damage from 27 to 20.
  • Added the Enchanted scroll to the PvM store for 5,775 PvM points.
  • Using the Leaf-bladed battleaxe on Kurasks or Turoths will now give 17.5% additional damage.
  • Corrected the Arclight and 3rd age longsword idle animations.
  • Corrected the Leaf-bladed battleaxe attack animations.
  • The amount of Cannonballs are now increased based on donation tier, with every tier giving an additional 2 cannonballs (6 cannonballs for regular Indovian and up to 18 for Supreme Indovian).
  • Corrected 3rd age longsword stat bonuses.
  • The ;;staff command will now have the correct title instead of "Drop Simulator".
  • Ellis (the tanner) has been added to the Donator skilling area.
  • Adjusted the ;;shops teleport location for ironmen.
  • The Well of Goodwill now requires 5M instead of 10M gp to start an event and the minimum contribution allowed has been lowered to 50K gp.
  • A discord channel has been added where ingame news (such as broadcasted drops, hci deaths, pvp killstreaks etc) will be posted.
  • Fixed a bug where obtaining the Black h'ween would not announce when opening a H'ween mystery box.
  • Fixed a bug where looting bag was not being emptied in certain situations.
  • Snakes will now drop Snakeskin 100% of the time & increased the drop amount to 1-3.
  • Added the Mysterious pipe agility shortcut in Mount Karuulm dungeon.


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Posted (edited)

Well after killing 300+ snakes for snakeskin I concur about that QOL lul. Also RIP dxp global event ~100 votes away :( petition for event at 150 votes 

Edited by Luke

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Beauty. Thanks for the updates.

Glad to be apart of this wonderful community.

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